[POLL] Do you want Dual Wield?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Caracal, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Bankrotas

    112*6*1.5 do the math. It's a shotgun, it has shotgun headshot multiplier.
  2. jiggu

    Turns out it depends more where the pellets go. You can aim at the head and the pellets will still only hit the body, or the exact reverse. But yeah you need need a headshot on any non-infiltrator then.
  3. CaptainAmeda

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Dual wield TX2
    Dual wield Rebel
    Dual wield Manticore

    Accuracy is same as a a single one of those when both are equipped with lasers.
  4. ZeroErrorz

    dual underboss, and im much more powerful than clint east wood with a commisioner lol
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  5. Iridar51

    This sounds good. Now let's change some words, and put this patch in the past, when revolvers were first announced.

    Sounds good too, doesn't it? But revolvers are here, and - what do you know! - they don't feel out of place one bit. Here's another one. Imagine PS2 doesn't have Light Assault class at all, and wants to add it in the future patch.
    But here we are, with underwhelmingly underperforming Light Assault. Do you get my point? Idea can sound any way on paper, but it's the implementation that matter.

    If DW is still even being considered!

    The problem with that year old post is that it contains literally two lines, and the only one specific is about DW, so some people think that DW is the only idea that devs might have had, and put all of their chips on the idea that DW is going to make or break LA.

    Consider this - what if DW would be just a little part of the possibly upcoming LA revamp? What if we were to receive massive buffs to mobility, new role, new tools, new jet pack, faster run speed and such, and the DW would be just a one or two weapons - Dual Pistols - that would be equipped as a pair and occupy the slot of a primary weapon. Statwise they could take a middle ground between first and second gen SMGs.

    "Dual Wield in my PlanetSide2?" "It's more likely than you think!". Just don't make such a big fuss over it, please. Even if done, this would be only a small part of the game.
    And for the Nth time, no, you will not dual wield any of the existing weapons, including SMGs. Ever. Forget about it. Not gonna happen. Nuh-huh.
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  6. Lakora

    Non of the existing primary weapons, I honestly don't see SoE spending time on a new weapons category dedicated to LA's through dual wield. What I do expect is that they'll just add the code for us to have two pistols n selling us a left handed version of the existing ones. If it even happens will say.
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  7. Traxiconn

  8. Iridar51

    No existing pistols can be Dual Wielded, unless some sort of performance penalty is applied, like lower rate of fire or damage, because otherwise even the two most weak pistols combined will rival MAXes firepower.
    Think dual repeaters - 845 RoF * 112 @ 8 m * 2 pistols / 60 seconds = 3154 DPS.
    That's more than an average shotgun. So no to that.
  9. xxSparkyxx

  10. Lakora

    Ofc it would be ridiculous, but I honestly don't expect less from SoE at this point in time. But all we can do is wait and see, what makes it or doesn't make it.
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  11. Jogido

    I'm leaning toward no....but I don't mind really.

    However, there needs to be a design mechanics that would give them a viable use and justification other than looking cool. Also, what would restrict dual wield to Light assaults? There should be a value reason there.
  12. Iridar51

    Why? What's wrong with just looking cool? :)
    Should be, but won't be. Just like there's no reason why ARs are limited to medics, or why Infiltrators can wield bulky and heavy sniper rifles, but not even a lousy light carbine.
  13. Ripshaft

    Dual weielding has cool factor, but much like when they announced ZOE I cant possibly see any way that it could be implemented and be both fun and balanced with current options and mechanics.

    However that said, SOE did manage to implement ZOE to be both fun and balanced - but then it ran into the much, much larger issue that it was simply incompatible with the player mentality - it was way too easy to use vs people who are simply not mentally equipped to understand how to deal with it....

    I expect that even if they managed to get it mechanically balanced it would still suffer from this same issue, though likely not to the same extent. At the very least, you can expect massive amounts of people to think it's wondrously overpowered, even if it only adds say 5% rof over a single wielded pistol.

    So basically no, but if they did try it, I wouldn't hold it against em.
  14. Kellth

    It would be nice but how would it be handled?
  15. SevenTwo

    I think I wrote "in my opinion" somewhere, so it's entirely from my subjective point of view, and I think it would be silly and turn out rather "blah" to the detriment of the game.

    While your points of substitution are valid in a raw "Let's rebuff the comment" kind of way, it does not address the fact, that the Planetside universe adheres to a somewhat coherent "reality" model, where dual wielding pistols in many cases probably would feel out of place in terms of the tone and context of the universe itself.

    That is my main gripe - sure it'd probably fun to use double pistols for a while (which for all intents and purposes probably would act like a carbine or sub-machinegun anyway in terms of game statistics and mechanics), but it I feel it would detract from the "spirit" of the universe in a negative way.

    On top of that, dual wielding as a practical means of fighting is probably one of the most inefficient ways of using firearms, which, barring superhuman prowess or enhancement, wouldn't be something any sane person would bring to a firefight beyond literally stumbling into someone and pulling the trigger with the pistols.

    This is how I feel. It's completely opinionated but is in no way less "valid" than someone being a proponent for it because it "looks cool" (which is also a completely subjective point of view, as all things in the field of aesthetics).
  16. Obuw

    To be honest revolvers feel very much out of place for me. Especially with that weird female anime victory pose when you get killed by one.
  17. Jogido

    Good points.

    but I think it would be good to at least think of a neat mechanic for dual wield. Besides the fact that I think we would all appreciate good mechanics...it would also help prevent people from hating on it (if they are those type of people) by adding some justification for it's existence.
  18. SupaFlea

    If they are going to implement it id say make it so its no ADS, Fast ROF and probably full auto pistols or pistols in general without one of the longest reloads in the game.

    Honestly I play LA 90% of the time even when i shouldn't and to DW is just gonna give us a worse rep than we already have for not being a real useful class when it comes to team play. Most LA who have spent a lot of time with the class and perfected their skill and play style for it would just consider it a hindrance . Id rather an ability to help or aid team mates somehow, than another way to kill things which I know most of us arnt in need of.

    an LA DW just makes me think of the shotgun cloakers, run up uncloak unload and cloak then run off. I hope it doesn't happen so we keep what respect and reputation our class currently struggles to hold on to lol, Max busting, Tank Destroying Pains in the ***'s :)
  19. Obuw

    Maybe they will allow us to dualwield C4? :D
  20. AMARDA

    What I want from it is that you need to have unlocked two pistols to even use it. You gain a longer reload time per pistol, a 50% increase minimum to COF and stuff. Also make it so when duel wielding you cannot throw grenades, change weapons etc...

    But I really just wanna get a Commissioner in one hand, an Emperor in another!