[POLL] Do you want Dual Wield?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Caracal, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Arkenbrien

    How about dual beamers?
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  2. RenegadeHelios

    Dual Desperados? Me gusta.

    I fully support this idea.
  3. RenegadeHelios

    Aaaaand Jetpacks, floating tanks, laser rifles, energy shields, and such are all implemented perfectly as well in real life?

    It's meant to be sci-fi-ish. So hold the sci-fi-ishness with dual lasered pistols. Make it work like the chaingun. Touch bigger CoF than the normal pistol, with larger bloom per shot, but allow a held right click to zoom a touch, bringing down the CoF to a much smaller thing, not as small as the normal pistol ADS, but have enough so starting pistols could be effective to 15m or so. Would require second cert investment for the second pistol. Could use different pistols per hands. Idk.
  4. vanu123

    Dual wield beamers.
  5. Iridar51

    Fine, this poll is meaningless.

    1. LA revamp is not coming in at the very least next two months. My bet would be half a year, minimum.
    2. If LA revamp will come, there is no basis to assume that DW will be in it, since this topic is almost a year old, started almost a year ago, when LA revamp wasn't unscheduled. In a year the game received so many changes that discussing old ideas is pointless.
    3. Even a year ago DW didn't seem as a strong possibility due to loads of negative feedback.
    4. Most of voters don't have a clue what are they voting for. If DW is to be implemented- and that is a big "if" - we would never be allowed to DW any of the existing pistols, because even weakest of them combined outdamage pretty much anything, with possible exception of shotguns and MAXes. There would be new weapons, made specifically for dual wielding. Either MAX style, left and right hand, or, more realistically just dual weapons - this would take less changes to loadout screen and firing model.

    Chimera Dual Pistols
    12 ammo in each pistol, 240 total ammo pool,
    damage 200 @ 10m - 125 @ 50m, combined RoF: 525.
    Able to ADS with them, fire button alternates between left and right pistol.
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  6. Goats

    I don't think we should completely dismiss the idea of dual wielding, as it's something the devs themselves have said they want to try out.

    Iridar is right that we wouldn't be able to dual wield any of the current guns, though. However, the people who say that dual wielding has no place, as it doesn't really seem to help us in any new way (I think I've seen you say this in another thread, Iridar) are forgetting something: the nerfs to hipfiring while jetpacking and more recently, no longer being able to ADS in midair. This seems to perfectly set up dual wielded weapons as our run-and-gun, flying-around-and-shooting-**** type of guns, which we're kind of lacking. I could see a set of mini-SMGs as primaries, and/or smaller beamer-type pistols as secondaries.

    If dual wielding was implemented like this, it could have a useful and incredibly fun niche, especially if combined with more responsive, quicker jetpacks (which would trade fuel capacity, presumably).
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  7. Iridar51

    If I did say something like that it was before these nerfs, so I wasn't forgetting that :p
    Yeah, I guess it could work, but what we need from revamp is something much bigger than a new weapon type: a purpose. A real purpose, not the excuse for one we have now.

    I'm staggered by the difference between what we saw in CGI movie, and the treatment we got from the devs over the past year. It feels like they wanted to create a game about bada$$ LA, because jet packs are cool, but realized they don't have a clue what LA should do with that jet pack and scratched the whole idea. That trailer brought me to this game, and if I knew LA will be treated like this I never would've started playing it.
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  8. LownWolfe


    If you are against dual wielding then you are a communist.
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  9. Rivotril

    Dual beamers like a boss!! but I would not complain if Soe gives us the Assault Rifles :D
  10. Danthaman

    This. Its going to be completely worthless out the gate. Or completely overpowered then nerfed in sony's special way ( useless)
  11. Ragmon

    Thumbs down.
  12. OldMaster80

    It's thumbs down for me: it wouldn't add anything special to this class. There are other things that have to be improved: Adrenaline Pump, Drifters not viable, accuracy penalty while using jetpacks should be massively reduced. THEN we can start talking about new weapons.
    And if it has to be Dual Wield, it has to be with brand new pistols not with the existing ones.
  13. jiggu

    Jackhammer can OHK though.
  14. MorganM

    Because Light Assaults real shortcoming is that it offers nothing to the squad. There's no teamwork synergy here. LA doesn't need more killing prowess; it's fine in this department. What it needs is a reason to be in a squad or better yet a reason for squad / platoon leaders to say "We need a few people to switch to LA so we can..."

    Every other class brings something to the table for your squad.
  15. Daibar

    anyone who does not use LA's are completely missing the point of the class.
    when i lead, i always made sure we have at least 4 LA's doing some of the chaos strategies i developed, they are absolutely brilliant at causing mayhem and if you got some excellent LA's then you can keep an entire platoon busy at a cap point between 10-30 mins or so, depending on the skill level of the LA group.

    they have a purpose, it's just that hardly anyone recognize it, because everyone is so busy with their "hulk-smash" tactics that they forget to look into the rogue-tactics aka. sneaky bastard
  16. Obuw

    I think dual wielding is one of the dumbest ideas they came up with. And despite the overwhelming amount of downvotes on the original LA revamp thread, they still think it's a good idea.

    Even if you limit it to pistols... Dual wielding the underboss or commisioner sounds totally balanced, right? :rolleyes:

    Not to mention dual wielding has nothing to do with light assault.

    But we have to cater to the halo kids somehow, right? Can't just limit ourselves to the COD / BF4 crowd, now that we are going into consoles.
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  17. WarMan

    Halo: Reach and Halo 4 don't have duel wielding. If anything, it's more like being a bounty hunter in star wars.
  18. Bankrotas

    If all the pellets from one shot hit the head, yea. I find pump action is better honestly.
  19. jiggu

    Nah, roughly half of them needs to.
  20. SevenTwo

    Hell no.

    Dual wielding pistols is, in my opinion, as "unmilitary" as it gets and while PS2 ain't exactly a milsim, it'd be very much out of tone with the rest of the game's general feel and direction.

    Dual wielding pistols is something that belongs in animes and John Woo movies for their "cinematic" effect, not in Planetside 2 which, at least at some level, strives for some degree of credible, though "fantastic", realism.