[POLL] Do you want Dual Wield?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Caracal, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Erendil

    I'd really rather not have it. It adds nothing to the game other than to let a few people who know nothing about firearms run around thinking they look cool. And because it adds nothing tangible to gameplay or immersion I see it as a waste of Dev time. There are way more important things for the Devs to spend their time on.
  2. sudosteve

  3. Skadi

    Depends can i DW 2 C4 and drop them both at once so i can actualy drop C4 faster than a boat can cross a desert?
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  4. Iridar51

    I wish C4 would stick to players, so we can dual wield infiltrators.
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  5. FlayvorOfEvil

    Psht, NO. If I had to pick between dual wielding pistols and having a machine pistol, I'd take the more accurate less silly looking machine pistol. The only people who can dual wield are people in power armor, Neo, BS hollywood action stars and Gundams.

    Dual wielding swords is perfectly ok though.
  6. Autarkis


    As someone from a gun forum put it:
    "If you were being attacked by two barns @ 30 feet you might have a 50/50 chance of hitting both with the first shot(s)."

    No self-respecting military organization would train its soldiers to dual wield. It basically sacrifices all accuracy and you'd be far better off aiming down the sights with one gun.

    Please stop suggesting this.
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  7. Kuriby

    @ All the negativity

    See, this is why game communities these days suck. Its ALWAYS about "balance", "purpose", "effectiveness", etc etc.
    Call me gramps (no that im anywhere past my 20's), but why can't things be added to a game so it is more "FUN"...

    That's right, FUN, not about balance or purpose or all these ridiculous factors. For all you kiddies and new people to gaming, go back and watch OLD FPS game videos.

    Watch Unreal Tournament, CS 1.3 -1.6, Half-life Deathmatch, Quake Series, etc

    There were more "BALANCE" issues in those games then a unstable bridge. But were things ever fixed, or added for the PURE purpose of balance? Yes of course, but there were also a lot of useless things added in to just be FUN.

    Even if dual-wielding ends up being the most useless garbage in the game, who cares! More choice is ALWAYS better, that is what makes a FPS game FUN. Look at the CoD series (hate that garbage), it is SO successful because of its ridiculous amount of weaponry choices. Are all the guns useful? HELL NO...

    And for all you "military realism folks", news flash, if this game was a dedicated "military simulator" it'd have a lower player base then some flash games on www.armoredgames.com. That is a FACT. Those games aren't successful because they target a very SMALL crowd of gamers.

    So At the end of the day I SUPPORT dual wielding all the way. I support any stupid ideas PS2 wants to add in. If you are SMART and you want this game to last, stop with all this negativity, you are only killing the game yourselves.

    (Yep I know the BFR's in PS1 was its downfall of stupidity, but it was ambitious and the game was way ahead of its time)

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  8. Pat22

    I believe before making any kind of judgement or decision on the matter, we should wait until we know more about what "dual wielding" will mean in this case.
    Will we get to carry two main weapons instead of a main / pistol?
    Will we get to use two pistols at the same time?
    Will we get to use two main weapons at the same time?
    Will we get to pull out our pistol in the left hand while holding our carbine / shotgun in the right hand for more deadly hipfiring while jetpacking?

    I say we need more information before saying YES PLEASE THIS IS AWESOME or NO THIS IS DUMB RAWR.
  9. Turelle

    No. Would just look silly, serves no purpose and I'd rather have a CQC carbine, shotgun or SMG.

    The accuracy you'd get dual wielding would be about the same as a shotgun too.
  10. illgot

    Can my character also look like Laura Croft?
  11. MuNrOe

    Duel Wielding Jackhammers Yes please.
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  12. ThElement078

    NO! This is not Call of Duty
  13. Rigsta

    No. It'd just look silly. It doesn't fit the theme of this game at all.
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  14. Pikachu

    Pistols maybe, I don't know their DPS compared to primary weapons. But anything else would be stupid and/or overpowered. Dual weild carbines or piston shotguns in close quarters?
  15. PaperPlanes

    No. LA needs a more important role to perform, not more killing power...the problem with the class is that it's already good at shooting things and nothing else.

    This is a step in the wrong direction for the class.

    Engineer = Repair, ammo resupply, access to both types of mines, turret
    Medic = Revive and heal, AOE heal which is very effective and allows for self-healing without medkits
    HA = Best primary guns in the game, access to battle rifle for more precision, able to fight vehicles at all ranges thanks to the rocket launchers, shield makes it the best CQC class in the game and this is the class you want for pushing or defending cap points
    MAX = Well it's a MAX, but it can easily clear out entire squads, the raw killing power is unmatched
    Infiltrator = Cloak, hacking, sniping. I fully admit the infiltrator needs some love, but it at least has a good defined role, hacking is very important while taking bases as it can give your invading force access to vehicles and equipment changes

    LA = Floats to some cool places

    Where is the LA's teamwork role? It's just an engineer that can float around a bit at the cost of repair tool, ammo box, mines and MANA turret. When tanks are rolling out, you call the HAs. When people need to stop being corpses, you call the medic. When people need to pull tanks from an enemy base, you call the infiltrator. When people need repaired or need bullets, you call the engineer. When you desperately need to clear a room, you send in MAXes.

    Nobody has ever called on a LA for anything special, though.
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  16. Trenyt

    So basically this idea is for LA to burn through their very limited ammo pool even faster with dual weapons. Personally I don't even see the point to dual wielding in any situation a LA comes across. If someone can bring to my attention a scenario where dual pistols/SMG's (because thats the only thing that could be dual wielded) is better then having a singular weapon then I'm all eyes.
  17. MorteDeAmgelis

    Dual wield with Auto Pistols? ummmm NO!.

    The TX1 Repeater has already similar TTK to the Merc, makes the TR Infil one of the best and gives a slightly worse carbine to every class, do need to destory the balance any more
  18. Dkamanus

    They need to extend our grenade/explosives repertoire.

    - Flash Greande changed for a Flashbang Greande.
    - Caltrips for self defense or corridors defense.
    - Make C4 retriveable and faster to drop.
    - Have the Light Assault OR the Infiltrator (which ever needs more team utilty) have a special Helmet device that hands out Q spot information to ALL his squad mates anywhere in the Hex.
    - Add a sticky grenades for infantry that locks them on the floor they are for 5 seconds.

    I'm an outfit leader and I run around with the LA constantly. I got all squad leader abilities and 2 C4s. As I see it, those two abilities COMPLETE the LA, since I need to keep jumping around and finding good spots for my spawn beacon and C4s be used in the best way possible. As for team play, there are only an x amount of interations of teamplay. LAs are good for flanking and helping the main force get inside places as well. People aren't just realizing this.
  19. Compass

    Give LAs the AV grenade. It's not like it's especially powerful solo, but makes it more practical for anti-Sunderer operations.
  20. Hosp

    Alot of pistols are actually just as good, if not better, than many of the primary weapons. I frequently use my Rebel for longer range when my LA is shotgun primary, and it is effective.

    EDIT: to OP...No

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