[POLL] Do you want Dual Wield?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Caracal, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Caracal

    Please Vote, I am curious:

    thumbs up for yes
    thumbs down for no
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  2. Eyeklops

    There is no thumbs down in the general forum area.

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  3. Caracal

    bah, guess only the road map supports thumbsdown options... sorry to bother.
  4. Gadamlu

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  5. Plague Rat

    I don't see how it can implimented as things currently are without being either overpowered or useless, or like the NC MAX, overpowered to 10m, useless beyond, but of course with jetpacks added in... Not a fan of the idea but I'm willing to reserve judgement until they go into more detail on it.
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  6. Lakora

    Most likely gonna be Akimbo pistols... Now with the empire specific pistols coming in I wouldn't mind dual wielding Mag-scatter or those.
  7. Takoita

    No. It's a dumb idea in this game, plain and simple.
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  8. Sledgecrushr

    Dual wielding pistols seem like a lot of fun to me.
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  9. Sledgecrushr

    Why is it a dumb idea?
  10. Policenaut

    I'm for it. I think it has a lot of fun-factor potential. I think SOE will have good judgment as to what weapons will be available for dual wield and which weapons won't.
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  11. AnotherNoob

    Are there any real world applications of this, besides looking like a "gangster"? Stability with 1 weapon ->spray and pray afaik. Personally I prefer keeping the game as sensible as possible, albeit a sci-fi game :p
  12. LibertyRevolution

    No I do not want a second gun..

    I run out of ammo already.. last thing I need is to blow through it twice as fast.
  13. Sledgecrushr

    I fell in love with dual pistols when I first started playing counter strike. Its just totally badassed going into a fight gunslinger style with two big guns blazing away.
  14. Bosskscosco

  15. Takoita

    There are games where double-wield is par of the course and doesn't stand out; there are even some where it is implemented in a comfortable way. Planetside 2 is not gonna be one of those.

    If MAX dual wield would be implemented for other classes, what should they sacrifice in turn? No ADS? No primary weapon? Ridiculous reload times? How would I toggle laser sights / flashlights on them? What about balance that should make both one-pistol and two-pistol loadout viable without turning one of them into useless pos?

    It could be argued that Planetside 2 is nowhere serious enough for arguments like "this is movie BS, nobody in their right mind would dual-wield" to hold water.

    However, the hardest question of them all is "what for?" There are already plenty of options for CQC for everyone sans infils; there are so much of them that weapons blatantly overlap, especially with severe drawing distance problems we are having now. As it stands, dual-wield has nothing going for it, nothing that would make it unique, no new option to bring to the table so to speak. And that should be avoided at all costs.
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  16. TheHolyDuck

    well NC already have the badest pistols so why not give them dual wild pistols :p?
  17. Strife_iH

    no thanks, i can already see a lot of people crying that LA would be OP with dual wield and then they would nerf many things that are fine atm.
  18. Sifer2

    Soldiers don't dual wield in real life. The MAX it makes sense considering its a stabilized suit of armor so your aim is not going to be thrown off wildly by it.
  19. KnightCole

    Duel Wielding? umm...no? It would be just plain crazy. So, yeah....let us not..
  20. VelcroPudding

    only if I can dual wield the longshot
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