Polaris, Ursa, Flare

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Frenk, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Frenk

    Hello! I have 1000 certs to spend on a new weapon and I'm very unable to decide between these three.

    First question: are they worth it? Flare is 250 certs, Polaris 500 certs and Ursa 1000 certs (or something like that).
    Secondly: I already have orion, NS7-PDW, Sirius, Eidolon and LSW. I know that flare, ursa and polaris are long range weapons but I would like something which can be used at close range too (not like the eidolon, which is only for medium-long range combats).

    Notice that I don't have SVA-88, commonly accepted as the best VS LMG.

    Any suggestions?
  2. DocteurVK

    1- You're confusing Polaris with SVA : Polaris is 250 certs and SVA is 500.

    2- Polaris is a suppression medium/short range weapon, but has a weird spot that makes it too much polyvalent and not "good" at anything :
    • 652 RPM
    • 143 dmg
    • Adv laser sight
    • compensator
    • 100 bullets mag by default
    It's a mix between short and long range options...
    3- Flare / Ursa :
    They are very close together, but fill different niches, IMO :
    • With higher recoil and slightly better rof, Flare is good at mid to long ranges, but has a hard recoil, you'll have to compensate (and don't take compensator attachment, it has no real benefits and will get you spotted easily.
    • With slower rof and better recoil, Ursa is a good long-range weapon by default. But since you have the eidolon, not sure if you want to spend 1K certs on another long rnage option...
    • SVA is just a better pulsar, with worse reloading (due to better ADS speed) .
    Make your opinion in VR / trial, but I think you'll enjoy SVA88 if you already like the pulsar.
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  3. Unclematos7

    Flare has the same damage/rpm model as the Pulsar C if you have that to compare it to. Good for mid-long.
    Polaris has low DPS but easy recoil. It costs 250 certs. Good for midrange.
    Ursa is the same, but with higher damage and lower rate of fire. Good for mid-long

    Why don't you have the SVA-88 yet?
  4. Bl4ckVoid

    Orion is very good CQC.
    LSW Pulsar is versatile for all situations.

    Unless you want a long range LMG (which is quite pointless imho), I see little reason to get another one.

    With SVA, my problem is that it has no flash supressor option, I do not like muzzle flash, especially at night. It has supressor, but that decreases performance and then it performs like a Pulsar with 0.75 ADS speed but with worse full auto accuracy.

    I would suggest the Lasher, it is fun and unique. Beware though, it is a totally different experience and needs practice. Contrary to popular opinion it can win 1 vs 1 at closer ranges, but it is best where the enemy is massed and you can support from a distance.
  5. Frenk

    Is the Ursa viable at close/medium range? I regret purchasing the Eidolon because it's too specific for long range combats, and using it makes me vulnerable to enemy snipers (I have to stand still and I don't have invisibility to compensate, at this point I'd just take the infiltrator and use the default gun).

    The SVA-88 felt redundant.. the orion is better at close range, LSW is basically the same.
  6. acksbox

    The Pulsar LSW is pretty crap at long range.

    Flare and especially Ursa are still better long range weapons than Battle Rifles and are the best long range weapons a VS HA has access to.

    The Ursa is viable at medium range as is generally better than the Eidolon at all ranges, it's still not a good close range weapon. I mean, I kill stuff with it at close range well enough, but I'd almost always be better off with the Orion inside 30 meters.
  7. vsae

    Buy SVA.
  8. DocteurVK

    Well, IMO, it can be used up close, but you shouldn't try to compete with high rof weapons, unless you can aim for the head...

    The flare, IMO can be used decently at close range .

    And about the Battle rifle, I don't know how you play, but I've relatively little trouble killing even at short range. Of course it needs a bit of luck, but when in skilled hands, you can slaughter infiltrators .

    My advice :

    X4 + Grip or Laser + HVA and you get a sniper killing machine (don't forget to control your rof to compensate for recoil).

    Using a 6X on a non-sniper weapon is not a very good idea, IMO ...
  9. Mongychops

    The Eidolon is not only for long range. A favourite setup is; HVA, laser sight, and flash suppressor. Scope is up to preference, but anywhere from 2x to 4x is fine, some even like iron sights. A typical Flare setup would be; SPA, Compensator, Forward Grip. This means that actually, because of the attachments (and the PU02 LMG hip-fire nerf), the hip-fire on the Eidolon is better than on the Flare.

    The Polaris, is a bit odd. It is the only VS LMG with an advanced laser sight, however, the hip-fire is still not great (since the LMG hip-fire nerf in PU02), and the damage output doesn't make up for it (143 damage, 652 RPM, compared to 750 RPM Orion, though Polaris does get SPA). It is nice to have a 100 round magazine for once, though extended mags Flare does 150 x 167 damage. In conclusion, it isn't a bad weapon to storm a room with, due to its large magazine and serviceable hipfire, but don't expect to win most 1v1s.

    The Ursa is a specialised long range weapon with; low damage output, bad hipfire, no SPA, balanced by its relatively low recoil. Not what you are looking for, it seems.

    The Flare is OK, I guess. It has reasonable damage per magazine, and access to SPA, but it still seems to just be a crappier Gauss Saw S. Do not try to hip-fire it

    Perhaps look into the NS-15M. It can be kitted out for medium-long range (SPA, comp, f.grip) or short-medium range (SPA, f.suppressor, l.sight). It has; 0.75x ADS movement, good LMG hip-fire, an insanely fast reload, and low recoil. Its major downside is it has very low damage output, however the low recoil means you will both be hitting a lot more, and be able to safely go for the head without risking recoil making you shoot over.
  10. KnightCole

    Polaris, like the EM1 and other 652/143 weapons, its an ambush weapon, and even then you better be ambushing one guy from behind and hope he never fires back.
  11. DocteurVK

    Which didn't keep me off buying it :p
  12. Frenk

    So basically I already have evrything I could want: Orion for CQC, Pulsar-LSW for mid combat, Eidolon for long range.

    Nice, gotta find something else to spend my 1k certs.
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  13. DocteurVK

    For HA, you can get the Lasher-X2. Very funny to use and interesting when working in a group
  14. Tentakewls

    I'd get the Flare for mid range. Even if it's a crappier Gauss S, it's great at mid ranges since you can use the first shot recoil to your advantage by aiming at the chest, shooting and then compensating which should give you plenty of headshots. Ursa may be better at longer ranges but not so much that I'd pay 1k certs for it as it's still inferior to the God SAW.
  15. Sock

    Orion and the 88 are the only VS LMGs you need. Play whatever you enjoy, but one glance at any competitive VS player will tell you everything you need to know.
  16. Posse

    You could basically separate VS LMG users into 3 groups:

    -Orion users: Glorious Master Race

    -SVA-88 users: Heathens and traitors to the cause

    -Anything else: Dirty peasants.

    Seriously speaking: you can get the SVA-88 if you want, but I'd stick with the Orion and spend my certs into maxing passives first (Nanoweave and your shield of choice), the other LMGs are definitely not worth it.
  17. starlinvf

    On the subject of Ursa and Hip fire, its unusually effective for a weapon with its Dmg/RoF pairing. I suspect its the hip fire bloom rate mixed with the body sided CoF that allows all your shots hit as long as they are properly framed when you start shooting. Just out of shotgun range, any other weapon will beat it on the grounds of DPS and accuracy. But inside shotgun range you have a 50/50 chance of winning panic fire.

    But for longer range, the lower RoF makes it insanely stable. I actually do better with Ironsights on it then any of the other optics.
  18. Posse

    If there is one thing that's undoubtedly better in VS weapons, it's the iron sights, I just use them on every VS weapon, on NC and TR I have to get the reflex.
  19. starlinvf

    NC actually has really good iron sights with the tapered post, but the TR ones are terrible for marksmen.
  20. Wrel Developer

    Here are some reviews on the weapons in question, do keep in mind that this was before the LMG hipfire CoF nerfs.

    Hope those can help you make a decision!