[Suggestion] Please Update Your Daily Missions to be Player-Friendly

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Operative13, Mar 11, 2023.

  1. Operative13

    I cannot express how frustrated I am with some of the missions that come into the Daily Missions Rotations. Some of these missions such as Squad/Platoon missions, Troop Transport, or Conduit require very niche play and coordination that a solo player such as myself cannot reasonably achieve in 1-2 hours of focused gameplay. Either they are limited by the continents that have the requirements necessary to complete the mission, have extremely narrow criteria (having to destroy vehicles personally), or require coordination from several players.

    As a solo player, I have no control over how these objectives play out, and it can be infuriating to complete these objectives if the situation is entirely unfavorable (Conduit missions on Indar, no one pulling vehicles within squad, players stealing vehicle kills, etc). I can only tolerate having so many setbacks before I am compelled to leave from having too many bad experiences. Missions are very important in obtaining a reasonable level of progress, as alerts only provide a small bonus to simply playing normally, and even playing normally the grind can take ages weeks to even make progress on an upgrade. Please update your missions so that they can be reasonably accomplished by solo players such as myself in a reasonable timeframe without needing to overtly rely on others for mission completions.
  2. Operative13

    It takes 250xp to get 1 cert. For you to earn 1k certs in an hour, that means you'd have to be cranking 250k xp at that time. You know how many kills that takes? 2500 kills an hour. And let's not even get into membership, which only brings that down to 1,600. You're telling me you make 1000 kills-worth of xp an hour? You clearly are playing way more than just an hour or 2.

    Not everyone has the time and effort to spend that much on a game, let alone daily on Planetside 2. Missions account for over half my certs gain in a day. That's giving it a solid 2 hours to do everything, and that's just my gripe on certs. It can be especially difficult to grind for the ISO-4 especially as they only provide 100 a day, with the rest locked behind alerts. Those alerts already take 90 minutes, with the gains dependent on a faction victory or defeat. Again, membership only helps if you can actually complete the mission. How can I complete a mission that's entirely dependent on the state of the empire and the continent I'm playing on? Continents can take up to 5 hours to open up, and there's no guarantee you'll even win a conduit base at that time. Sure you can say it's only for a day or two you lose out, but if you're doing this often, those failures add up. It makes for a very frustrating experience.
  3. nowtna

    #4 here. I think it is important to know that there are endless missions and if you are on sanctuary or amerish even you still get em.. Hopefully they can add continent ones for time sensitive users who want to quest to get certabega. I know for one that adding that first tick of whatever the quest requires is a lot of work.
  4. tigerchips

    They have a mission that needs you to get a sunderer with ammo and another i think with galaxy. Why isn't the Ant included?