Please stop destroying sunderers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by miraculousmouse, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    You're ruining the farm.
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  2. Shanther

    I approve this message.
  3. phaelah

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  4. Dualice

    Herding cattle with MBTs across muddy fields - that ruins farms.

    *EDIT* In all seriousness, if there's a really good infantry fight going on I'm reluctant to go blowing up sundies. However if the strategic advantage calls for it... so be it.
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  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    LA wasting c4 to destroy terminal... vandals!
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  6. z1967

    I need to farm vehicle kills for my LA directive. So sorry if that involves blasting apart those sunderers you were farming oh well and too bad. Go live in a biolab, much better farming experience and less likely to be interrupted.

    I go for targets of opportunity, and sunderer kills are easy kills since they don't move and quite a few still don't use the deploy shield or blockade armor.
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  7. Leftconsin

    I want white camo.

    So.... no.
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  8. Rayden78

    If i dont destroy them i ruin my sunderer farm and a worthy enemy will always bring more sunderers .. so win-win situation.
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  9. LodeTria

    If the attackers are in the facility sure I won't.
    If you're just surrounding the sunderer then I will.
  10. Cest7

    Objective directive: "Deployed AMS Kills"
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  11. FocusLight

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  12. Alarox

    I farm Sunderers.


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  13. Obyx

    Better request. Don't destroy the Sunderer at the only decent fight during the late night or early morning hours. Sending suicidal Light Assault after suicidal Light Assault to ruin the only decent battle is self-defeating.

    It's less about farming and more about wanting to have a fight to play at.
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  14. sustainedfire

    Bring 2 repair sundies to the fight, and align near each other.

    Problem solved.
  15. Paragon Exile



    I'm the guy on the left and the baby in the middle after seeing that.
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  16. BobSanders123

    If we are heavily outpopped, by all means my fracture MAX will pour red rockets all over those poor little sunderers.
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  17. Kunavi

    White camo says this ain't happening - Once it's farmed full, I won't ever bother again. 200 Sundies... LEL... :S SOE should let assists of any kind count for at least HALF a Directive point towards completing it, if not giving full points. Directives are very flawed.
  18. Haquim

    HOW??? :eek:
    When I see stats (or vids) like this I'm wondering whether your enemies line up and put tank mines under their sundies for the convenience of the respective player o_O :confused:
  19. Nody

    200 Sundies is easy; I was at 263 by the time of the change over in a bit over two weeks and was annoyed they lowered it (see 1160 MAX punch kills if you want to discuss pain in completion of Auraxium directives)...

    Stealth vehicles; I was farming enemy Sundies in 96+ fights solo between TR and NC on my VS. Half the time I blew it up before they realized where I was located.
  20. KirthGersen

    Man, I'm totally agree, but... I farm armor:p