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  1. Corezer

    It would be cool if you did a fully customizable modular system with armor, such as:

    Keep the items in sets as they are now, so for instance buying composite armor in the depot for 250dbc would get you all applicable pieces. at first I was thinking buy 1 piece at a time for $1 each but that's a little much. Obviously there isn't much purchasable armor right now for us to really create unique looks but I hear player studio armors are coming soon... This is a good chance to make some cash and satisfy players.

    Split hubcaps from tires, because while I would love to dump more money into my flash, yall just wont let me

    Split fins from frames with aircraft, IDK why u wont let me put some cool tiger fins on top of a havoc frame for instance, but yall act like ur too good for my money!

    Split weapon camo into primary and secondary, unlocking a camo unlocks for both, but this will get people buying more camo to mix and match and make their gun look "kewl" maybe come up with some cool new camos like "Auraxium" and "Hardlight"
  2. JKomm

    You do realize they are already in the concept stages for this right? They will want to make advancements but it's a massive process to do, and we're not likely to see it for about a year or so. Right now just be excited for when Player-Studio armour hits the market, implementation is a couple months away by the word of some of the development team(Obviously subject to change for delays and priority shifts).
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  3. Corezer

    only the first idea is getting *sorta done* but in a way far inferior for both player customization and monetization to what I describe...

    Additionally, make 2 loadouts for characters/vehicles in VR, this will allow players to quickly compare their new and old looks, really get em hot and bothered for them cosmetics...
  4. JKomm

    I'll agree, two loadouts in VR would be very handy for quick comparisons.