Please Seperate the MAX's armor bar from the health bar.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Marinealver, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Marinealver

    I find it hard to believe that MAXs simply have a double health bar. I would like to see one of those an armor bar that will go down slower then the health bar. No armor means will die soon.
  2. Braken

    That's actually how MAXs work in PS1.

    Infantry did not have shields (unless they equipped an implant that used their stamina as a shield), they had armor instead, that didn't recharge and had to be repaired by engineers.

    MAXs had a MUCH higher amount of armor then the other armor types, but they did have the same health.
  3. Eric Smith

    What I find silly about the PS2 Max is that if I am wounded and switch to a MAX I wind up starting with significantly less armor than if I'd remembered to heal first. And, once in MAX, I gotta sit around and wait for an Engy to repair me. So yeah, it's silly that the MAX has a combined Health/Armor bar.
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  4. ghnurbles

    I'd be keen for an armor+health bar, where your health matches what you had when you equip the MAX suit.

    At the moment your entire MAX health matches your health when you equip it, which is bizarre - why would your armor be based on your health?
  5. Sifer2

    I guess they didn't want to make it too complicated. Since then we have determine what pierces the armor to damage your health, and by how much. And how to make it show on the UI to Medics that you need healing, and to Engineer you need repair at the same time.
  6. Marinealver

    Yeah it has been explained to me that MAXs do not have armor. They just have 2x health. But with how much damage they take to small arms, I can actually believe that statement. If it is tru or not well any dev coders here to answer that one?
  7. DeadlyShoe

    They get a small arms damage reduction. Not sure exactly how much but probably like 50-60%. That's why the kinetic armor cert is better than it looks, it increases that reduction (ie from 50-51%, which would be a 2% damage reduction).
  8. JoCool

    Would be great if MAX health could be healed by the combat medic too. You rarely see engineers running around in thick combat, without a dedicated buddy it's game over quickly.
  9. Marinealver

    True, I think in the new players guid for MAXs they should be advised to cert armor all ther way first.

    Kind of sad all your vehicles and MAXs started out as alumnium foil shells and you have to upgrade your armor to armor instead of foil.
  10. DeadlyShoe

    ... The cert just improves the damage reduction. They start with it natively.
  11. Khorneholio

    I don't really care if it's health, armor, or magical pixie dust. I just want a shield like every other class...
  12. rlilewis

    Yeah a shield would be really nice, losing your health gradually over time to grazing fire is annoying. A shield I think would greatly reduce the dependance on an engineer as you could suck up light damage and not tank it on your health.
  13. DeadlyShoe

    You're supposed to be dependent on an engineer. Pretty sure.
  14. Braken

    Guys, WHERE are you coming up with MAXs having a base dmg reduction to small-arms fire?

    Seriously, where's the proof of that? I keep seeing a few people say it's true, but they NEVER post proof.

    How can you believe they have dmg reduction when they die so fast from small-arms?
  15. Zaik

    Define fast.

    My HA dies to 1 direct hit rocket, or roughly 8 body shot bullets depending on the gun.
    My MAX dies to 2 direct hit rockets, or something like 30-50 body shot bullets. I don't know an exact value, but it's a lot more than the 16 that 2x health would imply.
  16. Braken

    They don't have only double health. They have more like 4x health.

    They do not have any damage resistance, just more health.

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