Please replace tracer effects for infantry weapons

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by TheBloodEagle, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. TheBloodEagle

    Can we please change the tracer effects for infantry and some vehicle weapons? The long beam with fade outs don't do justice to the feel of the game & infantry combat. Can we replace them with the effects the ESF guns have instead? (maybe at least allow for a test on PTS)

    To be clear, this is about the tracers you see from others & in 3rd person, not while ADSing.



    Support for this:
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  2. FrankHH

    Tear-shaped tracers looked MUCH better. I'd say remove them but keep them for snipers and busters.
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  3. Makkie

    I support this idea as well, and like frank said: keep the long tracers for Snipers and Bursters.
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  4. TheBloodEagle

    I can respect leaving snipers, bursters and the skyguard with the current beams with fades. But the tear shaped tracers should really return back to infantry weapons.
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  5. Enig

    I absolutely support changing back to tear shaped tracers for infantry.
  6. Whizzmaster

    I agree. It just isn't as intense this way.
  7. blueangleofdeath

    I'll agree with this. It looks a little more realistic but enhances visibility. I think it looks good on snipers and the others mentioned too. Sometimes there is to many tracers that it clouds things up. If it also helps with performance then defiantly do it.
  8. Phrygen

    All i know is i can't use a skyguard effectively on low settings because i cant see the tracers at all :(
  9. Tenente

    Is the same for ESFs. The tracers on low settings in the first person is almost invisible, but for some reason I am unaware, the tracers in the third person are just fine. :confused:
  10. Gammit

    Agreed. Bring it back for non-sniper or AA fire.
  11. Wasdie

    It would be nice to have them back too. I've never liked the look of the tracers in this game since they made the switch.
  12. MajiinBuu

    I agree. I've often found my suppressors useless when the enemy just has to follow the pink lines.
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  13. CPT Townsend [3ID]

    Agreed 100%! Not only does it look better the old way, but it adds a level of immersion to combat that can't be beat. The way they are now, in my opinion, is equivalent to adding a smoke trail to a frag grenade. It may add to visibility, but it takes away from immersion and skilled play.
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  14. Gheeta

    I have been wondering the same ever since the tracers got broken on low settings, they fixed the tankbruster but left the rest broken. I have made bug reports about it and there has been multiple threads about this issue but it seems to be something that just isn't getting fixed. And yea the tracers are working from third person camera which is really odd and makes the practically invisible tracers a clear bug.

    And as for the infantry tracers i would really like to seem them improved as well.
  15. nubery

    Yeah please change it back.
  16. ajma

    Most infantry weapons shouldn't even have tracers.
  17. explodingpens

    Not a fan of the current tracers either. They look bad and I really don't need that much of a visual guide.
  18. libbmaster


    Teardrop tracers please!
  19. Scure

    I agree. It's not that bad, but not for everyone. Keep it for busters for sure.
  20. FrankHH

    How many times do we need to bump this before we get an official response?

    P.S. We're not pretending anything, we're asking for a favor.

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