Please remove upside down damage

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  1. Desann

    With the new resource changes, and lack of different pools of resources to pull from, I would like to see the auto-damage of an upside down vehicle removed entirely.

    There is nothing I find more annoying than grabbing a harasser and flipping on the slightest little bump in the road. We should be allowed the ability to attempt to flip our vehicles over. It's annoying when a full health vehicle blows up from a bump in the road. There have been many times when a buddy has helped me get a vehicle unstuck, why not let us flip vehicles.

    The impact damage from a falling vehicle should still remain.
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  2. BetAstraal

    Agreeing to this.
    The collision damage mechanics are in a bad shape overall and have always been. A simple touch on the top of any vehicle, ground or air will deal tremendous damage to it. A simple slow bump into something in front of you in an aircraft will do the same, sometimes even in ground vehicles.

    EDIT: the worst collision issue is ramming in the air. It's funny how a liberator / gal can ram countless ESF which is 1000 times larger than it's carried ammo with almost no consequences, yet they take damage from their tiny bullets. Not sure how to explain this, but this must be taken out of air combat and revamped. I'd look at the collision speed factor and reduce it a lot at low speed and increase it as speed increases as well. Currently a simple touch between a gal / lib and an ESF spells death to the ESF regardless of other factors.
  3. ZeroErrorz

    yep its BS at this point,i died so many time typing when flying.
  4. EaglePhoenix

    But..but in the movies they always explode when they bump / topple over :(
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  5. JonnyMonroe

    the flash/harraser should just have roll cages and the ability to flip them back over at least. I don't think it's realistic for a soldier to flip a tank over, but then tank flipping isn't as much of an issue unless you're tempting fate by trying to drive up/down cliffs.
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  6. Pouk3D

    It would be really nice if a Sunderer or a Galaxy had some sort of emergency function that could pull free stuck or flipped vehicles. It would turn all the Lighning bridges or flipped Liberators into a little cooperative events ending with hurrays and celebrations...
    But I'm just dreaming here, it will never happen...
  7. Isendretta

    I think engineers should have a deployable "nanite jack" that would flip vehicles right side up. It would take long enough that if you're being chased you're screwed, but if you just flipped while driving, you can recover.
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  8. Pikachu

    Yes remove this mechanic. It's among the dumbest ever added to a game and only serves to make the experience worse. The person who suggested it should be downgraded to clean the toilets at the office.
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  9. reydelchicken

    Haven't you learned from the GTA games?! A flipped car will explode if left that way for a few seconds!

    But seriously, this should be something in the game.
    If I remember correctly in halo you can flip a car over, by getting out and activating it, I don't see why this would break anything here.
  10. lothbrook

    Well in Halo you do play as amped up super soldiers inside power armor, so flipping a 3 ton warthog might not be so hard for them, lol.

    But yes from a pure gameplay aspect flipping vehicles back over should be in the game, its even laughable how easy it is to flip a presumably 70 ton MBT in the first place (VG assuming its similarities to the Abrams also extends to weight)
  11. Metalsheep

    Realism =/= good mechanics. In the Halo mythos (If you read the books at least) Master Chief could barely flip over a Warthog on his own even in his MJOLNIR armorsuit. It took everything he had to flip it. (Though in one of the books, a Spartan II used a Mongoose as a melee weapon, though it tore up her arm muscles.)

    But in game, you can flip over Scorpions and even the Elephant (The largest vehicle, its like a mobile base.) The developers even left in a message for the elephant. "Press X to flip over eleph... wait, what? How did you do that?!" Because even though its a bit silly, its a necessary mechanic incase somehow, some way, it flipped over.

    Basically: ALL vehciles need to be able to be righted if flipped. Even if it isnt very realistic.
  12. Nepau

    So here is a counter point... Is it more skillful to be driving like a Maniac without worry that if you flip your vehicle there is no large issues, compaired to the driver who can driver their harraser/flash in some rather insaine manouvers and still keep it upright?

    Personaly I have no issue that vehicle blow up if flipped, perhaps its just because it rarly happens to myself, but I always felt that if I flip a Tank or Harraser it is more due to my own poor driving/reading the terrain, then because of a bad mechanic.
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  13. Rayzr

    Tanks more so your own fault, but harassers.... the slighest bump sends them flying
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  14. Kcalehc

    and flashes... I think looking at one a touch to harshly can flip one of them over.
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  15. Nepau

    Not going to deny that the Harraser can be interesting to drive, and perhaps it could be changed so that the Harraser takes reduced damage compaired to other vehicles when upside down to give you a bit longer chance to right it with the Turbo, but I have also found that many places where I flipped a Harraser was more to how I was driving it as much as the vehicles physics.
  16. Pikachu

    But this element of skill serves to make game worse.
  17. Nepau

    care to elaberate how this makes the game worse? Is it because it makes a high skill cap to use a vehicle effectivly? If thats the opint, then I do think they also have that issues with ESF's but at a larger level since much of the air design seems to be around Air dealing with Air, while a flash/Harraser are not focal points for Vehicle play.

    Really just trying to understand how having the flip damage happen or not improves or worsens gameplay.
  18. BadLlama

    Flipping your vehicle off nothing and dieing or having wreckage land on your tank which in-turn causes you to instantly explode is what me and some others have dubbed "Getting Planetsided" its what you signed up for in this game unfortunately.
  19. acksbox

    Wreckage debris cause too much damage. Collisions cause too much damage to most vehicles, but far too little to Sunderers, Galaxies (these should probably be able to survive a few ESF rammings, but using them to crush tanks should probably result in the opposite effect they currently do...ram a C5 galaxy transport into a MBT and you have a pile of plane wreckage around a probably intact tank), and Liberators. Flipping occurs too easily in the lighter vehicles and does far too much damage too them.

    It makes the game worse by virtue of it's utter lack of intuitiveness, randomness, and nonsensicality. Adding a tetris game to the vehicle consoles, that you would have to play and win to level 5, would dramatically increase the skill cap of the game, but it would also be completely idiotically ********. This is the state of vehicle flippiness now. You can pull off some insane maneuvers in a Flash, Harasser, or Lightning...and then flip the thing randomly on mostly level terrain or because something bumped you at just the wrong angle. I've launched my Harasser off cliffs on Indar and landed safely after falling 150m, only to blow up on a cactus I barely scraped.

    I've got nothing against there being a high skill cap to the use of these vehicles, but it should make sense. As it is now, everything is just bizarre and arbitrary.

    Anything that has no rationale behind it automatically worsens gameplay because it leads to an increasingly surrealistic world where cause and effect are only loosely linked and cannot be inferred beforehand.
  20. Rovertoo

    I'd agree on removal of upside down damage, but I am not sure we should be able to flip our vehicles, except flashes. That way, flipped vehicles could at least still be used as a neat dynamic cover kind of thing. Just make the default despawn timer for an empty vehicle shorter for the sake of the servers.
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