Please post if your MAG clan is on PS2 on PS4

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Outfit Recruitment' started by SerialNumber1221, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. SerialNumber1221

    Just wanted to get an idea of who is who...Please post your PS2 Outfit name, PS2 server the outfit is on, your MAG clan name if different and any other details such as player names from MAG....

    Interesting to know who is out there...

    I'll start....

    Kill'em Quick - MAG - KEQ, PS2 - KEQ - Genudine
  2. Blacky226

    Ex Born 2 Kill - MAG - B2K member are on Genudine. The are a few MAG clans that have also come over such as
    Valor Coalition (VC), Sver True Blood (STB), Valor's Last Stand (VLS), Talon Strike Force (TLN) and Tactical Gaming (TG). There are a few stragglers from clans such as Red Star, (T1), (BR) and (BHD) running around. There a a plethora of Mag players playing but not alot of Mag started outfits are here. Majority are on Genudine also.
  3. RocketRob99

    Talon Strike Force- MAG- TLN, PS2- TLN- Palos.
  4. Khknight

    PHI is on genudine
  5. LiquidSnake268

    [Qc] Rebelles@Quebec - MAG
    [Qc] Les Rebelles - PS2 = Palos

    miss my P90 sooo bad
  6. Baracuda

    I miss my old MAG clan, miss the a**hole platoon leader speeches before the start of every match lol. Think my old clan was Kill'em Quick
  7. A-P-P-Baby

  8. Theodus Trail

    Valor Tactical Operations - MAG - VTO - PS2 - VTO - Genudine - Terran Republic
  9. TEDDY1z1

    We at [3C] Closed Casket Crew are here.
  10. chastaine

    Chastaine here from VL$. On Genudine with TR. I'm kicking *** in the mosquito!

    Someone mentioned VL$ as a clan on here, but there is just a few of us randomly playing here and there.

    If anyone's clan needs a decent pilot, give me a hollar!
  11. SerialNumber1221

    I remember your name from MAG forums....

    KEQ is always on the lookout for good pilots, join up! Go to! KEQ is on NC so I hope that is the faction you are on!
  12. SerialNumber1221

    Anyone who is interested in joining KEQ please PM these guys on PSN

    ravhin20, shane5484, cusetown333
  13. Wizdomtooth

    Is PFB on Planetside 2?
  14. Blacky226

    We're eventually going to take over this game to! Lol xD
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  15. CptKirby

    I've already played with some over a week a go.
  16. chastaine

    I saw a base taken with KEQ tags! Even though it was not my clan that took the base, I felt pride :)

    All of the officers in [GOAT] were old PRO, starting to recreate some of that old mag magic on genudine VS now
  18. GIZMO2606

    Some old dark flock members play but are spread out to different clans, ether with pink fluffy bunnies or voice of treason.