[Suggestion] Please Make One Small Adjustment to Flash Grenades

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Ballto21

    Flash grenades are absolutely fine how they are in terms of their effectiveness and function, they do not need a buff or a nerf.

    The only thing that should be changed is what happens on the screen of whoever is hit by one.

    Please make them turn the screen black instead of going white. This will have the same blinding effect obviously while being much better for whoever is hit by them.

    My eyes at least (i'm sure more people have similar issues) are extremely photosensitive, and depending on a couple factors I can feel actual physical pain when I am hit by a flashbang in game. At the very least, my eyes are stung and it forces me to look away from the screen for longer than the normal flashbang duration.

    My brightness is as low as I can make it without the game being unplayable, and I'm not flashbanged enough to warrant me stopping playing, but it happens often enough to be a problem.

    If there is already a way for me to do this in settings, please comment what it is below. Thank you.
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  2. stalkish

    I suffer from migrains and bright light can sometimes trigger one, although never experienced pain (or a trigger) from the flashbang.
    I do tho wear light filtering glasses that help with the sensitivity, similar to these https://www.axonoptics.com/light-sensitivity-glasses/

    Perhaps try getting some filtering glasses, they really helped me a lot with my headaches.
    If you dont need a prescription set, im sure you can get some that just filter.
  3. Transcendentalist41

    I struggle with the same exact issue. Even with turning down brightness ll the way and replacing the screen's blue light with warm coloration, it still hurts.

    Thank you for elucidating this problem!
  4. Irathi

    I don't have any issues with light, but I support this proposition.
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  5. Halkesh

    I don't suffer from that problem but I support this idea.

    Won't a black screen will make idiotic player think their screen is broken ?
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  6. FateJH

  7. Ballto21

    im fairly certain (i would rather not test it for obvious reasons) that some parts of your HUD are still visible when you are flashed, so those parts would probably make people realize "oh **** someone just blinded me"+

    also, they dont really have to make it that way for everyone. some people for whatever reason like the white light, they could just make it a setting turned off by default called "low-light flashbangs" or whatever that people can choose to turn on if they would rather a black screen
  8. Sazukata

    An option to change getting flashbanged to a medium or dark gray would certainly be helpful to the light-sensitive.

    If we can cater to the some without negatively affecting the majority, we should do so.
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  9. TR5L4Y3R

    blackscreen or grayscreen with the notification
    "you are blind!"

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