Please kick AFKers!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slannmage, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    Seriously I see hundreds of people just standing in the Warp Gate spawns for hours just because you slowly gain Resources and certs for being AFK. It's a complete joke, if you go AFK for a period of time you should be kicked for someone who wants to actively play. I think I see more people just standing in the spawn buildings than on the battlefield half the time.

    We have a server queue of 250 people and with that stupid priority queue making it even slower for non subscribing people, the AFKers just make it even worse.
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  2. Jestunhi

    You do get kicked for inactivity.

    In fact, it seems to go by position as I got kicked while semi-afk because I used the mouse but not the keyboard.


    People need time to sort out unlocks, spend cert points, update their camos to the continent which they are on, etc. There will always be some people standing around.
  3. Gary

    Shorten the timer on AFK. Those who are sorting camo's will not be kicked.
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  4. Jestunhi

    How does this proposed camo-exception code work to stop them being kicked with a shorter timer?
  5. Uben Qui

    Yea because people need to be kicked fast! That way they cannot step back and afk for 5 minutes to use the bathroom. Want to take a bio break? Poop sock it, yo. Otherwise yer kicked and in the 250 queue. :rolleyes:
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  6. Codek

    AFAIK you get kicked when COMPLETELY idle for 15 minutes. Examining the map, sorting through certs and chatting with Outfit mates all count as activity and will reset that timer.

    The people you see have done something the past 15 minutes, and being AFK ish for hours is a big burden. When completely AFK you WILL get kicked. I think you are mistaking the general crowd at the warpgates doing non combat stuff or getting their bearings with people leaving their character logged in AFK.

    Also, if you own the continent, you'll max out resources in about 45 minutes(assuming 100 resources/tick). Passive cert gain speed isn't affected by being logged in, so for that you don't need to be in the game at all. I think overall you are exaggerating the phenomenon of people loitering a bit to get a few more resources before rejoining the fight or logging out.
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  7. Codek

    My like of your post assumes you were sarcastic of course :).
  8. Uben Qui

    I was. :)
  9. Vellsi

    Dunno about you guys but I can be AFK for around 20 minutes, doing stuff on my desktop and not minding the game (alt-tabbed out) without getting removed. While I think that a few minutes are fair there should at least be a timer which removes people in a timely manner. Taking a half-hour break without playing the game, using server performance and blocking server slots is bad for a shooter.
    It's not like the game requires any out-of-game activity or has a social mode where you idle in a town and spam /dance emotes while stalking new outfit members on Facebook. :f
  10. Gary

    Because your not afk when click through the Marketplace or character screens.
  11. FluffyM

    15 mins is too long.
  12. Uben Qui

    As far as I know the timer is 15 minutes. Forgiving enough if you have to jump to the toilet or step out for a quick cigarette without having to literally run for the door, and then after run back to your seat. Long enough to pick up the phone and be delayed for 10 minutes while you try to hang up with the caller..

    Anything longer than 15 minutes and I would have issue with it also. :(
  13. Slyguy65

    Maybe if they actually gave a reasonable amount of certs for playing the game...honestly the amount at which people who actually play the game earn cert wise is just only get one cert, no matter what kind of action you did the only reward is one single cert...

    I hate AFK'ers too but well when your done playing...why not just sit there and rack up points...after they fix the imbalanced currency system (pay to win) then i fully support a 30 minute timer that kicks AFK
  14. BCKrogoth

    What are you talking about? You get a cert for every 250xp. Base caps alone net you 4, not including the xp you get for doing things
  15. Slyguy65

    Ah 250 here i thought it was for every 500.

    And by one cert i mean there is no way to earn more than 1 cert at a time. You know reward tiers.

    Example no matter what medal you get it is only 1 cert as a reward. The ways in which you can earn certs is limited to 2 main things waiting...and exp. Because of the limited ways of earning certs they should really think about more ways to earn them or in greater quantities

    Like capturing a continent should net the people who participated in most of the conquering 100 certs or so and of course there is the ranking system...that has no real point that i can see.

    You don't get rewarded certs or anything for ranking up. Why not increase the passive cert bonus for every tenth level (at level 10,20,30,etc. you earn +1 cert passively) Also each level up should give you certs as a bonus just like when doing a job you get raises and bonuses. IMO playing feels like a job (when I want to get a piece of new equipment to match other players; the rockets for flyers or lock on RPG) Plus that is just the MMO format, reward players for performance and time...this game only rewards through time (passive cert gain and XP) not performance.

    While XP is arguable i consider part time part performance. Things like medals and captures/defending should give larger rewards.
  16. Gary

    5 minute afk timer. Enough for a smoke A bio Grab a snack. you should not be able to go afk make a "decent"(microwave) meal and then return and continue playing. unless this is another way for SOE to cash in on membership bonuses. Longer afk timers mean more afkers on the server meaning bigger queues resulting in more membership purchases. I hate the afkers and i have a membership the time is to long.
  17. Gary

    My record is 12 certs for 1 action. Dunno what your complaining about.
  18. Slyguy65

    what action was that?

    Also if that was your RECORD as in BEST...ya that is still way too little in a game where most upgrades for gear is 500-1000 usually the latter
  19. Uben Qui

    Yea, if your computer is right next to the door and the microwave and freezer is in the same room. :rolleyes:
  20. Gary

    Spawned into Bio lab under siege. Went through portals to the center underneath Spawned sunderer Drove out rammed an enemy sunderer Dropped 2 at mines got back in mine and drove away. resulting explosions nets Sunderer kill + enemy kills+ group kill bonus + kill streak bonus + ending a kill streak bonus. I also manage to get the sunderer back behind the shields and repeated it. This time losing the sunderer in the process but netting another bunch of certs.