Please Get Your Act Together DBC

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by 000AmidimA000, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. 000AmidimA000

    Logging in early this morning, I was able to play the game that I've enjoyed playing since it first came out. However, since I've been playing for that entire duration, I've come to notice a pattern when new content is released. When I saw this morning the in game announcement that the game was going to go down for an update, I jokingly thought, again, "Oh great, an update. I wonder what the Devs are going to break today in the name of trying to fix things." Little did I know how right that thought was. Today was one of the most frustrating days of Planetside.
    1.) Upon trying to log in after the update went through, the game would let me select a character, load to 100%, show me a little bit of the map UI, and then crash. Or, load to 100% and black screen until a message popped up telling me the game crashed.
    2.) Upon checking the forums, there appeared to be problems, but it didn't look like many people were having the same one I was having.
    3.) I updated my graphics cards. No change in game behavior.
    4.) I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Taking an hour and a half.
    5.) Uninstall did nothing. No fixes available, so I did other things and came back later.
    6.) Saw in the forums that others were having some issues, but that there were lots of people who were testing the new MBT/Harrasser weapons, and checking out the new changes. I was sort of upset that I wasn't able to be a part of that group, as my game was entirely broken.
    7.) I checked in every now and then to see if any progress was made on fixing the servers. Low and behold, the servers apparently went down and the result was signing in lead me to the character creation page, making me think my character may or may not have been deleted.
    8.) I tried to sign in to the forums, and was getting error messages and having trouble posting a topic
    9.) Half a day after your update, and I see that lots of people have been having the same problem I'd been having, there is no fix yet, and the game is still down.

    Ok DBC, It has been 12 hours after your patch, and the game is still broken. Your incompetence is clearly off the charts. When a customer KNOWS A PATCH IS GOING TO DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD, and is proven right, then you clearly have garnered no respect in your ability to handle this game. So many Devs have left, the CEO stepped down, and you have a game that gets utterly broken when you try to fix it. Please get your act together. If an update isn't ready, don't push it through anyways and think that you can fix up all the problems it causes later. That is not the right way to handle things, and it's incredibly rude to your player/customer base. You have done this so many times that many of us see it coming a mile away when you announce an update. This is frankly unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE. and in case you didn't get the message that time, this behavior towards content release is UNACCEPTABLE. Please get your act together.

    I wouldn't be posting this if this sort of occurrence was a one off. I wouldn't be posting this if I trusted your ability to add content to the game with smooth transitions. This post may be a tad long, and I know people will say that it's nothing but one long rambling complaint... but I am truly frustrated. Truly frustrated, and finding myself with a lot of time on my hands that I wanted to put in to planetside, but will instead put in to the planetside forums. Please get your act together. Please show more respect to your player base.
  2. rrrr

    I lost all my characters too I even reformatted with smart erase and reinstalled windows but they're still gone. So I uninstalled PS2 and installed GTA5 since I only have 128GB SSD only 1 fits.
  3. SmileyBomb

    PSST... OP... you may want to go to Planetside Twitter... Forums don't get a lot of attention either...
  4. websterhamster

    The OP's expectations are too high. Unlike many development studios, DBG actually manages to make their updates stable, even if it sometimes takes a little while. As long as they keep giving us new content and game mechanic improvements, I'll gladly wait a few hours for the inevitable kinks to be worked out.
  5. 000AmidimA000

    I went to twitter. I went to reddit. I went to the official forums. I went to third party sites. Only saw 1 employee talking to the public about what was wrong, and their statement was "Can you give us reports about what's wrong". I didn't see anybody addressing the crashing issues. I didn't see anybody apologizing for the catastrophe that was the 9/4 update. I saw some people posting about my problem, but no other players answering them with uniform answers. Something went horribly wrong on their end, they didn't give much information about it, and I as a customer was left in the dark to wonder what was going on. That is NOT the way a proper business runs. Not even by a long shot.
  6. 000AmidimA000

    I am not a beta-tester. I do not appreciate the devs experimenting on us so they can give a proper release of this material to the PS4 version later. I am not a lab rat, I don't like dealing with an unstable and untested patch. 12 hours is a bit long for things to get fixed. Yes they may have released new content, yes I'm excited, but I wouldn't have posted this if my excitement is curbed every time because I know the update to put the material in will inevitably mess the game up horribly. They've done this every time an update comes out, and it's starting to get ridiculous. I know they are working their hardest to create a fun and enjoyable game for us, but they go about it in the wrong way and wind up creating messes that needn't be. If an update isn't ready on the day they say it is, they should hold back to release it. I guess the point of this entire thread is this: It'd be nice if DBC does more in the future to ensure their updates go over smoother. Even if it comes out a few days late, I'd rather be playing for those days than sitting, being frustrated, not understanding why my game is so horribly broken, and not getting much transparency on their end as to what's going on.
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  7. NateDiesel

    GameBreak Dames... on a relatively busy night for gaming too lul. Silly time to patch. Weird it even needs to be pointed out.
  8. 000AmidimA000

    Ok, so the game just updated with the supposed fix. And guess what? My game is still broken. I have gone from slightly perturbed, to thoroughly mad. PLEASE ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS THAT MANY OF YOUR PLAYERS ARE FACING, DB. It lets me pick my character, loads to 100%, shows me some map UI, and crashes/freezes. It was working fine this morning, and now it's broken. I'm not going to uninstall and re-download the game, because that doesn't work. My NVIDIA drivers are fully upgraded, and more than capable of running the game because I WAS PLAYING JUST FINE BEFORE YOU SCREWED IT ALL UP THIS MORNING. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME.
  9. Jockdoe

    OP, are you running with very low hardware specs?
  10. Naphemil

    bruh, hardware is not the issue here.
  11. Jockdoe

    Coding for the hardware may be an issue. From your post I guess you're saying that you meet min spec? I hope you do as that might be a reason for a fix, but if we are all below min specs then holding out for a fix might be futile. If you have some link that can confirm it is not an issue with specs I would be grateful. TY
  12. RumpelAusDerTonne

    no pewpew for me neither since patch. same problem :/
  13. godofthegaps

    I have read most of the comments, and it seems that the problem is present only for people with "dual core" and lower specs

    i meet all the requirements but the processor "E8400" 3.4ghz
  14. Nregroepis

    This is what happens when game developers rely on people beta-testing in the test server, they are too lazy to test it themselves.
  15. Nregroepis

  16. HTTPRO

    It seems like the patch is not letting DUAL CORE owner/players access the game, I have a G3258 4.3Ghz and before the update I was getting 40-70 fps and now I cant even access the game. It just freezes after I load character.
  17. ScrapyardBob

    That's why they called themselves "dey break games" (DBC for shorts).