[Vehicle] Please, get this thing off my tank.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Alarox

    Or just move it somewhere else. Look at this:


    This is a full sized screenshot (windowed mode sides are cropped though).

    I literally can't aim at things behind me with a lower elevation.

    Edit: To clarify, this is the object on the tank for Vehicle Stealth.
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  2. Hatesphere

    man what the hell is that....
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  3. Dualice

    Fondue fountain.
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  4. FateJH

    Is the Vanguard stock at the moment?
    Personally, it reminds me of the other "shield" modules on Vehicles, like the Deployment and the Diffuser.
  5. Alarox

    That's the Vehicle Stealth object they added.
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  6. Hatesphere

    they could have accomplished that with some minor plating instead of this thing...
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  7. Sulsa

    That's one big festering boil you got there son...

    Have a VS crew lance it.

    ...get it?

    LANCE it!


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  8. FateJH

    It's way too obvious, bordering on obnoxiously so, to be a "stealth module."
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  9. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    youre welcome

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  10. Andy04

    Planetside developers at their best :D It's like they have stopped even trying to make the game look good and interesting.
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  11. Tommyp2006

    Wow, that is a TERRIBLE spot, it should be on the rear side of the tank if they insist on every upgrade having a visual component.
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  12. Hatesphere

    the problem isn't that they insist on them having visual components. the problem is they think every one has to look like a pimple instead of something more visual like a plating change since it takes more work from the art department.
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  13. NoctD

    It is on the REAR side of the tank!

    Alarox is just being his typical over melodramatic self - but it is rather badly positioned nonetheless. The Vanguard does have model issues.
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  14. Tommyp2006

    It's still on the top facing surface of the tank. I meant the actual vertical rear surface of the tank, maybe right above where the shield module goes.
  15. NoctD

    Even the Prowler gets it on the rear top, only the Lightning has it on the back. The back is where the anchor and shield gets its visible indicators. Rear top makes sense since proxy radar goes there too.

    I just tested it - I've been running with the Proxy Radar on my Vanguard for a while now and its never bothered me. It does get in the way too when you aim the Vanguard down low like that in the rear. Its just not a natural firing position for a MBT to me.
  16. MrJengles

    Someone suggested they should make camo netting as the visual change for Stealth - I quite liked that.

    That thing is going to be uninteresting no matter where they put it (although blocking the view is even worse).
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  17. ColonelChingles

    Not only that, but you'd think that by the time a player has snuck up on a Vanguard and made visual confirmation that it was running Stealth... they've already pretty much negated the Vanguard's Stealth by seeing the darned thing.
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  18. Flag

    ... I'll have to remember to check my Mag, to see if/where that would be on that one.
  19. Alarox

    In order to be melodramatic I would have to be exaggerating, but you seem to agree with me that it is poorly positioned.

    It isn't something that will constantly be a problem, but getting screwed because of it has already happened to me.

    On the Lightning they fixed this problem by putting it on the butt off the tank. They just need to do the same thing here.
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  20. NoctD

    The problem is worse actually - the gun clips into the tank itself even. At least they fixed the side armor so maybe they'll find a better spot for it. But then they'd need to address proxy radar as well - I think what they need to do is really fix the model itself, not necessarily reposition it.

    See how gun clips into the body of the tank? It shouldn't go that low, the model is just broken period.

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