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  1. Goden

    My other thread got moved into the Suggestions area which is an area the devs never read and this issue NEEDS to be fixed. As does the population limit problem in general.

    I am getting sick and tired of facing 5:1 odds and endless waves of armor.
  2. Cl1mh4224rd

    I sympathize with your situation, but what do you honestly think SOE can do about it? Force people to play VS or lock TR and NC players out of the server?
  3. Goden

    I went on to my NC character during the time I took the second picture.

    There wasn't even a queue or wait period.

    That's something they can start with.
  4. NC4Life

    The only thing they need to start with is to tell our GREAT LEADER to stop making fun of VS every time he gets interviewed
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  5. Goden

    I'm beyond niceties at this point.

    This isn't just a problem on Connery either.

    It needs to be fixed.
  6. MuNrOe

    IMO they need to lock people out of indar for a week or two . Say they need more large scale data from the other maps and force people to play on the other 2 cont's. Once people get out of the Indar mindset I think the game will start to work out allot better.

    Indar was originally put into the game a tech test cont where total fairness was strived across to keep people playing on the same map. They never got there obviously however with the introduction of new maps they need to lock people out of indar. People need to get out of the indar mindset and the community as a whole needs new maps. While you have this map down see the crown. Delete it. Its nothing but a time sink and farm hole for whomever holds it and requires the entirity of any empire to boot the enemy out.

    That lattice system cannot come fast enough. Once thats in place they can look at re-adding gens back into the game that effect bases abilities further down the lattice like they did in PS1. No interlink no radar no Bio slower spawn time, no tech no heavy tanks. This will give small organised squads something other to do than just follow the zerg around.

    You devs know it really pisses me off that PS1 vets told you this stuff in technical test and only now is it being implemented. It makes me wonder how many people would have stayed if this was implemented in the first place instead of being rolled out the door the way it currently is now. Fair enough you wanted to make your own game and some things you never were even looking at are now finally coming up as concepts to be added to the game. But we all make mistakes even if we think we are perfect. PS1 was close as can be to perfect when it came to content and team play.

    Hackable doors
    The lattice system
    All the CE spitfires cerbs motion sensors and disruptor s traps ect
    Cave Modules

    All great things that need to come back into the game.

    Get rid of all these stupid OHK weapons just so you can sell them to make money. Stop it seriously. PS1 was never about this. This is not counterstike wisenhunt stop making the gunplay like it. Seriously start playing PS1.PS2 more and give it the uniqueness that PS1 weapons had.

    Hell go and play PS1 by yourself take a walk around the bases get an understanding of the complexity involved. Take all that stuff and put it back into the game. I still have hope that some day allot of the original content will be re-added to the game. Not only from PS1 vets screaming for it like children scream for their mothers milk but just plain common sense.

    We need this its part of us stop stuffing it up.

    Your all probably scratching your head here and saying well hows this going to fix the problem. Ill tell you. Any large empire when spread out over multiple contenants is suddenly cut in half when their forced to fight in 2 places at one. PS1 did this well. The only difference was that there were more options to fight on and the cont's had more purpose. Once this happens it wont mean anything to have the lowest pop, because everyone wont all be fighting on Indar. You can go open a fight somewhere else and create your own fight where all of a sudden your empire has the most pop.

    This is what will fix the problem of population not nerfing buffing empires to make them all the same. Not decreasing the skill gap so much that Numbers > Skill and not releasing stupid weapons with stupid stats just to make a quick buck.
  7. teks

    I dont see how fixing the entire vs population is going to make things better. In fact it would make things worse
  8. Munglord

    Nobody picks VS because they think they look silly.

    I picked them because it was my first char, and now I'm committed.

    Fix the look, I say. No more spandex.
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  9. Forkyar24

    sorry request denied
  10. Paperlamp

    Honestly this is why I don't play mine anymore. The guns look bad(though a few have a cool reload animation like the Orion) as well.
    Maybe some people prefer tights but having something else available that doesn't cost SC wouldn't hurt.

    Perhaps it's not the only reason, but I think VS attracted people before just due to magriders. Now that it's nothing special, even though still solid, people don't have much reason to suffer with the aesthetic.
  11. Sebastien

    I thought that as well.
  12. ent|ty

    What we need are more players that like the challenge of playing the underdog, and come help some of us who are doing our best with our small numbers.
    It will make you a more tenacious fighter, and have a far higher challenge and player skill development having to deal with superior numbers all the time.
    The Zerglings await to be slaughtered.
    They're so used to their numbers, they have little skill to deal with your guerilla tactics.
    We just need to even it up from 10:1 to 5: 1, then we'd be fine :D
  13. NoobAbuser

    I play VS on Connery, and while we may be outnumbered, there are many times we have Esamir AND Amerish locked and we own a good 1/3 of Indar.

    Lets face it, VS of Connery, we may be outnumbered, but we straight up whoop some ***
  14. Outreach

    I feel bad for those who don't have computers that can run the game above low. The VS outfit looks almost exactly like what the guy from crysis is wearing.
  15. Slaidd

    I've played probably 2/3 of my time on Connery as NC, my other 1/3 has been VS. I have to say that at least for the fights I've been in on my VS, granted I think he's only 14 now, the VS has been more organized and definitely work more as a single unified force. Just my observation, but it seems like you and others would agree.

    Although I'm sure many NC would probably disagree. Opinions vary I guess.
  16. Peacemaker12

    Ouch. Connery's VS population is THAT low? Hopefully SoE reconsiders merging Connery with Helios as they've mentioned before. On Helios during primetime, us NC tend to have the most population at about 35~40% while the Vanu tend to have the second most population at about 30~35%, with TR having the least at about 28~33%. Sure, the merger would create an even more gigantic NC steamrolling zerg, but the Helios VS have a pretty solid population that looks to be really needed by the Connery VS.
  17. RobotDoc

    i think the vs have the best sounding gunz and once u add camo they look pro. The NC max looks bad axx stock cause of its "in your face physically bad axx" look but once u put camo and armor on the streamlined VS one it looks tight as hell. Get some camo for your gun and your armor for 100 station cash total and your vs toon turns into a bad axx.
  18. V0odOo

    Lets just have a biolab surrounded by the 3 warpgates and call it good!

    On a more serious note I have played VS from the beginning on Connery and love it. Most of the time I get into some big battles and get certs like mad. Lately though it seems TR and NC are late least 10-25% higher in population and owning the map. I think when people see this they either log off or switch characters. This in turn doesn't help anyone. I think most people are looking for huge battles and not just capping bases. Who wants to just cap bases? I know I don't. Limiting faction population I don't think will be the answer. This only hurts completion. However, merging servers i think is a very good idea! This would bring server population up for everyone and create more intense battles on more parts of the map at once that everyone would love. All I want is for this game to succeeded!! But if this continues I don't know what people of the VS are going to do...probably leave, start a new char or move to a different server with more balanced population.

    I don't know maybe we just need to start telling people that the VS have punch and pie at the warpgate!
  19. Overgaard

    This. I laughed until I cried. Thumbs up!