Please dynamically merge servers!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slannmage, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    I often play the game during off peak times due to work and the servers are always dead! There are too many servers where it spreads people out over off peak time and then they're spread out over 3 conts per server. There really only needs to be one server during off peak, I tried playing earlier and there was like 3 people in the warp gate and like 10 on the front line. All the bases were being captured by like one or two people! The game becomes so unplayable like this and it shouldn't be the case, this happened in Planetside and you've failed to fix it in Planetside 2, you never even made any attempt.

    The problem is stuff you purchase is character based, you're faction locked per server so it is so hard to play with friends on the same server if you chose different factions and spent money, then you don't want to delete to join them. So you end up making characters on other servers in the same region which will be equally as dead during off peak time. There are only 3 character slots and so I cannot make more characters to follow where the players are :\ So now I'm stuck on dead servers......

    Seriously the servers need to dynamically merge and open to the population base and all I see so far is a trend of it shrinking and not even being enough players to populate them during off peak times, some aren't well populated during the peak...
  2. PersonalRiot

    It will be better once Cont Locking can occur because it will focus population at non peak hours.
  3. Aelloon

    On Ceres, EU, Amerish is a desolate wasteland. Usually you can pick an ESF and go farm turrets near another faction's warpgate and no one will disturb you.
  4. helloworldy

    It won't happen in the near future. It's incredibly hard to do it. They would probably have to redo a huge chunk of their server code. Then test, optimize and bug fix it. Not going to happen. :)

    As stated above, hopefully we'll get cont locking.
  5. Bullwinkle 01 does that work when TR owns a continent on one server and NC on another? Merge them, who owns what? Then when it's normal times again and you split them back out, and VA owns them, what happens? The guys who logged in yesterday saw TR & NC owning everything, now they log in and VS owns the world.

    This would kill any sort of continuity. If you want to be in big battles, you have to be there when they happen.
  6. Wariamu

    It would only be possible with servers that would have half the population cap as normal servers otherwise there would be times when there would be too many players. Another thing is they needto be around the same time zones. Itmight not be a bad idea though.I read a few posts saying Australian servers are a bit empty.