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  1. Htorne

    I've never experienced any lag with PS2 - Yes I know its odd but it's true. However after testing my connection to the location of the server I get a ping of 30 which is just fine, but while logged in to the server I'm getting a 350 to 450 ms response or ping 400 ish.

    This is something new to me, and from the looks the online population on the server looks unchanged to me. So my guess is that SOE doing the Server Limbo - How low can we go before forum goes ablaze. Well there you have it.

    PS: I'm an Auraxis member :(
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  2. Shadowyc

    What is the servers name?
  3. Prudentia

    Am i the only one who played X3R/TC/AP after the Rebirth fail and misread Xenforo for Jonferco? :confused:
  4. Phazaar

    Can we make it a forumside policy not to talk about Rebirth? I already can't stand logging in to Steam to be reminded of how disappointed I am in a developer I once put my heart and soul into... I don't need that **** here too :/
  5. Prudentia

    agreed =/
  6. gigastar

    You guys should have known that Egosoft always botches their launches. Even when AP came out of nowhere it had its fair share of bugs and missing features, all of which have since been fixed.

    I still think they did an admirable job on Rebirth, considering that they only have ~20 employees.

    Still, gotta wait for post-launch updates for it to be at its best.
  7. ironeddie

    Sorry to talk about rebirth but I'm so glad I didn't buy it. I want it but I'll be happier to get it on sale at some point & with its bugs fixed. Seems all big releases come broke in some way these days.
  8. shd

    That's because people in charge of publishing usually have zero clue about the product and can't see past short term profit. It's a disease that started with EA and has become a norm today. Consumers are to blame for letting them get away with it tho :)

    It doesn't happen as often with indie games but they have their own set of problems that make them release 2 soon.
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  9. HannibalBarca

    Spoken like a true Planetside 2 player.
  10. Cirevam

    :eek: [IMG] [IMG]
  11. Zombekas

    Today for around an hour I had what would be 3000 - 5000 ms. 5 seconds delay on everything hurr durr.
  12. Phazaar

    Having been credited in two of their previous launches for work done through their community developers program, I'm more than versed in launch issues.

    The problem is that it's not the bugs that are the problem, it's the implications of wanting to play the game for as long as I've played their previous games (well into thousands of hours, before SETA!). Whilst they've made the UI theoretically simpler (though why they optimised it for a gamepad I'll never understand), what they've actually done is added a HUGE amount of 'immersive behaviours' that are actually the complete opposite.

    I'll admit, the first time I got out of the cockpit, ran through the ship and out into a station, I was quite immersed. Then I realised there are only 4 station interiors (killing immersion), the boxes are completely nonsensical in their existence (and thus kill immersion), the NPCs are distributed randomly, have incredibly poor conversation, an awful minigame and not even a map so I can find them quickly (all killing immersion). Now, you'll then realise that the info screen on any dock (and finding docks is ******* hard work as it is) only shows 4 NPCs, whilst they may in fact have far more than this, so unless you get on foot, you won't know if you're wasting your time or not.

    Every time you want to claim a ship, fix something, trade for items, upgrade a ship etc, you're going to have to hunt around for docks, until the NPC you need is on one of them, then run around the station to find them. In X3, the number of times you're likely to dock in 1000 hours of gameplay easily exceeds 10000. The difference between that and Rebirth is that if I dock in X3 to buy a new weapon, I fire up my map, find an equipment dock or weapons production facility, autopilot to it, with SETA on, dock, press 6 buttons, and undock.

    By comparison, in Rebirth, it's like this: Fly towards the nearest station. Crawl over every inch of it from every angle to try to find the docks. When found, fly towards the dock until within a ludicrously small range, scan the dock and find out if the 1 in 5-10 chance the NPC you need is present. If not, fly to the next dock, and repeat. When found, dock. Run around the station for 30-90 seconds, observing how badly coded the walking is, how the station looks the same as every other station, and hearing the same 3 potential conversation starters from the NPCs you pass. If you find the NPC you need, hope they let you get into the 'persuasion' minigame, because if not they're going to rip you off. Buy your item. Teleport back to your ship. Oh, but make sure to then completely unnecessarily have to run back from the doorway to your seat and see the completely unnatural 'turn to face' your co-pilot does.

    Everything about it appears to have been made to please a journalist team at E3, and to absolutely kill the core of X's fanbase. The game was far from intuitive before, but a steep learning curve can be worked on and flattened with smart planning. Now the game isn't much more intuitive, but it sure as hell is FAR more irritating.

    Forgive the rant. I woke up this morning with the steam advert for it (a game I have already bought -_- stupid steam) fullscreen on my 27" screen, as if mocking me all night -_-
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  13. The Shermanator

    Oops. I thought this was the Planetside 2 forum.
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  14. icor1031

    What is Rebirth??
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  15. Bill Hicks

    Its when a shaman pops up and gets double windfury crits on you.
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  16. gigastar

    Yeah im not saying the Rebirth launch wasnt a flop, or that the current systems in play are ideal, im just saying that alot of things currently in play are subject to change.

    Anyway i think thats enough with the hidden off-topic thread for now.
  17. Phazaar

    I don't knowwww... My counsellor says talking helps... ;)
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  18. gigastar

    In that case may i suggest the Steam forums or Egosofts own forums.
  19. icor1031

    What is Rebirth?
  20. Krayus_Korianis

    They're going on about X: Rebirth. A space faring adventure game.