Please do something about the cheating.

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  1. Towie

    Well like I said - just scan the leaderboards and you'll see some fishy people. Not saying that they are cheating but they need further investigation for sure...




    ...this is from 2 minutes looking through the first three worlds. All have something that looks at least a little suspicious.

    At the very least I have to give credit to some imaginative naming, you could call it taunting.
  2. TRspy007

    1) I know the dude, he's just an NSO alt, and I don't see anything wrong with his stats?
    2) I know him too, that's one of his alts, and there's nothing that says he's cheating, his stats are pretty mediocre tbh 27% accuracy? lol he's legit for sure, check his kill-board.
    3) Another alt, I've come across him too. He's good, but he's not the best, and his stats don't really scream "cheater".
    4) No clue who he is, the stats don't really indicate he's a cheater, except for the fact he's really low and has very little playtime. Could be a cheater or (more likely) a meme alt.
    5) Probably an alt, nothing really indicates he's a cheater, except the low BR/time played.
    6) Like the other 2, it's most likely another alt, nothing screams hacker about him.
    7) I've come across him, it's just one of his alts. Stats look totally legit too.
    8) Likely an alt.
    9) That guy I know, he's legit, it's once again one of his alts where he (mainly) farms people with his banshee, as a protest against air.

    Of all the dudes you pointed out, there's maybe 2 that could be considered "suspicious".

    If you think everyone at the top of the leaderboards is a hacker...there's not much I can tell you except most people who have played this game since beta can count the cheaters they've encountered on one hand. Some have never even seen a cheater at all! Cheaters are a very, very, very small portion of players that get banned usually in under a day. I hate to break it to you, but just because people are above you in the leaderboards doesn't mean they are hacking.

    You don't think those players don't get reported 1000 times a day by people like you? The fact they are still around is simply because they are legit. Those that aren't get banned, usually don't make it past BR 15.

    And by the way, people with names that "taunt" you are abusing of the naivety of players like you. Please, hackers don't put names like aimbotter on their characters, that's clearly just someone who's trolling people like you lol (I'm not a TR spy btw).

    Also I didn't really ask for you to lead me on a wild goose chase scanning leaderboards. You (or your pals) have said you frequently encounter cheaters. Please link the guys you "know" are "hacking", if you could put a video of your daily encounter with them that would be even better. If I wanna read a leaderboard and throw assumptions around, I can do that by myself.
  3. Towie

    Hey you know what - you're absolutely right, there's no such thing as cheats in PS2 (we'll forget all the paid-for aimbots - oh and the hitbox mods - and the myriad of people who have been banned) and all the new players pulling amazing stunts are all alts (many of which you appear to be personally acquainted with) and we should all just keep paying our membership safe in the knowledge that our money is being well spent.

    ...and I do hope you are a paying member - PS2 is so good it deserves to continue. Not keen on some of the people it's attracted - but - the majority are genuinely decent people.
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  4. Zoopshab

    Wait what does "member since" mean? You say those accounts are old but right at the top it says they've only been members in the last month or so?
  5. Zoopshab

    3) - Member since 2020-04-29. Plays on Connery.

    7) - Member since 2020-04-14. Plays on Cobalt.

    You've come across multiple accounts different servers? Which presupposes you have multiple accounts. It's not enough to have multiple characters on one account, you need multiple accounts???

    They named themselves

    Lmao you're really taking the piss TR007
  6. Somentine

    'Member since' is only character creation, not account creation.
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  7. PlanetBound

    I'll answer your question. I said that because you barged in the conversation demanding everyone prove the basis of their opinions and proceeded to degrade everyone you disagreed with. I chose to be civilized. If I can manage that, so can you.
  8. TRspy007

    .... I said they're alts?
  9. TRspy007

    Asking for proof before making such wild (and blatantly false) statements is degrading everyone? Interesting.

    Lol. Buddy, cheating isn't an "opinion", a feeling or a belief. It's a fact. Bringing such attention to an issue that is already blown out of proportions while categorically refusing to show any proof is pretty unrealistic, and I hope very little people take you seriously.

    If you wanna have a private conversation, invite them to your room or just reply to them outside of a public forum? If you're only gonna discuss "hackers" with people who share your exact "beliefs", you're just going to be stuck in the same delusion, no point of even discussing anything at all.

    Pretty sure you know full well these people aren't hacking, which is why you're unable to link anyone, or a video.

    btw have you even bothered listening to the video I linked?
  10. TRspy007

    Like many people I have alts, and I bounce from server to server, (mostly Emerald/Miller atm), faction to faction. Is that illegal? Last time I checked we were allowed as many accounts as we wanted.

    I said to link the characters, not directly quote their names, people can report you for "harassment" otherwise.

    So every new player is a hacker? Buddy, you don't just look at the date of creation, you also check the stats and the killboard.

    1) The guy is a robot, who can aim. Its a pretty punny name.
    7) An alt of a dude, which apparently succeeded in trolling you
    9) The guy flies, protests against a2g by showing how easy it is to farm dudes

    Really dude, they are hacking based on their name? You take every name you see seriously??? Hackers don't come up with creative names like that lol, and wtf is hacking about a banshee? Lol, as I said before, I'm not a spy :D

    I'm "taking the piss".....

    lol wtf is this ******fest I have entered?
  11. TRspy007


    As I mentioned, cheats exist, they are simply extremely rare, and get banned quite quickly (usually in under a day). I think you've been watching too many movies. The people they have banned were simply alts of the same cheater(s) on the same or different accounts (as explained in the linked video). I mentioned I've been playing for quite a while, I'm familiar with most of the skilled players and their alts, and I enjoy challenging myself and killing them.

    Your membership money is not being properly spent, which is why I cancelled any funding to this game years ago. However, of all the reasons the cancel it, cheating is a really insignificant one. If you seriously cancelled your memebership just because of "cheating", you can go purchase it again today - you've probably never even encountered one.

    There's sweaty tryhards, there's friendly farmers, there's very few noobs, there's the average joe, there's legends, and yes - there's the occasional hacker. Just like in basically every other game that has ever existed. Planetside 2 has done a great job dealing with cheaters, and there's been facts to prove it.

    Aimbots and hitbox mods are quickly banned, and none of the people you pointed out earlier indicate any signs of such cheats.

    Skip to 7:05, maybe he'll manage to drill some common sense into you:

    I'm still waiting for you to send videos and characters you encounter during your sessions that are "obviously cheating".
  12. Towie

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  13. TRspy007

    Yes, you finally identified someone who looks like a hacker, as in he has almost 100% accuracy, where even the most legendary players don't have above 70%. He was created today, check tomorrow, the guy will no longer exist. Judging by how huge of a problem they are, I'm hoping you have more to show me than just this. I was hoping you could maybe share with us these hackers you commonly encounter. You play on Soltech?
  14. Towie

    In the past when i've posted some ridiculous person DBG have been fast to delete (like - soon after I post). Unfortunately this guy is still playing, right now in fact, currently at level 33 and counting with over 5 hours of his 'fun' spoiling others.

    Annoyed - frustrated - and a bit sad to be honest.
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  15. TRspy007

    So you admit that cheating is not a frequent thing and that they deal with it really well, you're just mad because the guy didn't get instantly banned this week? As I said, they usually take under a day, so we'll just wait a bit more and see.

    Keep in mind most (if not all) of the team is working from their home due to the current situation related to the pandemic, so it's not really surprising it will take a bit more time to take action.

    Not really a reason to get mad, frustrated or cancel a membership; some games have taken weeks to ban hackers. If it amuses the dude to create a new account everyday to feed others his crap, good for him - it's not something that's widespread, it usually gets handled pretty quickly and it's always the same 2-3 hackers, just with new accounts.

    We'll assume all the guys who got their IP banned came back; we'll round that number to 20 so we get a nice, generous round number.

    We'll even assume those 20 hackers are constantly making new accounts every day to play the game.

    Even in this pretty unlikely scenario (as in there's probably less than a dozen hackers overall and they don't play enough to count as part of the game's average population), that would mean they account for 0.53% of the average playerbase (for the last 30 days).

    So you can rest assured the number of hackers in the game is well below 1%.
  16. Towie

    As usual - you are missing the point entirely. People like this one categorically want to be found. They make no attempt to hide their cheat - indeed the more publicity the better.

    What this does prove without a shadow of doubt - Battleye, the file check thread, stat based ban - all do absolutely nothing to prevent them from playing. This guy wanted to be banned - and this guy was dedicated, he played for over 7 hours and killed over 6000 people (all of whom stood no chance). Can you even imagine the psyche of such a person ?

    So how would it be if someone also had access to the same cheat but didn't go so totally and utterly rambo ? Well they'd still be playing. How many are doing this ? Neither you, nor I, and clearly nor DBG have any idea.

    You seem to think very few. I disagree.

    People need to make up their own mind. I decided to vote with my wallet and cancel my subs after years of paying which was a very difficult decision considering i'm neither cash poor nor hating PS2 yet I could see no further option based on what I was experiencing in-game.
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  17. Somentine

  18. Towie

    I have no idea - neither does DBG - the only thing we can say from this thread; you are in fact the only person who knows for sure.
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  19. TRspy007

    Lol dude. Explain to me how these "subtle cheaters" operate. Do they turn off their aimbot after getting a few kills? Do they only modify half of your hitbox?

    There's ways to bypass the battleeye which I mentioned is already lenient because it used to ban legit players, but the CS can easily spot a cheater, considering good players get reported hundreds of times a day, the fact they are still around proves they are legit.

    It's not me "thinking" there's very few, everything indicates that cheating is a minor issue, that has very little impact on the game overall. It's a fact, it's not something I can "disagree" with, it's a FACT; a STATISTIC; a CONCRETE STATEMENT. There is no room for opinion. You can think guys are cheating, what you think and reality are two different things. Don't go to forums spreading the "belief" that every other dude is a cheater, when everything indicates that's absurd.

    The guy didn't "want" to be banned, he's a cheater; he knew he was going to get banned, he just savored his cheating as much as he could before it happened.

    There is no such thing as a "subtle" cheater. If the guy is playing like a good player, it's likely because he is a good player. Even if the guy programs his aimbot to dump half his mag into a wall after every kill, it's still detectable because he is running a third party software that sends signatures that the person on that PC is cheating. It's also detectable as the client has modified the in-application memory of the game, which is pretty simple to detect. Not always automatic, but it will be found once investigated.

    There's no such thing as an "undetectable" cheat, because that's simply the nature of cheating. Anyone who advertises or claims otherwise is full of sh*t - cheating is ALWAYS detectable, no matter how "subtle" or how good the person is at "hiding" it.

    They already released a few stats regarding cheating, bizarrely they seem to correspond exactly to what I (and other players) have said.

    You didn't cancel your membership because of cheaters, you cancelled it because you're bad at the game. No shame in it, I'm a below average player too. However don't try fooling yourself and others by accusing the game of not dealing with hackers, that's simply not factually true.

    I've taken courses on the topic, I've attended lectures with security advisors that were ex-CIA; HACKERS ALWAYS GET DETECTED. It's simply a matter of time; how effective the team is at dealing with it. And Planetside 2's team is usually pretty damn good at catching them.
  20. FLHuk

    All submarines are detectable, they can always be found. This is the nature of submarines.

    No matter how subtle or clever the commander is, countries that claim theirs are undetectable are lying.

    It may take years, new inventions and lots of lost ships but still!

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