Please do something about the cheating.

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  1. TRspy007


    I can't tell if you're serious, but this would explain why you're coming up with wild assumptions. You don't even know what's going on with the game you're playing. I'm not gonna bother sifting through thousands of updates because you forgot the game has a past.

    The directive LMGs have all been tweaked multiple times.

    Here's a nice little visual comparison between the "old" (which had itself been a revamp due to high recoil issues) and the "new".

    oh hey, another one from an old friend:

    Oh wait, you don't like videos right. Luckily, the guy linked the day of the tweaks in his video.

    Oh, my bad, you don't like clicking links.

    "GODSAW has had the recoil penalty from High Velocity Ammo removed"

    Hopefully that's a bit more clear for you, you lemme know if there's something you don't understand.

    As for the Gauss saw, they "recently" added forward grip as default for it - the forward grip reduces recoil. If you don't remember, you can ask any player.
  2. Alkasirn

    Now I could be my classic witty self and respond to about 2 pages of absolutely stunning posts, or I could just drop by and point out:

    Neither of the videos, nor even the official patch notes mention the saw's recoil was reduced. Thanks to this whole thread I'm fully convinced you don't understand what evidence is. And that's okay! You just have to be willing to learn!
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  3. TRspy007


    this is definitely a trolling scheme at this point

  4. TRspy007

    what did the videos and the patch note I linked and quoted in bold red mention then?

    I'm dumbfounded.
  5. Campagne

    The Directive LMGs have been tweaked, but neither the SAW nor the GODSAW have had recoil buffs, period. No one expects you to sift through thousands of patchnotes. Good thing we have just the trick for that: A search forums function! I checked for all the listed patchnotes on these forums with the keyword "gauss" (Because "NC6" & "SAW" are too short). Guess what, no such patchnotes exist because you made that up. The SAW's recoil has never been buffed. In fact, it's almost never been buffed at all, only once in PS2 history. (Strafing CoF buffed from 0.5 to 0.4 back in late October 2015).

    If you paid any attention to the video you would know the changes to the GODSAW's recoil are due to changes in attachments. I.E., a compensator and grip were added and the HVA was removed with only a stat increase left in place. (HVA was changed to not affect recoil for any weapons regardless). You even highlighted the effect was coming from an ammo attachment, not the weapon itself.

    Not to mention, you claimed both SAWs were buffed when only the GODSAW had even seen any touches of any kind. Neither have had direct recoil buffs, directly contrary to your objectively false claim.

    Attachments can be removed on non-directive weapons and all come with some kind of penalty. They are not direct stat buffs to the weapon.
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  6. TRspy007

    So you claim the recoil wasn't buffed, then admit it was. Nice. And yes, if you look at the old stats vs the new ones, there's a recoil buff for the godsaw, and any self-respected NC can confirm this.

    As for the Gauss saw, you should pay attention, because it now comes with a forward grip as default, as I said (although they added free attachments for other starter weapons also). The forward grip reduces recoil.

    So yeah, they took measures to reduce recoil, as little as they seem. Nowhere did I saw they tweaked the NC6 saw's stats to reduce the recoil, they did it by simply providing a complimentary attachment that does so as default.

    As for the godsaw, they did reduce recoil, as pointed out in the videos and the patch-note. Since the attachments are built in, adding them and removing the recoil penalty for HVA (although they later did remove recoil penalty from HVA altogether) reduced the weapons recoil (that's why the recoil stats are different!). I even believe one of the guys commented about this recoil buff, I think it was cami.

    Quit straw-manning me, I never said they directly buffed the stats 0_0

    Once again, desperate to find a flaw because you've been unable to produce a single convincing argument has led you to debate the non-debatable.

    edit, I know no one taught you how to cite sources, and you've never had to do so. But if you're going to quote your favorite kid's show, you should correctly give credit to them. Otherwise one might think you're actually smart enough to put 2 sentences together. Have you been plagiarizing all along?
  7. maxwell smart

    Anti-Cheat-Program like Vanguard deep kernel level or put the game on google stadia.
    Any anti-cheat will be hacked at some time but hacking a streamed game is hard...
    I played Destiny 2 on PC and on stadia due to cheaters i stopped playing the PC version.

    Some say the internet is too slow for streaming games...

    I say something big is coming that will make 5g look like something from a past era.
    44.2 Tbps over a fiber cable over 75km of standard optical fiber.
  8. TRspy007

    "It’s unlikely that you’re going to be downloading games or streaming movies over a 44.2 Tbps connection anytime soon, however. If the technology ends up becoming commercialized, the researchers say that it’s likely to first be used to connect data centers. After all, gigabit internet connections have been available for years, and it’s still relatively uncommon to see them in residential homes. But if the technology becomes cheap enough, then the researchers hope it could one day be used by the general public."


    Yeah, by the time this exists we might even have servers able to run the game.

    I was excited about Li-Fi too, when I first heard about it maybe 6 years ago now?
  9. Campagne

    No, again the only improvements to recoil were due to added attachments, which came with the standard detriments. (Longer equip time for the grip and a longer range of detection when firing on the minimap). A flat buff would have seen only decreases to recoil values.

    Again, a grip is not a buff to recoil, it's an attachment. I really don't have to point out have pathetically flimsy the argument is that adding an attachment which is both optional and a sidegrade and has existed forever by default is a buff to the weapon. A buff to recoil would see a net reduction with or without attachments.

    "That said they actually lowered the recoil on the saw. The godsaw too, they made it way more easier to control, it's a laser now basically, when before no one could control it." --TRspy007 (#278)

    "They actually lowered the recoil" is stating a stat change. You didn't even mention attachments. Regardless as I said the attachment always existed and was an obvious first-pick for most players. To everyone's SAWs with grips there was no change and to everyone who chose not to use a grip there was no change.

    The videos you've linking are opinion pieces. Opinions are in fact not facts and do not support an argument.

    "That said they actually lowered the recoil on the saw. The godsaw too, they made it way more easier to control, it's a laser now basically, when before no one could control it." --TRspy007 (#278)

    I feed on your irony like a vampire. It sustains my blackened heart of stone.

    Go ahead and google those lyrics friend-boy. It's from a YT video series, not a TV show. You couldn't even check before jumping to assumptions?
  10. Alkasirn

    Players who had a grip attached to their SAW on Feb 25, 2015 experienced the exact same amount of recoil as they did if they had a grip attached to their SAW on Feb 23, 2015.

    If that's a "buff" that "lowered the recoil", then they've been buffing ZOE every day for the past couple years and nobody has spoken up about it yet! :eek:
  11. TRspy007

    Conversation revolved around the saw being a bad starter weapon due to recoil. They added a grip as default which is a step to lower this recoil problem as default. Oh - and I never called it a buff?

    Again, you assume, assume, assume
  12. TRspy007

    Well, considering how you didn't link anything....

    also you're admitting to plagiarism then?

    Still waiting for cheater evidence btw.

    So the stats they display in the videos are opinions? You're also a bit ******** bud, these are secondary sources, and can be used to support my point. You'll learn about it one day.

    Again, never said it was a flat buff, I said they improved the recoil. So yeah....feed on my irony you silly hypocrite.

    Conversation around the saw revolved around new players, so yeah, giving it as default now makes it the obvious pick, and helps lower the weapons recoil. Not really rocket science, but I guess for a dude who thinks half the playerbase cheats I shouldn't be too surprised.
  13. Campagne

    The stats aren't strictly opinionated but are given alongside opinions, which can alter a person's perception when he is not critically analyzing the situation and data. The stats are available elsewhere in official sources and should be taken from these official sources, not third-party opinion pieces.

    Yes, you said they improved the recoil. That's describing a buff...

    You made a claim and it was wrong and now you're scrambling to find an way in which you might try to defend yourself from rightful criticism. In no world or capacity has the recoil been improved even once on the SAW. As I said previously, if it was improved this would also be true when a grip or other rail attachment is already equipped.
  14. TRspy007

    A recoil buff, yes, never said it had anything to do with tweaking stats for the saw, that was the Godsaw.

    As I mentioned again and you might've noticed if you read, the conversation was about the saw being a bad default weapon due to it's recoil. I said they reduced it - which they did for a few starting weapons, by adding default FREE attachments. That is a bufffor it's starting role, just like when they gave the default classes one maxed out ability. Sure, it does **** all for old players, but in the context mentioned, it is a way to lower it's starting recoil.

    Again, you barge in misquoting everything, throwing assumptions around with no support, coming up with strange arguments for why the sources I put aren't relevant, without putting some yourself. Were the patch-notes I linked opinionated to?? The old stats were updated, or forgotten somewhere in the official pages. Again, it's a secondary source, and you're allowed to include them as support. There was little bias in the weapon review, unless you wanna tell those guys they're idiots for thinking the godsaw's recoil was tweaked. Or no, maybe they weren't thinking critically enough when the old recoil stats they displayed were greater than the new ones. Also pretty hypocritical: your opinion = valuable, other's opinions (who seem more credible than you) = worthless. An interesting concept I'm glad I never had to use in English.

    Literally the only 2 clowns who have trouble wrapping their heads around this is you and the other dude. The person I was replying to seemed to understand. Stick to calling out people for not knowing kids shows, I think that's the only area you're qualified to speak about.
  15. DarkStarAnubis

    Couple of minor issues...

    1) the funny character I mentioned hasn't logged in anymore... :D But I saw some other low BR/high KDR/+2000 IvI guy recently. That headshot cheat must be cheap nowadays

    2) on the HVA topic, maybe am I wrong but wasn't the recoil penalty for using HVA removed to each and every weapon that could equip HVA?
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  16. Campagne

    "That said they actually lowered the recoil on the saw. The godsaw too, they made it way more easier to control, it's a laser now basically, when before no one could control it." --TRspy007 (#278)

    You never said anything about the SAW's stats, huh?

    By that logic they also lowered the SAW's damage by giving max rank nanoweave to the heavy by default. How could they get away with such a massive nerf to the NC!?

    The patchnotes weren't, that's why I specifically asked for them. However they do not support your claim as I knew they would.

    The video had a great bias in that the speaker gives his opinions constantly. Patchnotes don't give opinions, only information. Again, the GODSAW's recoil was not touched, only the attachments were. Attachments which come with negatives that a direct stat change does not.

    I'm presenting factual arguments while you give baseless assertions. Yeah, I'm going to value my opinion more. :p

    Literally no one has spoken out in support of your illogical claims.
  17. TRspy007

    1) Likely the same dude making alts after getting banned. It's litterally the same 3 dudes making new accounts hopping from server to server. MANA turret hack, teleportation hack. It's the same guys doing the same ****.

    2) It was first removed just for the 2nd iteration of the godsaw, when they added more built in attachments to reduce recoil, because everyone complained about it. Later, they took out the penalty for equipping HVA ammo on all weapons because there wasn't really an incentive to equip it, especially if the weapon was able to equip SPA instead.

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