Please do something about the cheating.

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  1. TrojonKing 1st

    I joined a squad today of newbies to help out and they were getting slaughtered by VS. I counted four VS zipping around the map at high speed with no speed implant's and healing as soon as they got shoot ( I am not saying it's only VS it's all faction's). This normally dose not bother me as I just move on or make a point of killing them a few times but the poor newbies were so pissed and demoralised When I told them of all the other cheating methods that have been happening since game release and best you can do is Move on Or hope some one takes action if you do report it. At this rate it wont be long before a platoon loses Outfit war's cos of a cheating player/player's. So with whatever new fantastic update you have planned next can try to address cheating please. or think of all that possible new income from new players staying else you just end up losing it all.
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  2. waystin2

    Well when you tell new players the enemy players are all cheaters with cheat codes, and bots, and other stuff then it can be quite disheartening. Try thinking it through a bit before assuming they are cheating and stating it out loud. Sometimes you just get your butt-whooped. I know I do.
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  3. TrojonKing 1st

    I know about getting my butt whopped by a good player's and cheater's I've been playing this game for Years. I did not state all enemy players are cheaters I was making the point that Cheating happens in All faction's and I know this for a fact as I have played all factions.
  4. Somentine

    I highly doubt they were cheating.
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  5. DarkStarAnubis

    it depends - sometimes it is obvious they are using some form of assistance. I saw a HA who was firing and while firing was crouching and standing up two times per second with a perfect rhythm: it was clearly some kind of script.
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  6. TRspy007

    A squad of cheaters?

    Man if you're making newbie squads I'd hope you've been around long enough to know what you're doing, and know what others are doing as well. Please don't entertain the fairytale that every dude who kills you is a hacker, and every guy you kill is a loser. New players might actually believe you when you tell them others are hacking.

    1) Healing: medkits

    2) Speed: just good movement, fast frame rates thanks to beefy rigs or just a good ping difference between you guys (or a combination of those)

    3) They are simply better than you, or you aren't engaging them correctly

    There are very skilled players in this game, there's very ping/spec favored players. There are hackers too, it's just extremely rare to encounter them (I'm talking less than a dozen in almost 8 years of play), and I doubt you've met a "squad" of them, much less encounter them frequently. Video proof + links to their characters would have been nice.

    "At this rate it wont be long before a platoon loses Outfit war's cos of a cheating player/player's." Saying stuff like this is really silly, and completely unrealistic. I really hope you're not feeding this crap to the newbies you're "helping out", and if so I hope they're smart enough to realize that's not true.

    What a dumb thread to make coming from a guy who "leads" new players. If you have a mindset like this, do us all a favor and just don't talk to the newbies. Send them to a YouTube channel, or a dude that actually knows how the game works.

    This game is actually pretty good at dealing with cheaters, and they're definitely not something you encounter every day.
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  7. Towie

    I wouldn't put money on that if I were you.

    The activity stats on fisu are fascinating -

    Check out all the servers - you'll find various ultra low BR players in 'Top Players' and 'Headshotter' categories everywhere.

    Oh but they are clearly alts of extremely good players for sure ? Yeah right.

    Believe what you like - it doesn't bother me so much these days since I un-subscribed last year due to the appalling level of cheating (IMO - and i've played since 2013/4) but if anyone thinks that PS2 is 'free of cheating' or 'not many cheats' is simply delusional.

    Ask yourself this - if Activision acknowledges that cheating is a serious issue with all of their resources, then what chance does DBG have ? (Credit where credit is due - they've done an awful lot more than most people think - but are suffering just like everyone else).
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  8. Somentine

    You do realize the vast, vast majority of the low BR players in those activity boards are just alts, right?
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  9. TRspy007

    yeah...nope. The fisu is good, but it's not perfectly accurate. For example, I'm in the top players right now on Emerald, my BR is about 10 ranks lower than in reality, my KDR is a bit high and my deaths and kills keep changing even though I'm logged off.

    And then there's the fact that most of those guys are alts or just ASP guys.

    "but if anyone thinks that PS2 is 'free of cheating' or 'not many cheats' is simply delusional." I guess everyone but you is delusional then, because I recall DBG banning a total of about 20 different IP addresses back in the early days, and that was a HUGE wave of bans. The game is not free of cheating, but cheaters are an abnormality - that's a fact. If you even bother to look up half the guys you hackusate, you'd know. The amount of cheaters I've encountered in this game since 2012 is 9, maybe 10 - 11 if we're pushing it.

    DBG have taken cheaters pretty seriously, it's one of the better things they do. They could have made the battleeye more restrictive, except it lead to good players being banned, so they loosened it a little. Hackers usually get banned in under a day, that is if they don't leave after getting bullied by all the players at the fight they're trying to screw with.

    Seeing a hacker is something exceptional, out of the ordinary; of all the reasons to cancel your membership, it's the least validated one.
  10. TRspy007

    or the guy has just been doing that 24/7 for 7+ years and it's been engraved in his muscle memory.
  11. HelioUSP

    Sorry, not going to happen.
  12. then00b

    I've had a high suspicion of some form of health cheat for, well basically years. There's always those odd people that are unkillable unless they are literally triple teamed by gunfire, they don't dodge bullets or anything, just eat half the shots at all times, no indication of lag or anything either.

    Judging from the voice callout I heard just now, they are spotting through walls as well.
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  13. gunnner10

    Be careful the guys who deny there are cheaters, for they usually cheat themselves
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  14. Werkitten

    I'll just leave it here
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  15. PlanetBound

    I saw that behavior a few months ago. He was moving left and right super fast and firing at me.
  16. TRspy007


    OK buddy.

    No one is denying there aren't any cheaters, however they are EXTREMELY RARE. The people in this thread are acting like cheating is a common occurrence, and the guys don't get caught the same day.

    Just because the guy is better than you or has a ping/hardware advantage doesn't mean he's cheating. Instead of thinking everyone is a cheater,. try to get better by finding ways to kill the dude. I really enjoy challenging some 5-6 KDR heavies, who wipe out half my team in an instant; it's pretty satisfying when you beat them. Most of those guys are pretty friendly too, and like a "challenge". You can even ask them for some for tips. A few have YouTube channels too.

    The reason I don't like entertaining such fantasies is because the game already has much more important problems to focus on - it has already done a pretty impressive job dealing with cheats. In a clientside game with a few hardcore players, it's not good to think everyone that kills you is a hacker. Not only is that not true, but that prevents you from getting better, and it also gives a bad image for new players.

    I was farming this ghost-caper BR 120 the other day. The guy didn't understand that I was camping his sunderer, I killed him like 30 times before the dude sent me a tell "you're hacking to kill one guy" and then left. My overall KDR on that character wasn't even 1. With a mentality like that, no wonder the guy can't even deal with mediocre players - everyone that kills him is a hacker, it's not his fault, so he doesn't need to improve. We end up with a BR 120 who can't even deal with another player.

    Whether you like it or not, cheating is really rare in this game. Your deaths usually boil down to 3 scenarios:

    1) The most common one: YOU ****** UP! Deal with it, understand your mistake, try to not repeat it.
    2) The guy has a ping or hardware advantage over you, it's easier for him to move around, there's very little delay when he lands his headshots on you and they appear on your screen.
    3) The guy is extremely skilled/coordinated, he has more experience than you. Technically this ties with situation 1, but there are times where you are "alone" (your teamates suck) against a squad of coordinated/skilled players, and there's not much you can do sometimes.
  17. TRspy007

    An exploit, there's a bug where you can fall under the map.

    Rare enough that the guy had to record it and upload it to YouTube.
  18. TRspy007

    Would any of you care to link a few of the "hackers" profiles using this site?

    Also some footage of your encounters with them would be pretty helpful.

    It really shouldn't be hard to do, since it appears you guys have daily/frequent encounters with these so -called "hackers".

    Otherwise we'll have to call BS on the "hackerside 2" vibes, and I'm pretty sure deep down you know 99.99999% of the dudes you've accused of hacking are legit.
  19. PlanetBound

    I have no obligation or inclination to offer proof of my observations. Likewise, you are free to not agree or believe what you will.
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  20. TRspy007

    Lol am I conversing with a 3 year old? Why even reply to say that lol?

    You're the one accusing everyone of cheating, you could at least substantiate that, otherwise it's my (and other's) duty to call BS. It's not an opinion-based thing that 'I'm free to believe in'; it's a fact. I was asking if you could provide proof, not forcing you to do anything. I'm completely aware you don't even have to reply if you're afraid of passing as a complete fool.

    Conclusion: you can not substantiate any proof that these "hackers" are actually hacking, likely because you know full well what you're accusing them of is not true. Please do not feed the nonsense if you're not even gonna bother linking profiles and videos of who/what you are accusing (which I don't even understand what is the issue regarding that, you know the players you encounter daily, and there's hackers under every rock right?). Not quite sure why we gotta get a moronic response from you instead of some links to characters and a vid or two, especially if it's something as common as you make it seem.

    Took the time to dig this out, go to 7:05, maybe hearing it from someone else will drill some sense into you?

    ...or wait, he's just another hacker defending hackers right? Must suck to be the only legit dude in the game