Please calm down with "OMG CHEATER!!!"

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  1. 0fly0

    hackusation it's not such a big deal, every day a guy send me something like "report send enjoy your ban" and i don't really care, what's boring me is i'm starting to get troll and trash talk every day by the guys i kill, when i'm killing too many people sometime they even reroll for teamkill me.
  2. Jawarisin

    There is real issues as in the video ballto posted. Also I don't know for you, but I enjoy being called a cheater. I find it funny to get rage tells. I usually get a few if I'm sniping cqc, "Aimbotter" or whatever. I take it as a compliment.

    If you get offended by that, you might have a problem though, this is the internet...
  3. Gretchen

    Someone haccused me of cheating a few weeks ago because I headshotted them with my Hunter xbow (both of us were infils) and he claimed the crossbow doesn't do headshot and he reported me. I just had a good laugh. I mean...what can you say really to something like this...
  4. Hatesphere

    usually I just tell them they are wrong and they guy reviewing their ticket will be getting a good laugh as well.
  5. Xienxiuqhuah

    Keep in mind PS2 has very poor cheat detection; it consists of another more than DLL checks and GMs reviewing player stats, AFAIK.
  6. MAXArmar

    I hate it when I get hackusations.
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  7. Crator

    Don't let the ignorance get to you. Tell them you don't cheat and if they are persistent poop heads then just /ignore them.
  8. MrDuch

    I just got called a cheater because I was solo wrecking 8 TR's in bio lab........defended it for about 10-20 minutes and got 100+ certs in a live with about 17,7k exp.....guy said that my ticket is 319
  9. Vajerys

    Tell me about it, just last night I had something similar happening first against me and a little bit later in my favor.

    At first I was seemingly shot by thin air multiple times, though that might have been the invisibility bug acting up again. I talked with the other guy over tell and after he switched classes that problem went away. A little bit later I was shot again by him even though there should have been no possible line of sight - a short query about where he shot me got me the answer that he shot me while I was still crouching. Only problem: That had been more than 4 seconds prior, on my screen I had already crossed a whole building.

    A bit later I had (probably the same thing) work in my favor, when I stormed ahead into a group of enemies and they only reacted to my presence after waaay too long a wait. I shot one guy and pulled out again, then repeated the same thing a bit later. First time might just have been suprise working in my favor, but two times in a row with multiple enemies is not very likely.

    All in all this seems to me like somehting of a real latency issue, but I couldn't see any ping spikes or similar things even though I began looking for them after that first incident.

    tl;dr: The 'real me' and the 'me percieved by other players' seemed to be sometimes multiple seconds away from each other, sometimes working in my favor, sometimes against.
  10. Kadesh

    Unfortunately, there IS a lot of cheating going on in Planetside. I don't accuse people of cheating, no ranting, no emails of complaint. I just don't play when they are around. Last few weeks I've seen several cheaters active, and have confirmed their activities by logging on to their faction so I can watch them up close.

    Like the heavy assault landing single shot headshot kills on enemy infantry 200 yds away, or the Infiltrator who can apparently see shielded infiltrators in the far distance. Or, my personal favourite, the guy who takes 3 seconds of sustained fire from point blank, then calmly turns and dispatches his enemy with a single handgun round.

    Its the main reason I will never, EVER pay a cent for this game in the future.
  11. Gretchen

    I did tell him (after I got over my LOL) that he should learn more about the Xbow because the ticket reviewing staff will have a chuckle at that as well. He didn't reply. Guess he was busy checking out the stats and being sorry about the foot...mouth...situation?
  12. NinjaTurtle

    Serioulsy you should be honored.

    Someone rage tells you, they are upset because you owned them and they want to make excuses as to why

    I get a fuzzy feeling just above my pork sword every time I get a rage tell

    And look atmy stats, I'm far from very good, some people just rage to easy or are really that bad
  13. Dualice

    Heh. If it's the guy I think it is, I get hackusations from him most times I encounter him. Dude can't seem to face someone actually out-shooting him in a one-on-one.

    If you're watching - haaaaai :D

    *EDIT* Whoops, I nekro'd...
  14. FieldMarshall

    Hackusations are the highest form of flattery to non hackers.
    They are basically saying "You are so much better than me that my brain cant comprehend it"
    Tells like that keeps me going even harder. Feed on it.

    So next time someone sends you a tell like that dont get insulted.
    Hold your head high and know that you outplayed someone so hard that they lost their **** over it.
    Send them a "I dont hack but thanks for the compliment" tell, or something like that.
    And just /ignore them before they can reply, dont give them the satistaftion of (what may just be) troll replies.
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  15. Pelojian

    I've only ever encountered two players i am positive were hacking. one was in an adjoining base to a techplant near the A point in a cylindrical structure, using terrain cheating and possibily aim botting, he was an engineer with a battle rifle against at least six people at first some thought he was an infiltrator but i and others saw him pop out of the cylinder multiple times.

    In time i managed to kill him with a sticky grenade and then he used a teleport hack just after he respawned to get back inside the cylinder, after a while he realised he couldn't keep us off the A point and keep it in his hands so he started spawn camping the sunderer so everyone at the base attacking could see him hacking. we all reported him.

    second time was an infiltrator just after he lost the base on the plains he was killing people with a SMG right quick, look where the firing came from and no cloaking sound, then he made a mistake a friendly lib flew and hovered over the plain and he fired at it with his SMG while under the ground. i saw the tracers fly up straight out of the ground, no possiblity he wasn't under the terrain. I didn't see his name and i wanted to report him so i hanged around for a chance to ether kill him or get killed by him so i could report him.

    I got his name and reported him.

    I'll take stupid and/or blatant hackers anyday over discreet and smart hackers. I rarely send reports out CS has enough false reports to bury the accurate ones already. I'd rather one hacker got punished and one get unnoticed a little longer then CS waste time on 10 or more false reports and have true ones buried.
  16. day ofm one

    I guess that is because you "only" played ~600 hours so far^^

    In PlanetSide2 I stumbled over at least 7.

    One guy noclipping around in Quartz Ridge, moving through walls and buildings.
    Another guy flying around at a Hossin Tech Plant.
    Just yesterday a player warping onto controlpoints at the NC Arsenal and later to the enemy spawn to spawnkill people.
    One dude inside the big boxy props in these small buildings, shooting out of them.
    And 3 players in Biolabs, invisible or inside of walls, shooting out of them, killing everyone around.

    There are only two occasions when I like to see different factions working together.
    The PS2 Server Smashes and when there is a cheater around and just everyone in the area report him as soon as someone found out his name.
  17. Leftconsin

    I don't think I have ever gotten a hackusation.
  18. Iridar51

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  19. xMaxdamage

    Just tell them to report you if they think you are cheating and stop sending you messages
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  20. Mooveoverbrt

    The hackusations be real! On a serious note don't let it bother you take it as a compliment. I've had my fair share of tells like that I just tell em join the club, not the first wont be the last.