Please BUFF the Fracture, For the Gazillionth time

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  1. Dgross

    First off, I'm not sure how many more ways the TR can say it.

    Fractures are completely unbalanced vs Ravens/Vortex.

    Secondly, do NOT nerf the other faction's weapons! I am of the opinion the other faction counterpart weapons are FINE and that the problem is Fractures need to buffed and brought up to their level.

    A TR MAX has no efficient/viable way to engage armor at long ranges, while Ravens and the Vortex excel at it using laser guided rounds and hitscan laser hits.

    Fractures have rocket drop and a ridiculous wobble in flight that makes it near impossible to accurately hit anything at long range.

    Suggestions thus far have been made to (not all at once):

    - remove the drop of the rounds
    - remove the wobble
    - add a coyote mechanic
    - add wire guidance
    - add a straight lock on mechanic

    Whatever mechanic it is, I don't care. I'm just sick and tired of being useless at long range TR MAX combat.

    Are the developers looking at changes to this? Is it planned in the future? Do they even care?
    The TR community would like to know. It's been this way for too long.
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  2. GhostAvatar

    Why Ravens get wire guided AND higher DPS is beyond me. They need to do a lot more than what you suggested, that's for sure.
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  3. FieldMarshall

    Imo hitting things at range is the problem (something the other two ES variants do well).
    Doesent have the COF, velocity or drop to be a good long range alternative.

    Ground lockon or ground-cyote could work.
    it sounds "op", but consider that NC ones are wire-guided and have 100% accuracy, and the VS one is basically hitscan.
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  4. Dgross

    bump...this time I'm not letting this go. There is zero reason to use fractures over pounders right now, and a lot of TR are tired of it.
    We want balance. Bumping this until we get answers.
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  5. Pikachu

    Restore projectile.
  6. Jubikus

    My best suggestion for the fractures would be to eliminate the recoil for the weapon to make it easier to aim this would give it a unique feature other than our faction trait of shoot more which doesn't matter much since we do much less damage per shot and we would still need to lead which would make moving targets still more difficult at long ranges than the enemy counterparts but its a start.
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  7. Crayv

    Didn't it used to have a 500 m/s velocity? I remember I used to be able to hit things from very far away with it (without even using lockdown). Then after one patch the projectiles went way slower and suddenly turned toward the ground after 300m.

    Give it back that and it's accuracy and it would become very useful again.

    To be fair Ravens only have 100% accuracy against slow and non-moving targets. Harassers you have to lead quite a bit and aircraft are basically right out (Vortexes are decent AA weapons against anything larger than a ESF). Don't get me wrong though Ravens are WAAAAAAAY better than Fractures.
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  8. Dgross

    Even so, Ravens and the Vortex are miles ahead of the Fracture.
    At the very least the projectile speed needs to be increased, along with the wobble removed from flight. Starting with those 2 changes would already be a night/day difference.
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  9. y3ivan

    it never did. fractures before the nerf had 200m/s velocity and with lockdown at 280m/s. The biggest change it had was the damage deal towards infantry and the wobble mechanic added to prevent it from sniping infantry.

    fracture were nerf back then due to how easy to use for AI role and TR MAX would just spam them in biolabs and any other enviroment.
  10. AlterEgo

    In my opinion, the Fracture definitely needs a massive buff. Vortex could use a big one, but I believe the Fracture performs worse than either MAX ESAV weapons. Start by increasing magazine size by 100%, RoF by 50% and reduce recoil. That way, it can be an AV projectile machine.
  11. Pelojian

    Fractures do not need more clipsize. giving us more then what we already have will just nerf our damage further. we need no drop, no wobble and some mechanic to boost our accuracy that is equally effective as vortex and raven accuracy mechanics.

    Fractures need long range accuracy equal to ravens and vortexes, spreading our damage out among more spam and pray rockets will make it worse for long range.
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  12. FocusLight

    Not my experience. Gal-dropping over hot NC bases is liable to get your gal destroyed by Raven MAX'es and the same can be said for Libs doing bomber runs as opposed to strafing with the tank-buster - NC has the advantage that their AV MAX'es don't have to swap to Bursters to hit any Lib or Gal that lingers for just a few moments, you can even hit hovering Valks and ESF's.
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  13. Cow Moo

    I think the fracture should get a higher fire rate and faster bullet velocity. Or make them guided.
  14. Dgross

  15. Ohmlink

    Just give us the old fracture, there was nothing wrong with it besides the obscene infantry damage, which has since been fixed.
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  16. St0mpy

    The fractures were nerfed because they were OP against infantry, but so is the Raven and thats never had any major nerf to its AI capability.
  17. Pikachu

    o_O Raven had a the big AI nerf at PU2 like fracture. Damage reduced so it takes 3 hits instead of 2 to kill.
  18. St0mpy


    Thats not major, two still does a large proportion of damage on 1000 health classes, and it takes fractures 5 hits with a wobbly cof and bad drop, and no wire guided targeting device in sight.

    balanced? yeah right.
  19. eldarfalcongravtank

    maybe Fractures should get proximity fuse projectiles, so that their rockets explode close to enemy vehicles (like flak rounds do around aircraft). the rockets will explode automatically close to vehicles and damage nearby vehicles with shrapnel (which should do 1/2 to 3/4 of damage compared to a direct hit from a missile).

    that way, TR has something unique and effective at longrange since Fractures do not have to be dead-accurate to deal damage to vehicles far away. notice, these are not homing missiles (no lock-on/coyote mechanism)!
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  20. Stormsinger

    The issue with fractures, is that they were overpowered at one point (At the height of their power, I saw fractures being pulled over mercies for biolab AI work, it was insane) - Much like ZoE, the Viper, PPA, the original Vulcan (Before it's re-buff), pump actions to an extent, etc ... Once a nerf is applied, the item is little more then a useless paperweight for anywhere between 6-24 months before it's re-examined.

    Vortexes have never been overly potent vs infantry or vehicles, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks enough to justify use (Not to mention, escape the nerf mjolnir).

    Ravens received a comparatively minor nerf for damage vs AI (And possibly AV? I seem to recall a projectile convergence issue a while back too, but current AV performance is better then pre-nerf fractures, from what I recall. )

    Fractures are in their post-nerf-uselessness stage, and could use significant help. (Although not vs Infantry, they are still better then vortexes at close / midrange, in my experience.)

    I would say to start off with adding a minor coyote-lock effect (Against ground vehicles only, say, .5-1.5 meter range), a ~50ms projectile velocity increase, and perhaps slightly greater affect vs heavy armor resists.