Please buff Auto Scout Rifles

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Flashtirade, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Flashtirade

    Yes, this is not a new topic. In fact, the latest topic to mention how ASRs are crap is here:

    However, I still feel the need to call this out. The SMGs are superior in almost every way (the ASRs' faster bullets are adversely affected by their inaccuracy at range). It's sad that a class-specific weapon meant to fit a niche role is worse at doing that job than a weapon available to all classes meant for the same purpose. And if the devs do remove the SMG from the infiltrator's arsenal due to complaints about infs appearing out of thin air and then gunning them down, it's only going to get worse.

    Buff the damage per shot.
    Increase the clip size to 30 and ammo pool to 150.
  2. Mustarde

    Agreed. As long as they aren't stronger than SMG's at close range, I don't think SOE has anything to worry about in terms of class balance. You can't overpower the infiltrator by making this weapon useful... give it a bigger clip and we'll be happy (and still probably wouldn't use it much).

    I was somewhat disappointed that with all the balance changes they made during GU04 (including changes to ammo capacity), all the scout rifles were left alone. Even an increase to the ammo you can carry would have been nice. Until there are changes, I cannot recommend the ASR's over SMG's in any capacity or circumstance, ever. EVER.
  3. Ghoest

    This. They would still be a highly limited niche weapon - but at least they would be sort of ok at one thing.
  4. OldMaster80

    More or less the same arguments are valid for the Scout Rifles. I've only tried the TR one but god... that's terrible mainly because of the ammo clip size.

    BTW the KSR-35 was my favourite weapon until they introduced the SMG.
  5. CraftKing

    bump - i dont use my auto scout rifle. coz it's bad. and im not even going to get smg even though im tempted. it might get taken away from infiltrators anyway.
  6. Manetheren

  7. Skeith

    yep there is absolutely no reason to use them as long as we have SMGs
  8. Tnsr

    SOE doesn't care. Buff for scout rifles was requested several times.
  9. Ghoest

    The scout rifle should be an automatic with a lower max dps than a carbine or smg but better medium ranges it should have more damage than a smg and accuracy equal too or better than than a carbine.

    The problem is that the tiny clip tend to get you killed in medium range engagements.
  10. Timeraider

    just buff scout rifles in general, not just the automatic one/
  11. MrIDoK

    I'd extend the buff to all the semi-auto rifles as well plus the automatic scout rifle.

    The SASR need their damage increased to 167, so that it's more similar to the NC Gauss Rifle instead of the TR Cycler. This way the low bullet count isn't a big deal and they get an increase of effectiveness at midrange. Of course their rof would go down to keep the dps similar.

    The problem is that releasing a new scout rifle with better stats gives more $$$ to $OE, so they will probably do that and claim that the new SARS trade rof for damage giving the impression of a sidegrade when the reality is that the new rifle performs plainly better in most situations. And this is valid for every weapon type, i'm afraid. Why change things around when you can add something new for just 1k certs/700 SC?

    As i play f2p and can't afford an smg the KSR-35 is still my favourite weapon for mid-short range and the 99SV before that... If only it had a bit more damage and lower cone of fire... *sadface*