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    If you

    When you complain you are being camped by an overpop and can't do anything about it, that's your and your factions fault. You have to come from the outside to clear out their spawns while your faction pop is influxing from the /sitrep, reinforcement request icons, and other Leaders telling their people to Help considering it is important to save or take that base. It's that simple. Because you don't "Lead", you don't know you have to ask for that to happen which I do nearly all the time.

    Someone said "using a jump pad from the Flotilla to the first base would be epic". Please think about that for a moment.

    Also, just because I have members since 2013 should not dismiss I know how the game should operate. Guiding the Zerg is the way to success. Trying to know what your faction Squad/Platoon leaders are doing and trying to do in /command chat is Also important to leverage. When you don't Lead you miss out and try to make changes to things that Don't need to be changed.

    Interlinks and the Ikanam Bio lab, I like that difference over the super High-rised Bio Labs (I like the high-rise too and they shouldn't be replaced). I was trying to get people to stop going there as it becomes a Huge pop dump and it seems I've been successful because people realize to Avoid them when possible by going around or going to other bases and not getting Stuck there for 2 hours(going to Bio Labs is good, people don't get stuck there like they Used to get stuck there years ago). Some Bio Labs remain populated for the entire alert and cause their territory control to drop to 10%.

    My Outfit was initially made to educate and spread awareness. Luckily, people who are "high-level" hopefully disregard bad post but if they don't, oh well.

    The game is not "ruined". People need to know what they don't know.

    I'm also saying to please look at my Discord just to see it and you might learn something. The fact you've said you have a "decent' understanding means you really don't know. Also post some screenshots of your ASP2 characters and every directive infantry unlocks. yes, I'm calling you out for that evidence otherwise you just screwed yourself for making bogus claims.

    At least try to get a squad going, be the Leader, hear and try to communicate with /command chat and you'll perhaps "know" it's all balanced.
  2. JustGotSuspended

    Doesn't take a zerg to kill spawns I can do that as a solo light assault. In any case as I said most people play for fights. Your solution to being zerged/spawncamped is push/zerg out and kill all the spawns. Either case, no fight, no fun.

    As for the argument that everyone needs to be an outfit lead if they wanna enjoy the game it makes no sense lol. Regardless leaders will always need people to follow their orders. Not everyone can be a leader. SO if the game only favors leaders you're confirming it only satisfies a minuscule portion of the community. And when everyone you were leading eventually quits as the gameplay is awful, you will return to be a regular player and quit the game yourself.

    You should go ask all your outfit mates, especially the ones from back when you started why they left. You said your outfit has 14k members. How many are regularly active?

    And as if to further prove my point take a look at yourself:

    A2G, vehicle, sniper main. AKA cheese user, the things the game currently favors. No wonder you're having so much fun. But eventually even you will be forced to realize it comes at the expense of others and the game in general. People play shooting games to shoot and have fun fights. Not everyone's here to spam or zerg.

    As for your outfit yeah classic zergfit with barely any activity:

    I guessed spot on. Yeah ok dude, we all should play the way you suggest, sounds so fun most your outfit quit!

    Not even trying to be mean dude but really think about it for 2s. If the game favored more than 2 players we'd have way more pop than now. Sure you can keep believing it's because most people don't force themselves into unfun playstyles to "win" the game and it's all our faults. But there's a reason you had 14k outfit members back then and barely have a fraction of that now. Game's not fun. Instead of telling people it's because they don't play the game how you do, why don't you look back to when people did enjoy the game and we had much more pop regularly. Forcing people to play playstyles a majority of them want nothing to do with doesn't solve the issue of the game not being fun.
  3. AntDX316

    I didn't mean Outfit lead, I've said Squad/Platoon lead.

    My massive A2G and sniper main stats are super mega old. I prefer VE-S Canis with Infiltrator cloaked renegade flash. I also use Light Assault C4 with Catlike 5 and other things.

    The requirements can change. If you have a couple tanks rolling up on you and all you got has no way to combat, should we say remove tanks from the game? If someone put a spawn on the mountain and we can't go up further w/o light assault, do we say make it flat? Back then AA did not exist and you can Wipe Maxs in 1 pass.. Close Air was also the best when the thermal/NV equipments reveal ground targets Way better than they do now it's the reason why my kill stats on the photon pods and PPA are so high. Now I have a hard time getting kills like that again.

    There are plenty of people in that game that Ultra solo and have a good time. They won't join any squad or any outfit and what they do is great as I watch them. If it sucks what you are doing then change your role or spawn somewhere else. I try to force things to work but it just doesn't happen that easily. If I try to make some methods work I will die 8 times before I get 1 kill. If I do certain methods right I can go 8 kills most of the time before dying. You need to know the right time and place to use methods. Not just make it work Anywhere. If it's time to zerg, then zerg. If it's time to specialize, like you've said, you can just take out spawns on your own which I do too but sometimes you do need help as they are impossible to takedown though it would be a good point, specialize and not zerg all the time.

    Can you make a quick example of what you see and what should be changed than complaining about changing the environment because it's of "hard" difficulty that other teammates are supposed to handle for those that don't.

    Also, people don't "Have to" follow orders. This is what I try to accomplish with what little followship I have at times. Thankfully Steel Rain became a "God send" in which I can bring 12 people to a spot I've determined as we need to be there in 40 seconds. From what I've seen, A bunch of people Must have orders or they get bored and leave. Try to lead people by guiding them on what needs to happen in /regionsay /squad or /platoon chat, or /command chat than just seeing issues, saying nothing, and blaming it on map design.
  4. JustGotSuspended

    You claimed because you're a big boss with your 14k member outfit you know the game better than others. Would you like me to pull that up again for you?

    Whatever dude platoons/squads/outfits. Play on words. It's all the same principle. Doesn't work if there's no people in them. Isn't fun if there's no one to fight them.

    Going back I caught something I didn't notice earlier. Are you sure you're not the one playing the wrong game? Are you sure you're not the one who knows nothing about planetside 2? The game's always been about one base, even more so since they removed continent lock and base benefits. Biolabs. THE CROWN. TI. They're all iconic bases that resonate with the entire playerbase, often associated with producing the most enjoyable fights. And for the random interior design changes maybe you should play resident evil or Jurassic park it doesn't sound like planetside is the game for you if you're into graphics and spooky stuff.

    We have access to your killboard dude. Yeah flail, cloak shotgun flash, sniping, UA smg infil....we get the picture dude. Cancer main, No wonder you're flourishing on Oshur the map is literally designed to favor those 'playstyles'. You're not particularly good at them either you'd think someone with so much playtime and knowledge of how to play a shooter would perform better. I could excuse the low kpm to leading but it doesn't seem like you do that regularly either (perhaps because there's no one on), you seem to solo/small squad most of the time. As for your varied gameplay is that when you hop out the cloak 1hk flask to stalker cloak spam the 1hk flail? Yeah ok dude, looks fun and varied as you said.
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  5. AntDX316


    Because I don't go heavy on the KDR which is totally stupid. I want to do w/e in the game w/o having to worry about "Not dying". I'm not playing serious Every single time. It seems you are the type of person that wants good fights and could Careless about alerts and other ways on how to play the actual game. You pretty much know nothing else about how it Should be played other than how it should look like for it to be more fun at One base. It's cool to know that perspective of yours but it's people like you that ruin faction alerts for people trying to win. I've made my Outfit to help guide people out of that behavior.

    We had some guy say he basically wanted the Platoon to go to Mirror Bay Watchtower which was an NC base instead of going to the TR side on Oshur. It dragged half the full platoon to that and they stayed with him. He wasn't PL but w/e people were having fun. We could've won the alert if we went to the TR section instead. It doesn't happen too often but the real way to play is Not to get stuck at those fights. Sure it's cool having a 96+ vs 96+ vs 96+ in 1 base but it gets old.

    I don't solo play All the time. Just at times where there is no alert or everything is so balanced that trying to funnel people to One base and overpopping when they could be use elsewhere, basically I messed it up but calling on people to come and too many people show up vulnerabilizing the other bases where they should be.

    ..and I'm still waiting on your ASP2 characters and All completed infantry directives screenshot in which probably you don't have but it doesn't matter, just making the point even More solidified for everyone else who thinks You are right on everything.

    Maybe if you've looked at my Outfit Discord and see the animated guides, you could understand better than making stuff up based upon stats and nothing else. The whole point of this conversation is to see how narrow-minded you are. Claiming ASP2 on multiple characters and all completed infantry directives, at least try not to lie like that as it should completely invalidated anyone from thinking you are 100% right at everything.

    btw that killboard site is amazing..
  6. JustGotSuspended

    I've already sent it to you on discord a while back, TRspy

    Started setting up the auraxium things to help your discord because I do like that idea, but game's just made me quit, no motivation to login and stuff since I've already uninstalled.

    The alert/territory argument is meaningless. We're not in 2012 or whatever where territory somewhat meant something. The game got dumbed down so much you're an idiot if you care about alerts or that sort of stuff. I care about good fights. Yes, you say that like it's a bad thing but the point of the game is to have fun, and winning alerts/objectives is just unfun. 'Mine 40 crystals in the middle of nowhere' in a game that promoted first person fights on a massive kidding me? What's the point of winning alerts if it's to kill every fight and just spend and hour staring at empty spawn rooms - for what? You can't even name the continent benefits for locking. Sure Oshur with the 20% air discount now sorta matters I guess but the rest? Lmao. - Oh wait you get a handful of certs and iso right? What's the point when every faction gets that regardless and you could've made quadruple that at least while having fun during a good fight?

    Having fun ruins faction alerts....don't alerts ruin fun? You'd rather own a worthless continent for a few hours than have fun? Is it for the rewards? If you're ASP 200 you don't need them you're prolly maxed anyways. So you actively avoid/prevent fun from occurring to win alerts. That's not the point of a game lol.

    It's not even about KDR, I've posted my stats many times before they're slightly below average, especially KDR is lacking since I'm pretty aggressive and like to fight on the front lines. For a while now though there's less and less players logging in every day, where it would take me 6-12h to aurax a weapon it started taking me closer to a day now since there's barely any good fights and very few things to shoot. These less things to shoot combined with the added respawn times, horrible base designs and overall promotion of cancerous playstyles just obliterated any possibly to have fast paced, fun gameplay. Most infantry players quit a while back when they added bastions, killed esamir, killed biolabs, but Oshur's killed most of the people who persevered.

    Skillfits are done for most players switched to different games and deleted their chars, and even zergfits like yours are mostly done with the current state of the game. It's unfun. You say it yourself, everyone wants to have fun at a good base in one giant fight.. Each update makes it less and less possible. Players like you are empowered with every update to fun police and prevent those fights from happening, especially with the population constantly dropping, just 2 nukes or a bit of a2g/la and POOF fight eliminated: back to zerging empty lattices to win a stupid alert. That's for the dudes that don't log off.

    Amazing though how you can claim good fights get old, and watching videos/your thumbs while sitting on an empty base with a platoon of dudes doing nothing isn't boring. I'm guessing you can try tons of new things while steamrolling empty lattices, perhaps when you start tking each other because there's literally nothing else going on.

    It's just mind-boggling you admit a majority of players don't find what the game currently encourages fun, yet you stick to it like they're the ones at fault lol.

    Sure you can guide people to play like you (though I'm sure they already know how to do so), but since it's not how they have fun I'm not sure that's a sustainable solution. Again, I think that's something you'll have to discuss with your outfit/platoons.

    So the guy wanted to have fun - wait a sec not just him the whole platoon would rather have fun than win an alert yet that annoyed you. 'You shouldn't play the game to have fun, it's better to zerg/ghostcap to win meaningless alerts'....yeah no offense dude, but I don't understand why your outfits dead. What a mystery o_O

    Sadly it doesn't happen too often anymore and that's why people leave. Game's supposed to be all about those fights yet game destroyers like you prefer to spawncamp and zerg their way to victory avoiding any possibility of fun. Thankfully there's still a few people that try to start fun fights for everyone before a genius blows up all the spawns with all the tools added to make it easy for solo players to end fights on their own.
  7. AntDX316

    I'm kind of confused as to what is going on to be honest. It's like you want MMR/EOL to exist, different bases and modes to exist, having the 3-way and having hundreds of players at a base, all without any kind of match reset. I need to read more of this post in more detail.

    If I captured every single thing I've done then perhaps you would realize how to participate and have fun in a Zerg. It seems that is missing in the Discord and I'm trying to fix what is missing. I didn't put how to participate in a "footzerg" because.. I thought it wasn't needed but it seems to be. There are different ways and it doesn't have to be just on "foot".

    I'm working on it now, why alerts matter and how to be successful at alerts.
  8. AntDX316

    I've added #continent-alerts onto the Discord. I need to wait for a last good tie base cap for recording.
  9. JustGotSuspended

    Idk if you were here back in beta or in the earlier days of planetside. But basically fights required teamwork, strategy to win. Bases meant something, and so did alerts. So people were actively clashing together and redeploying to counter advances, and while it did produce stalemates and giant farms, people were often able to have fun and still contribute to alerts. Sure there were force multipliers, the hex system wasn't perfect and whatever, but it all felt much more balanced, there was better battelflow, and the game was much more fun. Sure, a bit of nostalgia probably is a factor, but myself and many others genuinely had much more fun back in the day.

    The issue lies fundamentally in the game, but the path taken to resolve it over the years has just made it unbearable for most players who stuck around. There's really 2 ways to approach this game.

    a) Play the objective
    b) Play to improve (get good, usually at infantry) and generate fights

    The main issue if you're playing option a is that the best tactic for completing the objective relies essentially in avoiding fights, by either sneakily cutting off territory/ghost capping while a faction's forces are occupied, or sending in such numbers that it'd be foolish/impossible for people to defend the base. Over the years with the loss of meaning in territory/alerts and still no improvement to battleflow, the issue has become worse as defending bases is now discouraged, and pretty much every base is designed to be captured through overpop/spawncamping. With the lack of incentives to defend, this only favors zergs to capture bases uncontested until the opposing faction has no other choice but to counterzerg, at which point the attacking zerg moves to a different front. This creates circular gameplay where zergs actively avoid themselves, trying to capture as much territory as they can without engaging in a fight that might drag them down. This means most of the time, the map doesn't offer any fun/balanced fights, it's just zerg or be zerged.

    On top of this, people aren't even rewarded for playing the objective. They tried to fix this a bit by adding outfit resources and alert rewards, but this only further incentivized zerging and abandoning bases in favor of attacking undefended territory. On top of that, the alert rewards are pretty minimal, and considered how frequent they are and given to everyone anyways, few people care about them. They have little impact on the game. Sure a noob might find 100 certs or whatever cool. But how many noobs are there? Most players, even the bad ones, are vets who don't need to worry about certs or even ISO. They already have everything they need. Continent lock benefits have little/no effect as well, so it's not like you need to cap the continent so you're not fighting 50% off magriders or whatever. Has no meaning anymore.

    So you can do the objective and engage in gameplay that's stale, unreminiscent of the MMO/FPS this game claims to be, and you get nothing in return. There is no end-goal. On top of that playing the objective often involves creating gameplay unfun for players who pick option b, as those 2 way to approach the game clash with each other.


    You could pick option b. Most people who stuck around wanted this. Of course, these players tried playing the objective, but they realized it's a paradox: you can't get good at the game by playing the objective. The objective requires you to sacrifice stats, sacrifice fighting most of the time - and basically forces you to not play a shooting game. Which would be fine I guess if this was spawncamp simulator 2, but the game advertised a shooter. The issue is they've taken the path to make the game less competitive, reduce the important of stats but in a bizarre manner. The game lore states deaths don't matter, you need to sacrifice yourself as a team for the objective. But the objective doesn't matter and the game actively tracks stats like K/D which is one of the few things one can fall back on to determine a player's skill and fun had in the game. Deaths don't matter, but each time you die you gotta stare at the respawn timer for a minute before you can take the 30 min hike back to point.

    However they have successfully managed to lower the skill ceiling, by never properly addressing infantry/vehicle balance, buffing low skill ceiling classes/playstyles and overall designing bases and maps that make it more unfun to play infantry, and easier for those lesser skilled playstyles to farm kills, all while making it harder for people who want to improve or simply participate in a fun/balanced fight to do so. What does it matter if I can clear a room with headshots if some can push a button and kill my allies and I instantly with a few nukes or whatever? Who cares about skill when a2g pounders rack up better performance than even the most skill infantry vets?

    By dumbing the game down they've turned the game into an arena deathmatch with no endgame, and an objective that promotes avoiding (fun) fights at all costs, without even addressing the issues that this game had from the beginning. The rift between a & b has only gotten bigger. Objectives have even less value, vehicles are still meaningless to capture territory, are now solely infantry farming machines, it takes no teamwork to destroy a sunderer/end a fight and there's more and more options that just make it impossible to have an interesting, fun and engaging match unless you're running scrims on Jaeger. Jaeger, a server that will give you decent ping only if you're in the US, and is a pain to even get an account to play on - if you're allowed. Not dying matters more than ever now, with the spawn system respawn timer doubled, and the fact you can no longer spawn on bases that need support.

    The competitive aspect has been pretty much removed, and this sadly was something retaining a majority of long term players - including me. Trying to improve, in a game with such scale was the best way to continually improve by experiencing new fights, new techniques in engagements and overall keep the game not stale. You were always going to outdo yourself, find someone who outdoes you, etc. But now you can die without even having a chance to see or fight back against your opponent, simply because the game's either a zergfest or they've added so much cancer it's impossible to find a decent fight to improve at. There's no competition, there's no scoreboard/leaderboard events, and nearly each update further dumbs down the game, effectively lowering the skill ceiling.

    Sure players try to give the game some meaning, some do their best to play option a or b but at the end of the day it's just become a paradox arena game with ok graphics, a buncha bugs and a chat. It gets quite repetitive, just staring at spawnrooms or empty capture points. Or on the other side, pushing and either dying instantly to vehicle spam or whatever, or surprising and clearing rooms where people where just afk/messing around with their allies waiting for the timer to end until they respawn and overwhelm you. Player retention is something that the game struggles with because the game is generally unfun, especially in the long term. You're giving up fights (and fun, which is kinda the point of a shooter game) for nothing in return.

    Sure zerging can be fun, I've led and even participated in zergs from time to time. But at the end of the day if I'm just playing a game to talk/mess with friends I can do that in any game - and there's games that make it much easier to do so. It also gets pretty stale to steamroll latices for no reason generating like 3 kills per hour, all to win an alert that if I was having fun, I likely wouldn't want the continent to lock anyways.

    If zergs were really fun people would've stayed in the game. Your outfit would be active. Most servers wouldn't average like 300 players a day. Idk maybe it's fun and exciting for you but the current gameplay doesn't seem to be what the people who played planetside 2 found interesting.

    There's way too many things they need to fix now, I don't think the game will ever be as fun as if they gave us a 2012 version of the game with a couple tweaks.
  10. Pyrian

    Imo they should make bases with no hard spawns but with proper base layouts to fight in to make both sides in the fight require sunderer deployments. Staring at a spawn room for anyone foolish enough to venture outside of it is quite boring.

    Or they could make proper bases where both sides have a hard spawn, not limiting that to biolabs with satellite spawn rooms. Having only the bio labs have a hard spawn for both sides gets old.

    So in essence make away with how only 1 side in the fight gets a hard spawn where it's either spawncamped by the zerg so you can't fight out of it or you get the sudden rush of defenders spawning in and overpopping the fight with no logistic part to it.
  11. JustGotSuspended

    Well the main issue is that sunderers are way too squishy now. It's not good to rely on destroyable spawns to sustain fights when they've maximized the tools a single player can use to destroy a fight.

    This is most likely the better solution. If we take biolabs as an example, it's one of the few bases that used to generate massive, sustained fights, that a majority of the playerbase used to enjoy.

    Spawns were guaranteed for both attackers and defenders, while still giving attackers/defenders the opportunity to deploy sunderers to attack from the pads if needed, but not relying on them to keep the fight going.

    Not too much travel time to reach the points/action but still enough to give attackers/defenders some downtime to recuperate after a push. The fights they generated were back-and-forth tug-a-wars, but everyone was having fun, it catered to all infantry classes - most importantly it prevented most vehicles from farming infantry with HESH, Kobalts, A2G, etc. So most of the cancer was kept out of the base, even nukes were mildly affective.

    This is the type of base most players want, and lessons should've been taken to meet this criteria in more bases, instead of giving cheese users and easier time to farm infantry.
  12. DarkStarAnubis

    I am afraid you got it all wrong. Let me help you to figure it out:

    If you have fun by not playing PS2 according to its design you are doing the wrong thing, so in order to help you play in the right way Biolabs were removed. it is for your own good :D :D :D
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  13. AntDX316

    I was in beta and everything including Planetside 1. The game is great how it is. You are looking at it way too deep in a controlling manner somehow. Take Leadership Command like I do at times and people would listen to you even if they don't respond. /command chat, /regionsay, /platoon, /squad. I don't mean just some zerg I mean try to influence the entire Zerg to be in balance.

    Telling the faction to pull armor can swing the battle significantly in your factions favor. Usually people just keep pulling infantry only to be camped forever by armor. Now overpopping with More armor is the real solution especially with MBTs. You need to be driving and supporting the footzerg.

    You gotta realize nothing will totally satisfy? Compare this game to say Call of Duty or Battlefield. This is way better but you are asking for more? What is more lmao or you want less, somewhere, for some reason? Do you even have Outfit resources to work with to Citadel Shield, Steel rains, OS, ANVILs, etc.? I feel like you not having access to that is the missing elements that it work.

    I'm reading your post over and over and it's totally far from a brainless Team Deathmatch. You aren't probably looking Big enough to totally understand it. Maybe you max out at being w/ some people but not seeing the Entire Faction.
  14. AntDX316

    Mainly my game time over the past 10 years was in Dota 2, TF2, Battlefield games, Call of Duty games, ArmA series, some Fortnite, TF2, CS: S, CS: GO, R6: Siege, and various other games like Flight Simulator, lots of Racing games like iRacing, etc. Basically, I would have insane stats today if I played Planetside 2 and nothing else.
  15. AntDX316

    Can we all please not try to modify the environment? The whole point is to work with what the environment looks like. The worst removal imo was the Ti Alloys to The Crown bridge. There was also a time when Ti Alloys was disabled. There was no need to remove that legendary rock bridge but because of post saying changes need to be made, made the devs remove the bridge. : (
  16. AntDX316

    Also, don't quit.. I'm just trying to see if we're missing something and having other people comment means we all can learn something. Successful adaptations are what make the game fun to play. When I die like crazy I switch to MBT or an anti-vehicle lightning, I got from being ultra garbage to super successful. When I'm struggling hard to get AA Max kills and other infantry kills in a heavy AA zone, I pull out drifter jet light assault with C4 and hover over them and "boom". When I land I get kills w/ the VE-S Canis. When I'm constantly f* dying on the ground I get my Infiltrator VE-S Canis or Resist 5 Heavy Assault Orion builds, I go from like try harding with 1:1 KD or worse to like 5:1. The frustrations are usually the result of not adapting by not forcing yourself to stop using methods that Don't work. Well that's how it is for me of course.

    Instead of trying to change up methods Alone, you tell people in your squad, platoon, regionsay, command, etc. what you find to be working so Everyone else can do the same and you can push or defend better together. If that doesn't work redeploy somewhere else intelligently to come back or not after reading the map. I know I'm missing explaining the strategies but They are there and they do 100% exist. People need to know how to read the alerts psychologically with pop balancing on a continent with 800+ players.

    I have put guides up on my Outfit Discord at or for anyone that wants to learn more. I went from ASP2 BR1 to BR100 in 20 days.
  17. JustGotSuspended

    Dude I've been outfit lead or second for plenty of large, mid and small outfits after the assets were launched. Even in my solofits I get enough resources to craft bastions and nukes and stuff weekly since the zergfits that rely on those things often suck so bad I can outscore them by myself in 96vs96+ fights. I wouldn't complain about the game/those things being bad if I hadn't tried everything, I'd be complaining about solo/smaller outfit players not having access to them if that was the case.

    And if the issue seriously is that I'm not in/leading platoons 24/7, or in a dead zergfit, then that means the game isn't fun. Because if the game was fun those things would only enhance the experience. If it's to play with friends/randoms...I can do that in any other game.

    As for the entire even back in the earlier years when territory and faction loyalty somewhat matter command chat and all was a mess. I don't think I've ever seen someone obey the leader or region chat lol, or even use those chats to offer some logical orders.

    Whatever man if you think the game's better now than at launch idk what to say. Guess we'll see in a month if pop agrees with you or not.

  18. AntDX316

    I'm saying it can be better with more game options that put great emphasis on infantry-only play more of the liking of CS:GO and Call of Duty. Not Huge maps that take a while to get action.

    Maybe they can make bases on a new map where it's 100% infantry-only. Probably like 20 bases, 3 factions. Same as the games we have now just smaller and less open but open too of course at times. It could have some semi-underwater sections encouraging the use of having UBP/UBR weapons. It should be like a city style with a mix of terrarium? sections(central park or 3 places like that). There could be areas like fields, but definitely a city-style map with high-rises w/ windows and such would be cool.