[Suggestion] Please Balance Harassers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AirSuicide, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. AirSuicide

    They are harder to kill then tanks, Do more damage then Libs, and are the faster vehicle in the game.

    The easiest solution is to cut their health by half. There a Light support vehicle, and if your going to let them do that much damage, then you need to make them a LOT easier to kill. 1 Harasser should not be able to kill an entire Armor column...... Or continually kill anti vehicle maxes shooting it.

    If you don't want to nurf it, then Max anti vehicle (armor) weapons need to be doubled in damage.
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  2. Towie

    Since CAI and the ridiculous Harasser buff, they are everywhere and tearing everything to shreds. I expect DBG can look at the stats and think that something is awry - but no, still nothing.

    It took them 6 months to change the Gatekeeper, which is not acceptable. We need faster 'fix' cycles to resolve obvious issues.
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  3. HisokaTheRed

    Well there is your problem. An entire armor column and no one pulled the most OP thing, why do you think you lost?
  4. DarkStarAnubis

    +1 - It doesn't make much sense.

    Simple logic suggests that fast vehicles should be either lightly armed or lightly armored compared to the slow ones. Otherwise what would be point of using heavies?
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  5. Jac70

    Yes, I have always felt Harrassers were to well armoured for a fast vehicle. Not sure where they are now but it used to be the case that a Lightning with an AP cannon needs 4 shots to destroy a Harrasser! Especially when that Harrasser can equip a weapon that can shred a Lightning in no time at all.

    I understand that a Harrasser is a 2 man vehicle (rumble seat being useless) but still. I would keep the weapons as they are so they can still hit hard but reduce their armour strength. I think 3 hits with an AP should be enough that a Harrasser is practically dead and would have no choice but to retreat. So a subtle change, you'd still technically need 4 shots to kill but it would make drivers a bit more careful.

    As for Lightnings, they need to be made into a proper tank once and for all.
  6. ObiVanuKenobi

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
    Harassers are 2nd easiest to kill behind Flash (if you can aim of course).

    They don't do more damage than libs, that's just plain wrong.

    All aircraft are faster. Reaver is fastest with afterburners, Mosquito without.
    I just can't see that happening unless the armor column consists of br 5s who have absolutely no idea what they're doing and situational awareness of a potato.
    As an AV Max use cover? Don't stand in open field like a moron which i see very often, get on rocks, next to trees and stuff like that.
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  7. adamts01

    As crazy as OP is, you can't think that Harassers are balanced can you? They've been pretty over powered since I started playing a year ago. Their firepower was slightly gimped this patch but their toughness went through the roof, all things considered. And they're completely broken against air. He may be a little off his rocker, but I'll support any thread with the goal of nerfing that cancerous anomaly.
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  8. FLHuk

    Planetmans law #87.25 sub section F : Every problem anyone has or ever will encounter is, was and always will be termed a learn to play issue by some one defending their favourite toy.
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  9. Liewec123

    they are waaaay to strong for 150 resource.
    rather than nerfing them i'd rather the cost get increased to 250/300
    and at the same time i'd want the back seat to be 360 degrees.
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  10. Deffington

    Well, there is a price to pay - both driver and gunner need not to be idiots. I actually think, that they are still very squishy, but against everything other than tank shots. It was a real pain to shoot enemy Harassers with Prowler, especially now that HEAT rounds have speed and trajectory of a grenade launcher.
  11. StaHoo33

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  12. AirSuicide

    It took me 5 direct hits from a prowler to kill one. Thats AP Ammo. So yea.
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  13. strikearrow

    I'll say too well armored. I just tricked a harasser into running over my 5 tank mines and it wasn't even burning. It goes and repairs for 30 seconds and when it returns I hit it with 4 AP base turrets shots + a full carbine mag and again it's not even burning. That's just insane for a friggin 150 nanite jeep. My 5 tank mines cost 250 nanites and should instagib anything except a MBT running max mineguard.
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  14. strikearrow

    What makes it worse is my 350 nanite skyguard can be 1 clip killed by a fury wraith flash....just stupid balance in this game
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  15. adamts01

    I stepped away from PS2 till things get fixed. There's just too much wrong with the game after this patch. What really gets me is that Harassers are pretty unanimously thought to be too strong, especially considering their cost. Lowering their health is such a no-brainer, and why they refuse to do it is beyond me. I'm sticking with Arma till the next big patch. So much is broken.
  16. Oleker2

    As I say on most topics about this...

    Harasser should be a fast glass-cannon type vehicle... Unfortunately right know is a fast tank of counter everything.
    It needs a nerf to its resistance as fast as possible.

    ps: Also 1 brick of C4 please...
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  17. Killer Medic

    Balance? You didn't actually expect Wrel and company to have any balance in their caps. did you?
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  18. strikearrow

    True. And I just realized that the constant game changes are not for "balance" at all. They are just changes to encourage people to spend more money on whatever they intentionally made OP. They just mine data to decide what to make OP at what time. These FTP games are making money hand over fist - they are rolling in it.

    I honestly think they posed more threat in the past and are ultimately weaker now.


    Now before writing I'd like to state that I ultimately despise most Harasser users, especially 24/7 farming anti-infantry Harassers (as I think the entire platform promotes a cheeky, trolling, cancerous AF play-style that belongs in the toilet, not PS2).

    However, the first thing I noticed after the CAI update is how little damage they were doing to my Lightning compared to what is was previously.

    So they are indeed harder to kill, but they also do considerably less damage. I find that I can reliably kill them both with a Lightning and with a Prowler now, if they are cheeky enough to stick around for long enough (unless I make 2-3 misses or more, in which case I was simply outplayed).

    In the past, they did more damage and missing shots against them had bigger impact. Missing a tank shell is less punishing now.
  20. Towie

    I personally feel that missing shots has more impact now than before. The general TTK reduction has made misses far more costly and this hasn't been offset by the secondary DPS reduction. This is a problem for the high-alpha damage weapons against slippery targets.

    Take AP Tank vs Harasser for example - it doesn't take many shots to kill them, but you do have to hit them. If you miss, your long reload is going to be painful. I'm guessing you would stand more chance with a faster reloading gun / multiple shots even with their lower DPS - reckon the C75 Lightning is now more of a threat to the Harasser than AP (I wish we could check the stats).

    Ironically - TR doesn't face the biggest threat from the fastest firing buggy (Vulcan) AND they have more protection with the double-barrelled Prowler.

    I think there's quite a bit of tweaking to do, on paper the changes didn't seem so bad but in practice it's proving different.
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