[Suggestion] Please allow the Striker to be dumbfired.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Maljas23, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Maljas23

    Currently, it is the only ESL that cannot be fired on demand. The Striker has this ability in PS1, to this day. Im not saying that it is the same game as PS1, but when the other two ESL can be fired freely, it just seems a bit puzzling to me that the Striker cannot.

    Yes we do not currently have the Striker in the live game so I will hold all judgement on it until we get them this Friday. However, please do reconsider giving the Striker dumbfire. It doesn't need to fire as fast as it does on a lock-on but I do think it should be fired faster than any of the other launchers.

    Consider it, SOE.
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  2. LonelyTerran

  3. Prownilo1

    Don't see how adding a dumbfire would make it more unique. It's basically a super-annhilator, which while somewhat boring, is probably going to end up being the most powerful.

    I'd rather it be unique than potent, as the launchers are supposed to encourage different tactics when facing different empires, the striker is nothing we haven't dealt with before and won't really require new or different tactics. Though I suspect I will be running with Smoke instead of Magburner as unlike the Phoenix, I can't dodge them.
  4. ThreePi

    The lack of dumbfire is probably the trade-off for the fact that it will be the highest DPS ESL.
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  5. Maljas23

    Im fine with it being another lock-on... but make it unique. Make it the only ESL that can lock-on to all vehicle targets and still be dumbfired. As it is right now based on the ESL preview, its just a Swam Annihilator with more dmg but the exact same weaknesses.
  6. Mxiter

    Even with slower rocket velocity, like specific AA and AV launchers. (grounder & Skep/hawk & crow/nemesis & Hades)
    Reduce the damage by 400/rockets and reduce the splash.

    Actually it looks highly too situational compared to the other ESRL.
  7. Maljas23

    Ok I understand where you are coming. You are correct that it is a super Annihilator. Im happy about the fact that it has the fastest TTK of the ESLs. However, the way to make this ESL unique is to give it the ability to be dumbfired because.... it will be a swarm Annihilator that can be fired at anytime. Currently no other launcher does this.

    Since they decided to go with basic fire and forget for the Striker and not Laser-Guided or any other variation, at the very least make in a UNIQUE fire and forget. Yes I know its mag fed and can be fired very quickly. Tbh, it will very likely still be quite powerful too, but when you look at the other two ESLs, they have their own unique touch and can be fired freely. The Striker is a Swarm Annihilator in that it cannot be fired dumbfired. The only other launcher that can't be fired freely, ironically, is the actual Annihilator.

    Thats my thoughts on this in a nut shell.
  8. Total_Overkill

    Yup, just what i need, Dumbfire cluster Strikers inside bases shooting infantry... LOLOLAUTOMATICNADELOLNCHER.
    Stupid TR...
  9. TheBloodEagle

    It's not fire and forget though. You can to keep the lock-on, if it drops lock, the missiles fail. You have to constantly keep the lock. Not lock, fire, and forget.
  10. Maljas23

    None of the ESLs are meant to be used against infantry so I don't really get your obviously biased point. The Lancer, even fully charged up, won't kill ANY infantry, like you would expect. If that really becomes such a problem, why not just lower the rocket dmg vs infantry for the Striker? And anyway, the Lancer and Phoenix can be used in a pinch against infantry if you really had to for whatever reason. Why can't the Striker?
  11. Maljas23

    The ESL preview says otherwise. Go watch the preview that Higby did earlier. He states that it is a Fire and Forget Rocket Launcher.
  12. Erik

    It has the highest dps, is the only one that can **** moving vehicles, and is a fire and forget self guided weapon. Checks and balances. There has to be trade offs.
  13. Maljas23

    The balance is that is crap toward infantry like the other two launchers(supposedly), and that its lock-on feature can be completely halted by smoke and flares. I even suggested making the dumbfire fire slower than via lock-on, but still faster than a normal rocket launcher. There are trade-offs already.

    The NC and VS launchers don't have any hard counters, but the TR launcher does?
  14. Lord Robert

    Its not the highest DPS ESL. It requires a lock on to be established. It may in fact be the lowest.

    It absolutely should have dumbfire.
  15. TheBloodEagle

    No, what he points out is, you can fire a missile, the ESF will drop a flare, then you can re-lock and fire the rest of the missiles. You still have to be constantly Locked on to it to fire the missiles. You can't lock then look away. You have to keep it locked to fire the magazine. They're still deciding if it gets a burst mode.
  16. Maljas23

    Yes you have to stay locked to fire, but once you fire, the missles will be fire and forget. That is what I meant.
  17. Lord Robert

    This is true, He also said this in the ESL AMA on reddit.
  18. Lord Robert

    No, once you fire, you have to maintain lock or they miss.
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  20. Mxiter

    Actual Striker damage are close to 500damages/rockets.
    With a reduced AOE and dumb fire velocity as tradeoff it won't instagib people en mass. (2 direct hits to kill, 3 with flak/nanowheare)
    Even without reducing the damages to 400, the lancer looks better to instagib infantry (around 1650-1700 damages when loaded)

    Think about the 6 shots magazine VS ESRL: no spam with it??

    who's stupid?