Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bejita231, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. FireKetchup

    I don't think anyone disputes this. It doesn't make sense that one player should be able to easily kill 3.
  2. MasterChiefette

    I do not know what server you play on - but if you encounter me and I am in my burster rigged MAX - I would run the other way - because you are coming down.
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  3. Revorn

    I guess she have no screens. Forum Name isnt findable in Database for Charstats. Maybe only a Trollaccount.
  4. Talizzar

    Ok Mr. Lib pilot on a bogus account. One AA MAX will never take out a LIB unless they sit there for 10 minutes while you unload on them endlessly.
  5. MasterChiefette

    Not my fault you are bad at using a MAX. :)
  6. Brickwalker

    I dont get it..

    so roll a tank yourself or roll your HA and blow that armor up..I take great pleasure connecting with a rocket on an enemy tank,watching it catch fire and finally seeing it explode in a spectacular fireworks display..

    Same goes for aircraft,I love watching them spiral out of control in a fiery ball of flames plummeting towards the earth.

    instead of pouting about it,DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  7. SirBurning

    Or instead of the focus on AA max. you could bring 3 ESF. and scare 15 liberators away or watch them burn.
  8. smokemaker

    The game gets healthier as those unwilling to adapt leave.
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  9. Talizzar

    So how many AA MAX hits does it take to bring down a lib?
  10. Tasogie

    but those same 3 max will be done with said lib in a VERY short time, you are using numbers as if to survive you need 40 max all at once. That is untrue. 3 MAX can hold down the local airspace with ease.
  11. KayGeddon

    The game gets healthier when AA gets fixed.

    If someone says AA is fine, they are a pilot.

    Fact:G2A missile flies slower than an ESF on afterburner. If you EVER say AA is fine, you're lying to save your farm. This one point invalidates all arguments. Obviously it's not fine. Obviously Sony made air too strong. Obviously Sony allowed dalton/zephyr/rocket spammers get too many certs(considering infantry/armor measure certs/hour, why is it that air measures certs/min and still comes up with a higher number? Oh, broken stuff. Yeah) Cats out of the bag already and cheese pilots are already rolling on thousands of ill gotten certs. Time to nerf them into oblivion to make up for the gains.
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  12. smokemaker

    "Everyday i logon to play and there's more and more fully maxed out liberators in groups of 5 or more in the sky that take 15+ maxs to bring down one of them..."
    ^ you are looking for the counter to the lib in the wrong place. The counter is an esf. AA at best is just going to make them go away for a bit.

    For those unwilling to adapt, the game gets healthier when they leave.
  13. Tasogie

    You sound a little obnoxious to be honest with you, (an angry) AA is exellant an highly damaging to planes. I fly a Reaver an before you start, I am a "fair to good pilot" but a crap Ground attack pilot.... SO I earn my certs as a Engi... But point is, when I fly if even 1 MAX sees my Reaver, I die.... if 2 see me... I live literally 3 seconds.... time it takes for the Server to register the hits lol.

    You want people who have paid hard Cash to be destroyed an become worthless because you dont want to learn how to counter them?.. Sounds about right...
    In other words "it isnt fair" I want....

    The game is not "Certside 2" It's Planetside 2.The game is about winning an fighting as a team, not how many certs you can farm per hour. What are you going to do when you cap out your skills ? come to forums an demand more certs?....

    This sort of thing has bugged me for years, back in Tribes there was non of this cod crap of unlocking an exp farming. You fought to kill the enemy, an clan wars were the central focus of gaming...
  14. smokemaker

    Useless words. The GAME MAKERS have already stated their position. Air is to be the hard counter to Air. AA is but a deterrent.
    Adapt or die.
  15. TeknoBug

    Uninstalled, good luck to those that continue to play it.

    I may be back.
  16. Shalkar

    They can say whatever they like BUT when paying customers that enjoy playing things other then just aircraft leave the game in enough numbers to cause the cash inflow to reverse and the company spends more then they earn you can bet your *** the accounting department at SOE will make that the hard counter statement go right out the window to retain paying customers.
  17. smokemaker

    Sounds logical. My only issue with this is : I believe you and others crying about the Air imbalance are the minority.
  18. CaptainKirk

    Liberators have insanely low TTKs on even heavily armored ground targets. Why then, I ask, is the opposite not true? Liberators were massively over buffed in terms of survivability. Nothing with that kind of fire power should take such a beating - it's killing the game.
  19. Revorn

    Well depends on how u define a very short time and up to some other important Circumstances. Iam sure you are able to figure this out yourself.

    If you are realy thinking, you can clear the entry Sky with 3 Maxes against 10-15 Libs and about 25 ESF or something like that.. Well, good Luck with that. But pls dont expect that your posts are taken for serious in the futher.

    This is not meant to be offensive.
  20. Shalkar

    That could easily be true am not denying that and have seen a few things today that makes me feel the imbalances some like myself are seeing and complaining about is that they are being hit by some type of hit box detection issue when firing certain weapons. As have had a few headscratching moments of how did that miss almost point blank or why did that do no damage on some hits.
    If those get fixed I can see quite a few of the complaints disappear.
    Because with things getting fixed and not just nerfed leads to a happier and much bigger playerbase which is better for the life of the game itself.
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