Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

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  1. mina5

    lock on is suppouse to scare air away .. not 1 shot kill them . AA max is very good . and if you (lol) miss you shots .... its your fault .
  2. Nonesuch

    Problem with lock on is that it's kinda buggy and the missiles are incredibly easy to avoid. They'd be okay if you couldn't dodge them with an incredibly simple air maneuver, oh and if they did more than like 10 percent damage to a lib.

    Also, the scare away thing is an incredibly silly argument as it's saying that you should be doing something for utterly no reward in a game which is all about farming exp for certs.
  3. CobraBoss

    No lock-on anti aircraft missiles are supposed* to DESTROY not scare away aircrafts , in RL yes 1 shot and its bye bye airplane ok its a game but dont you think its unrealistic to take 5 missiles in the tail to then explode , mm its auto lock on missile goes you watch ... how is it my fault if it misses ...

    Most importantly why am i replying to a zombie ! :mad:
  4. Jestunhi

    Yes... we know that too...

    The counter to air is air.

    Air air air air air AIR!
  5. road-runn3r

    Nonsense, I play every damn vehicle or infantry class in the game cause that is my idea of fun. I'm a tank/lightning driver, lib pilot/gunner, ESF pilot, sunderer driver, engineer, heavy, light assault, medic, AA MAX and what's left. I do what it takes depending on the situation and have fun with almost each one of them.

    The problem of players like you is that you ignore the game mechanics and how everything works and relates to everything else. You "tank drivers", "snipers", "ESF pilots" suffer a lot from this tunnel vision on the gameplay itself so you only care about YOUR point of view.

    I know exactly what brought air where it is today, do you? Back in the beta a lib was the most terrible vehicle ever. Your average survivability was so low that sometimes you had to be lucky to get a kill in a single run. Skyguards could snipe you from the max render ranges in seconds before you could even know you were being shot.

    Please go on and illuminate us with lots of arguments like you are already doing.
  6. Guyshep

    Bob is completely dedicated and specialized to kill Joe. However, he shouldn't be as good as Joe is at killing other Joes.

    Joe is a generalist that is very effective at anything he feels like doing.
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  7. forkyar

    id also like to add this @op,do something about it,its up to you not soe.
  8. RykerStruvian

    I gave up on AA Max/ground AA missiles/skyguard. Now I just pull an AP Lightning which works on air pretty well. And doing this usually causes a lot of infantry to target me when they start to see their liberators go boom left and right in the distance. Starting to feel worn out by this stuff though.
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  9. Tuco

    Tell me Napolean, why would any player cert something that just "scares away"?
  10. Tuco

    Even BF3 players want something more. If they didn't they'd still be playing Quake 2fort5
  11. Tuco

    Fighters should be to cover the gaps in AA coverage like in WW2, but AA isn't done right here for that.
  12. DankFist

    Not sure if serious. But we had the skies relatively clear of enemy air units yesterday with about 7 MAX units. This includes their suicide bomb attempts, Drop Pod failures, and Galaxy Drops. We were completely surrounded both VS and NC attacking and we still held off Enemy Air.

    you just need people who know how to aim using a MAX.
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  13. FireKetchup

    No... I'm not sure what's funny about it taking 15 team mates to kill 15 enemies. Of course 15 maxes wont be enough for 15 libs. Max = 1 person, Lib = 3 people.

    I'm also guessing that you didn't have 60ish burster maxes to deal with that air zerg. Its not that air is op, its simply that you were being zerged. I don't buy for a second that "no amount of AA could deal with it."

    The only thing that needs to change with AA is the reward system. Its designed to deter so AA players should get good exp for damaging aircraft, etc.
  14. Talizzar

    Comment from a pilot that is so full of fail, I can't even start to respond.

    Just how many AA MAX's should it take to bring down a Lib? 100? 50? 25? at this point I am not sure that 15 could. Sure maybe 10 can chase them away and how much exp do you get for that? Zero. The way to get new stuff is from EXP. There is no exp for defending unless you kill something at the base. The people at the top of the leader boards and BR rank are all there because of Air being stupidly OP.
  15. MasterChiefette

    Stopped reading right there. Last night we used our MAXs and held the crown surrounded by TR and Vanu. It was the MAXs that kept that aircraft away. We shot down so many so fast they stopped using them. It became a ground war - all out slug fest. When the air part was over I had gained about 300 certs from shooting down so many aircraft. It was stupid silly. Shot down a Galaxy even loaded with troops. ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching the exp kept rolling in with that kill. Must have been fully loaded. :)

    People that know how to use the burster MAX can devastate aircraft.
  16. Revorn

    I only did play the numbers. Not to meant to be too serious at all.

    Normaly the Air is coming Pe by Pe, so you normaly can manage them in smaller Groups of Maxes as well. But if the Airzerg arives at Once, or they have competive strategies to deal with, well then maybe you need verry fast a big bunch of additional Maxes. Imho
  17. Talizzar

    One AA Max has zero chance at bringing down a Lib. You know this as you are a Lib pilot. Stop trolling. We know you will cry a river of QQ when the Lib is nerfed into the ground.
  18. MasterChiefette

  19. Talizzar

    I am sure you have screenies of this to back this up.
  20. TeknoBug

    Roll a toon on Matherson and see just how bad TR is with air. My outfit runs multiple AA squads and TR's air spam is still brutally annoying.