Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

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  1. Qaz

    lib/air spam seems to be the go to tactic atm though. and the problem is, you cant do anything about 20-30 esf + 15 libs. no amount of ground aa can survive that. skyguards get bombed from the flight ceiling, and maxes die sooner or later due to attrition from pods or daltons.
  2. Jestunhi

    I have a dalton & zephyr. Both with NV unlocked (also going to unlock more of a zoom for the dalt for higher altitudes).

    I also have the skyguard, the GtA launcher and the 2nd burster arm.

    Air does not require strategic communication, they just insist that everyone else should need to do it. Air does not need to specialise, to make themselves useless against most enemy types in order to do well against a single one, they just insist that everyone else do so to counter air.

    It's a recurring theme.

    Pilots insist that everyone else jump through hoops while they just AoE spam to farm certs, then they try to play the victim on the forums.
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  3. QuantumGuard

    Ahahahaha. And then we have Lib pilots/gunners who furiously defend anything about Libs. Of course you would protect your easy-mode tools.

    And you know what brought air in the place it is today? Whining of pilots who could not adapt to AA.
  4. BuzWeaverPS2

    I've dropped a few certs into my Lib and I can assure you a lot of my success is knowing when to fly and when not to fly. As with most things in the game a lot of it comes down to timing and preparation. Having a good balance of counter measures and tactics will create a challenging environment for any infantry or vehicle.

    Sometimes I'm able to fly unimpeded, but against a well thinking enemy they will get their Lightening's, Max's, man their Turrets or scramble their fighters. You're not always going to have an even playing field. Part of any strategy is finding your strength and their weakness. Its important to know when is a good time to pull out the Lib and when you're going to have to make other choices.
  5. Stigler

    Last time I looked no amount of just pure AA was meant to control the skies, that's where your fighters need to help push the tide. If they have gained that type of air superiority then you have no choice but to fall back in some situations, especially if the other side is organized.
  6. HerbertKnivez

    I think it is just that you are not used to using an AA max, our squad of four maxes managed to take down 16 libs. You just need to have engineers aswell. And one maxed out lib vs one maxed out max is OP on the maxes side.
  7. SikVvVidiT

    I hear you man this stuff is almost unbearable... Having to deal with all this air and then all the tanks while at the same time having to deal with soldiers is just to much.

    It would be alot easier if they set the game up like Planetside 1 where you could pretty much walk around with stuff in your inventory for ever situation but since they went with this COD/BF3 class system crap that is not a option...

    All you people saying things are right, let me guess your pilots and drivers right? Because ofcourse your enjoying yourself, you have a counter for everything. Planetside 1 had a pretty balanced system for Air and Vehicles except for the periods when BFR's and FLails dominated...But guess what happend to those bad boys they eventually had that nerf bat swung their way. Your time is coming and when and if it does we will be back farm the sky and land and make sure your time loging in was a miserable as ours is now.

    And what is this FIreFall your talking about? Is that another MMOFPS?
  8. Pat Cleburne

    My AA max has extended mags. I have yet to see a single lib that I cannot take to approximately half health in no time flat by myself. They never hover unless they are in large groups. I may not always kill them, but I make them fly away and repair at least.
  9. Ashur

    The only issue I have with air after the nerfs/buffs to AA is the fact that AA still costs 7$ across the board, other than that, it's fine.
  10. Hitomo

    I dont get it either, Firefall seems to have nothing to do with PS2, totally different game
    and it looks awfuel like a wii game or something ...
  11. Warskull

    That lib gunner isn't going to be doing much damage then. For the total domination that people claim libs do, you need to be able to sit above your target for 10-20 seconds and pull off accurate shots. If you're ducking behind cover and running away you aren't killing anything. This is coming from a guy who plays an AA MAX too. An organized squad can shut down air so long as they aren't massively outnumbered.

    If they're all sitting up in aircraft they're not capping the base. If you've got both infantry AND air attacking your target, I suggest you pull some air as well to go with your infantry.
  12. WhatsThatNoize

    I think this guy pretty much hit the nail on the head. Air has too much versatility, while ground units have to specialize for every little thing. That's what seems unfair to ground units.

    "Oh, but you guys can just run to terminals and respec!" Yeah, sure, but it takes a good 3-5 minutes just to run to the terminal by which point the air has completely wrecked your defenses. A lot happens in 3 minutes, let alone 5.

    I'm with Jestunhi on this. My friend plays in his Lib every time he logs on and he and I have both admitted that it's EasyMode all day, every day. AA needs more range/damage/projectile-speed, or Libs need a lower flight ceiling/the inability to hover. Maybe even both!

    As a future pilot of this game, I want a challenge from the ground. Give me more flares so I can respond and make piloting skill-based, but don't make me a flying tank with a massive cannon who can shoot outside of the range of everyone.
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  13. Banick

    Just relax, I believe there is an optimization patch coming out. More balances are inevitable as they know air is completely dominate at the moment. Not to mention they always planned to release PS2 as an easy accessible game similar to BF3, now they will begin implementing changes over time to bring it in line to PS1.

    Or so I read from bits and pieces. Whether this is true or not, I'm not sure. I roll between Inf, Arm and Air as the mood suits. Usually it's best to switch because some days you just get rolled. Other days you will own. Some days you won't survive at all depending on how you play.

    Tried an outfit? It adds a more enjoyable experience to the game. Particularly when they're organised and have different forces supporting their push (ie: air, arm and inf.)
  14. TeknoBug

    Yeah I'm done playing PS2 for a while, pity because I still have the 7 day xp boost in effect. I'm off playing Sait's Row 3 and some other games I recently picked up. :p
  15. AlienDung

    The aircrafts piss me off at times, because i only play as LA, so my MAX or HA aren't certed and can't do sheet.

    But i'll get my joystick tomorrow, so i can fly. This sheet is about to get real.
  16. Ascen

    Yes, not that many people playing would have put many certs into AA and here lies the problem.

    Obviously, some time down the line more people will have access to AA and at that point it will be more balanced. If Sony does a knee jerk reaction now and nerf air it'll probably only make air worse.
  17. KayGeddon

    The problem is

    1)Air has extremely powerful TTK

    2)Air has AoE weapons

    3)Air has by far the highest mobility. Ground forces can't even compete.

    4)Air is basically flying tanks. They're very durable. Often pilots can simply move away from AA, repair, then continue farming.

    Air offers by far the best farming potential. It is difficult/impossible to stop them, as your AA train might as well be turrets due to the speed difference between ground and air. If Sony bothered to check their statistics, they'd see all the high BR people got them via zephyr/dalton/rocketpods.
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  18. Nonesuch

    I've found flying harder, and I've been killed less by air, ever since the 3x smedbux and double exp events. Everyone has bought counters now and if you get killed they spawn bursters/AA. It might not be perfect and there could still be tweaks but things are better.

    I only really ever get to farm infantry which don't learn and don't bother spawning AA.
  19. WhatsThatNoize

    Right, and I'm not disagreeing with you on any of those points. However, I believe the solution lies in balancing the game by adjusting only one or two of those values, not all 4. Adjust #4 so they aren't flying tanks. And adjust AA so it isn't completely worthless at range and can compete with the mobility of #3.

    Has anyone ever seen real A2G missiles in action? Once they have a lock on a target, flares aside, that target is f*cked to next Tuesday. Planes should not be able to outmaneuver missiles in wide open sky. Ever. Maybe in dense cover with structures or land formations, but I should NEVER see a plane be able to outrun a missile for over 1 km. The average A2G missiles in our own pathetic real world travel at supersonic speeds. These jets we fly barely travel as fast as a Bugatti with FULL afterburner on.

    I'm calling bullsh*t - and not because I expect this game to reflect real life - but because it's absolutely idiotic. No military would adopt a missile that could be outrun by its target - EVER. Not in this world or any fantasy world except the asinine one dreamt up by these illogical game devs.

    Increase Missile speed. By a factor of 10. Problem solved. Flares would still work, it just wouldn't give pilots 8-9 seconds to get their fingers out of their noses and go "Oh, Durr, I should probably hit flares and move! Durr!"
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  20. CobraBoss

    What you get to shoot them down...
    You lock on to aircraft takes 5 seconds he flares you miss , you lock on again he goes low you miss , you lock on again he hovers on place missile goes stupid and goes away miss , you lock on again flares are back you wait lock on again Zoom he flies away faster then missile , it dissapears you miss...

    30 minutes later you see another newb aircraft you lock on wait fire YOU HIT ! now goodluck cowboy you have to do that 6 times but you have 4 or less rockets !

    I wont even talk about walker on tank that thing throws nerf balls at the velocity you can throw a sponge and need mathematician tools to anticipate and compensate to hit anything ...

    Everyone cries about skyguard not sure dont even want to try it.

    Solution get 2-3 other friends all with AA max and now you may be able to kill some aicrafts if they play stupid.