Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

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  1. TeknoBug

    At least that... 15 MAXs won't be enough for 15 libs. Back on friday or thursday we faced 10 some odd libs and 20-25 mosquitoes at once in some areas, no amount of AA could deal with that.
    Are you trying to be funny?
  2. Quadron

    Speaking as someone who has piloted libs for hours and ran as ground AA max for hours. All it would take would be 3 AA maxes to shut down INFINITY liberator runs. With 3 AA maxes, you can kill a liberator in the distance before it can even render the max to be able to shoot at it. Please stop exaggerating and tell a couple of your buddies to hop in AA maxes, then go mess 'em up. Liberators won't be an issue anymore.
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  3. Bejita231

    If the only strategy is to kamikaze in to them (which doesnt work by the way since a lib can outmanuever a galaxy with ease) then ill go play a working game, this has to be the dumbest post in this thread and basically proves my point 100%, suiciding a expensive aircraft into other aircraft is not AA, we have AA guns for that
  4. Aghar30

    depends on the coordination of both sides, I have had 3 maxes coordinating clear the sky (along with 1 engie) if all the maxes fire on the same target and the air does not conentrait their fire on the 3 maxes, the air deserves to die.
  5. Bejita231

    You are a terrible Lib pilot then, as any competent lib pilot will make a strafing run from behind cover, and just dive away from all the maxs before taking to much damage, this is a AA max telling a Lib how to fly
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  6. Sinoby

    Can we stop throwing random numbers around? 15 AA maxes will r*pe all air to shreds. Simple as that. Heck, two groups of 4 maxes is enough to clear the sky. If one can not hit slowly evading lib with aa max - that is not up to sony to fix. Do you need one-shot to kill hitscan weapon?
    And all this rambling about magriders then appearing and killing maxes. It is either
    A) dead lib crews switched to maggies, then you have to switch to more fitting clas to counter mbt.
    B) they had air and ground forces while your side had only ground forces. Your side fielded considerably less forve and will lose anyway.
  7. Revorn

    10 Libs = 30-40 Maxes
    25 Mossis = 50 Maxes

    So ca 80 Maxes should be able to handle them. If they dont come all at a Time, fewer Maxes, maybe around 45, will do it. Imho.
  8. road-runn3r

    He doesn't even need to spend 2k certs. A stock lib or better a 100 certs one man lib with the tankbuster will completely destroy any other lib in seconds. Most of the farming libs have no tactical awareness at all and it's so easy to surprise them with the TB from above or any other direction if you really can't get the job done using an ESF.

    What is happening on these forums these days is the gathering of extremely bad and stupid players who must whine a lot about things that kill them. What surprises me more is they are spending so much time and energy lobbying against libs here than actually trying to kill them in game. Hilarious.
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  9. Tasogie

    this is completely untrue mate sorry. 3 MAX will rip a lib into sushi. This is a fact....
    Lib wont even get off 2 salvos before they kill him, because they start shooting before he can see them. SO the pilot will fly into the shells (if the MAX are good gunners)
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  10. Pacifer

    Lol man nice jokes , mbt whit AA ? have you ever used one of those g30w you are talking about ? No you haven't . It's funny how those guys talk smack whitout any real knowledge . And for you info , lib hovering a max altitude can't be reached from ground AA , maxes sg or g30w . But go on keep talking like you're the big man ahah
  11. Revorn

    As i wrote, 10 Libs = 30-40 Maxes. (i added some for the posibility of bad gunners as well.) So i think its not untrue, its true, after you are comeing up with the same numbers. 1Lib = 3 Maxes.
  12. AdrIneX

    If people still can't deal with air by using AA maxes, AA turrets or Skyguards then they are either lying or simply don't know how to play this game. Every time I fly a Mosquito I see AA all over the place (and that's without mentioning other ESF in the air) and it's a hard time to stay in the air for a long period.

    I think the whiners are the lonewolves who want to dominate the entire battlefield on their own. Well try COD, might suit you.
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  13. The Jiggler

    It's not the only strategy; but it certainly is something you might consider if you're frustrated. This doesn't prove your point only how small minded you are. I have personally defended Zurvan Amp station from an overwhelming force of enemy aircraft with just me and two other guys - two of us in doublee AA burster maxes and the other guy a engineer. We sat in a tower for 45 mins and killed everything that came near us. I scored 30 kills and didn't die once. We identified a target and waited until it was in range and could not escape our fire. It's that simple. If you're unable to play a team game then please do go play a PvE grindfest instead.

    But i guess what you'll actually do is continue to QQ on the forums and ignore any of the genuinely valid suggestions. Tell me; what have you tried? Have you certed into reduced damage from explosions? Do you actually try to use teamwork?

    I suggested kamikaze tactics because i don't think you have tried it. There are obviously alot fot hings you haven't tried cos you think liberators are the be all and end all over powered farm fest machines. It's just simply not true if you are fighting against a competent enemy. Yeah i have done my fair share of farming on a liberator - but i have also spent alot of time rocking double burster Max and i unlocked a skyguard with the stealth cert so that i have options.

    Use your brain instead of QQ-ing. You are not entitled to win.
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  14. BobBlazinski

    If that was you on miller last night, good fights. Me and another Lib crew were cleaning out the crown and a few nearby bases before moving on Zurvan. AA maxes had it locked down pretty tight. As someone who plays both AA and Lib pilot I agree that Libs are a bit OP against infantry. They're supposed to be. The only way this will get fixed is if the introduce a damage reduction over distance on the Zephyr and Dalton. Perhaps 800m for the Dalton and 600m for the Zephyr. However if your facing 15+ Libs, There's not much you can do as you're likely facing a zerg as well. As you said, you're not entitled to win every fight.
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  15. Some1

    Didn't really take the time to read the post but in regards to the title I find my self playing more and more because of the amount of air and how good the max is against them.
  16. LiquidGG

    You cant see any ground units when you are at max range. stop talking ********.
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  17. RichardDunn

    These threads are starting to make me sick. Cry Cry Cry Cry

    The people that post these topics must be extremely stupid. They over exaggerate like it's going out of style. They also lack the common sense to counter the threat. Did you ever think of unleashing an air assault of your own against the enemy Liberators? Probably not, that would make too much sense. Also, I don't want to here, "we can't do that because my team never works together", that's not my problem.

    You must really suck at the game. I've probably gotten killed ~15 times from combined Rocketpod and Liberator fire durning my 5+ days of playtime. Are you being stupid and running out of your spawn room directly into their barrages? You wouldn't be that stupid would you? Actually, you probably are.

    I forget to mention that the MAX unit's rendering range is farther than any aircraft. You should be able to hit the target before it sees you.
  18. OddballE8

    Need to kill a liberator?

    No, seriously... hop in a liberator with the anti-tank primary gun and you can take out the other liberator really fast... if you also have a full complement of crew you should use the 150 and AA gun as well, those work fine against enemy libs... you just need to know how to attack them...
    Never go straight on or from behind... Assuming that it is hovering at max height, you should attack from the side and dont tip it off to your prescense until you are close enough to guarantee that your entire first burst will hit.
  19. mina5

    Air is very well balanced . but points what you get shooting them down is bad . no one wants to be AA when you get around 5 certs in 20 min
  20. Hunter_Killers

    You guys must run into some really bad Liberator crews. It's highly unlikely you are going to have AA out on his approach. It's even more likely that Lib is going to be in range to instantly kill you the moment you pop out of cover. If he has any kind of support you might as well leave the base.