Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bejita231, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Bejita231

    Everyday i logon to play and there's more and more fully maxed out liberators in groups of 5 or more in the sky that take 15+ maxs to bring down one of them if they stand still (which they never do), and more and more i get bored of the game that has turned into a lib wack a mole fest with their daltons being far to overpowered

    After double exp i am taking a break for an indefinite amount of time untill this is sorted out, i signed up for ground combat and i expect to have a counter to air, just like air can counter everything on the ground with no contest, "detering" just isent good enough you either kill or you be killed and right now Liberators are unkillable whill my ground unit is just fodder at the Airs whim

    With firefall coming around, i see no reason to play this unbalanced mess, some major work is going to have to go into adding metagame and balancing this game, and im not going to be the ginnie pig/scapegoat that has to suffer through the pains as you slowly fix the game, goodbye soe and good luck on your future endeavors
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  2. FireKetchup

    15 players on maxes to take out 15 players in libs? Seems perfectly balanced. Unless you meant 15 maxes for one lib, in which case your maxes are absolutely awful.
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  3. SerialNumber1221

    Lol if its that bad why even play for the double xp.....I think maybe your complaint had some veracity but once I read that quoted bit, well, you can figure out what I thought next....:cool:
  4. Sinoby

    Why are you forcing yourself to do something, you don't enjoy? It is a game, and it is ment to deliver fun. If you don't feel like it - take a break and come back later to check it out. No subscription does have it's own benefits.
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  5. Revorn

    for 15 Libs in the Sky you maybe need about 45 Dual AA-Maxes, and dont forgett the Maxes needed for the other Air. If they come with such many Troops you have to bring in as much as well. I guess there is no way around it.

    I suspect, if ppl seeing 5-7 Maxes on the Field they maybee think "Oh, wow, thats surley enough Maxes", and the dying starts.
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  6. Jestunhi

    Slightly off topic... but I have 5 FireFall beta invites on one account, likely another 5 on my other account.

    If anyone wants one, send me a PM. ;)
  7. QuantumGuard

    Right now it delivers fun to pilots/gunners at the expense of infantry that can't fight back. It won't be as fun if more and more people leave and you will have nothing to shoot, only other Libs.
  8. 13lackCats

    Balance = gawd-awful f'n boring.

    I need a challenge.
  9. Revorn

    And bring the Maxes in, with your Tanks and not after they died duo the Air, because, after the Airzerg comes the Tankzerg and your AA is lost without your Tanks.
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  10. OutbreakMonkey

    If one ESF or Lib can smash a few tanks and a bunch of infantry then how is it balanced that it takes two or three dual burster maxes (who're completely defenseless to ground assault) just to take out one Lib.

    The original Planetside never had these problems. No wonder this game is F2P, it can't hold a candle to the original.
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  11. LiquidGG

    Because you are not playing in a well-organized platoon. You guys are just running around and assume to kill everything you are facing.
    wrong. coordinate your platoon. bring 1 squad for AA only. 1 squad AT only. 1 squad support only (meds and engis). 1 squad Infantery.

    easy game.
  12. Sinoby

    Not my expirience at all. Last thre days I took part in lot's of different battles, tank vs tank columns, infantry ambushes, AA dedicated groups ground, flying anti-air reavers and fighting other libs with my lib.
    I create my own experience and don't allow one thing to get on my nerves. I died to liberator twice during last thre days.
    People just exaggerate too much one thingle problem, while not doing anything about it, I try to counter it and have fun in process.
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  13. LiquidGG

    People complain about OP liberators and stuff. But they are too lazy to cert out AA Max unit or AA Tanks. So they run to the forums and complain.
    The fact that liberators need about 2000certs to get really good - nobody takes that into their argumentation.

    So spend your own ******* 2000 certs on AA and then come back and complain.
  14. Kunotron

    I feel where your coming from. PS1 never had this kind of air dominance, mostly because someone going AA was better against air than air was against them. AA maxes would destroy Reavers and Mossies, and 2 could easily break a Liberator in half. They took that away, added some horrible terrain and base design. made an exp / certification system and encourages never getting out of your vehicle, and you have PS2.

    As a person who owned PS1 since launch day, hearing about this game years ago got my hopes up. Thinking of an updated engine and infantry mechanics, all the old vehicles updated, and no BFRs would be the perfect game. But now we just have the equivalent of flying BFRs, only a handful of vehicles (not even a damn buggy), and infantry that prove useless half the time since so many bases have outdoor cap points.

    Dunno which is a worst sequel, this or Diablo 3.
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  15. Jestunhi

    It's not being too lazy to cert.

    It's about not playing this game to stare at the sky all day, just to deter aircraft.

    If people wanted to play an AA simulator, that's what they would have bought.

    Often when air comes it's a choice of die to AoE spam or switch to AA. Those are the options.
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  16. Bejita231

    No, 15 max to deter one liberator who hovers at flight ceiling or makes evasive manuevers around cliffs and building structurers at the hint of taking flak damage, the 5 libs will bomb the hell out of your AA max before they can bring one down, these libs are impossible to kill as AA even in packs, what happens is the AA is slowly destroyed by a onslaught of liberators/magriders and since all your players are playing AA there is no one playing ground vehicles so you get slaughtered, you have two choice either spam AA and die to ground, or dont use AA and die to the libs, there is NO balance

    And when you are in the middle of the map with no air terminals in sight, you have no choice but to pull AA, you either have air or you die in this game, its sadly balanced and in no way fun for anyone on ground.
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  17. LiquidGG

    Well i guess it is exactly what i said. people run around as infantry, lets say. liberators show up and they get blasted away. after the 5th death, you are getting annoyed by those flying bastards.
    so you get AA MAX unit or Heavy Infantery with AA RL. then they go on a hill, with no cover and try to bring down a liberator at their own. they get spotted and blasted away again. then they try again, rince and repeat.

    I guess in 90% of those cases, NO AA certs were used, NO strategic communication with squad or platoon was involved either. So they run to the forums and complain its op.

    Oh and 1 tip: if liberators are that much OP, get your own lib, spend 2k certs on it and go **** with your buddies. OH wait youre too lazy to farm the certs and suck at flying right?
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  18. The Jiggler

    This kind of complaint is laughable. You refuse to adapt and learn new strats so you're gonna go play a PvE grind fest instead. Good riddance.

    If the liberator spam is really that infuriating then get 5 people to spawn a galaxy each and just ram them. Stop spawning infantry if you are getting farmed by liberators. It's really laughable how often i see a spawn point being camped by liberators and it's like people don't understand the concept of redeploying to a different territory to fight back.

    You are not entitled to win any way you want. You have to learn how to win. This thread has got nothing to do with gameplay balance and everything to do with you leaving to play a PvE grind fest and trying to get people to come with you. I'm glad you get farmed by liberators - you're too stupid for this game.
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  19. LiquidGG

    If you fail with 14 other AA max units to bring down 1 lib. you deserve to get ownd.
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  20. Tasogie

    Its a mass war game, there is meant to be alot of air around. Have a look at some docos on modern day warfare, you have planes drones, choppers all sorts of things up there (yes in game the distance is much more confined, but it still works out the same.It's pretty easy to take out a Gunship, I did it tonight in a Reaver with the standard cannon, or 2 MAX can kill one easily.