Players warping/hitching/not rendering

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ExoPolitics, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. ExoPolitics

    I started playing again after a few months off and have noticed some strange performance issues. Sometimes players will not render until I am only a few feet away from them. From what I remember the clipping range would be slightly reduced depending upon the number of players in the area, but what I have noticed appears to be quite extreme compared to when I last played.

    I have also noticed players warping/hitching when farther then 20-30 meters. The best way to describe what I am seeing is imagine watching a video and rapidly pressing the pause/play button. It is extremely difficult to hit anything moving when this happens.

    I have the exact same hardware as when I last played and all my drivers are up to date. My ping is usually around 100, which is also unchanged. I run my settings at high/medium to maintain 50+ fps. I have noticed others are experiencing some performance issues as well, but thought I would post to see if there might be anything I can do to sort the issue on me end.
  2. Hastur

    Sounds like a problem I'm having. I just got a brand new desktop PC with good hardware. But let me tell my PS2 experience, if we're talking about the same thing:

    I start the game normally, find a fight. I get to fight normally about 5mins and everything works. Then weird things begin to happen. Every moving thing starts to warp around, own&enemy soldiers and all the tanks and aircraft. Magriders/prowlers/vanguards flip around, even fly around. I see soldiers above me in the air even though I'm on the middle of the field and then they disappear. If I shoot at enemy, the indicator shows I have landed a hit but then enemy is teleported away. If I watch minimap, I see map in chaos, indicators are warping around. Needless to say the game is uplayable.

    I still have my old computer I started playing Planetside with. I had to play on low settings and every thing disabled but it worked. This morning I tried playing with this old computer and everything was ok, the game worked as normal, no warping, nothing. On low graphics but worked. Tried to play it an hour so that the warping could start to happen but no.

    Then I plugged my new computer on and took every graphical thing to the same setting as in my old computer. The game worked much better than on high graphical setting. There was some minor warping but in a scale I could live with. In the middle of the fight I put graphics on high and all hell broke loose, warping was back again. Then I went back to low settings and warping was minor.

    But lets face it, there is something very wrong with the game now. Hope thee fix it. I'm a subscriber and would like to get to play a quality game. The game (when it works) is amazing.

    Just come off Cobalt right now on Indar, this is exactly whats happening to me, game plays ok until i get in a high pop area then it goes bad.

    Jumping, stuttering, hitching, freezing, players warping about. I have 40/10 Fibre, no connection issue on my end, its either SOE servers are having a prolapse or their ISP needs dumping ASAP.

    There are games that set milestones for the wrong reasons, look at the greif that Aliens Colonial Marines still gets to this game. PlanetSide 2 is allready at that point right now and SOE show no signs of fixing things. You only have to look at that gap on the bug tracker (gap keeps getting bigger, more bugs reported than fixed) to see somethings clearly not right at SOE. If they are not carefull this is gona haunt them for a long time.