Players that switch factions to TK deployed Sunderers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Halcyon, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Liquid23

    I used the same "maths" you did to come up with the 10% claim you used in your post

    but none of this matters since both the playerbase and the Devs have seen and shot down this dumb idea over and over so many times it's just a thread to laugh at when brought up
  2. HannibalBarca

    I said IF 10% of them go THEN the problem is 10% fixed.

    Note the IF and THEN. Maybe you need to look into logic rather than maths.
  3. Liquid23

    which is why I said I used the same math you did... which was, well, none
  4. HannibalBarca

    IF is a kind of special word. Look it up.
  5. Liquid23

    and this thread already has been answered by the Devs and playerbase multiple times. look it up
  6. HannibalBarca

    The thread is not a question and does not have an answer.
  7. Liquid23

    sure it does because the word answer means more than just a reply to a question... and the answer is

    NO, deal with it
  8. HannibalBarca

    I bow to your superior math, logic and semantic pedantry. LOL.
  9. StalkerGER

    10/10 +bump
  10. Halcyon

    You don't speak for the devs, so stick your "deal with it" way up there and deal with "that."
  11. Liquid23

    of course I don't speak for the Devs but I was repeating the answer they have given us over and over everytime this stupid idea is brought up... so ya try harder
  12. RobotNinja

    Spot on. If players have to wait hours to switch players why would they give SOE more cash?

    Locking out players from switching their active player is just stupid. The problem isn't players switching
    characters, the problem is players intentionally teamkilling and SOE's complete lack of response.

    It's not surprising considering their "hard stance" on cheaters, exploiters and hackers consists of them giving second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. chances to anyone who's a "celebrity" player whose outfit friends will like totally vouch he's tots the legit or even people who have just spent a few Station Cash on their account. I've seen the emails from SOE's "ban enforcement team" that they send to players that literally everyone knows have been cheating for months if not close to a year that say they're getting a "second chance" because they've spent some money. The cheaters post these emails on their forums to laugh at SOE's complete incompetency and then go right back to hacking.

    Don't be like SOE...address the actual problem here.
  13. R3dBeaver


    the solution isn't time delay from switching. the solution should be a lot more harsher penalty for teamkilling.

    yes, yes, then some people would say "but then people can still at least SPY on their enemies by watching and listening".... well, join a good faction then.