Players that switch factions to TK deployed Sunderers

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  1. Shubniggurath

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  2. Yuukikun

    I'm going to assume many things here.

    - people are lazy to make a new account just to TK so they just make a new char in their account to tk (mostly due to people who harass with tk/verbal harassment never get banned because GM aren't doing their job)

    - if you make an account get an insta ban for 1 week for having a char with 10% tk and delete that char, it will force them to have to create a new account for every time they want to TK which will bring the 2 next points

    - creating an account is a pain just for 1 TK. Totally not worth it time wise.

    - someone who is raging and want to create an account for TK will have to take the time for making this account and the fight have good chances of already being over by the time he gets on and reach the place.

    - it's possible for the devs / gm whatever to see how many accounts are made by a same IP, it's possible to IP ban the people who even take the time to make accounts everytime they want to tk. Now are they living in the same house as another player? Well when you share an internet connection, it's your responsibility to make sure no one is doing illegal / griefing stuff with it. So yes, IP ban is a good solution.

    - There's always people who will work hard just to exploit something. But they're not a majority. Most TK switchers (isn't this a cute name) are just impulsive people with bad anger management, and having to create an account just for a TK will result in them calming down before they finish it and going back to their main char to keep playing, and IP ban for the hard working TKers
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  3. HJK148

    I actually got accused of doing something like this about 15 minutes ago, I took a screenshot of the /tells the guy sent me, but because PS2 for some reason doesn't work with the Print-screen button (And I couldn't be bothered to have to go through the Steam screenshot manager) it came out as a pure black 1920x1080 image.

    I was fighting a VS Lightning as a HA west of the Abandoned NS Offices (North-east Indar if anyone doesn't know where that is.) and the driver backed over a hill, I though he'd got out to repair so I switched to my LMG. Instead he drove straight forward and I still had my primary out. Instead of trying to attack him I ran right and attacked a VS engineer (Not giving names) repairing a Sunderer, just after that the Lightning killed me.

    A couple of minutes later I got a /tell from the guy who owned the Sunderer saying I'd been reported, when I asked why he told me a guy in a Magrider destroyed his Sunderer just after I killed him and accused me of helping the Mag pilot. I was kind of hoping it was going to be something like "OMG AIMBOT!!!1" but apparently I'm not good enough for that. :(

    I don't see why you'd want to switch factions and team-kill just to win, what do you get out of it? Virtual currency that's worthless everywhere but a game you're not even going to bother playing properly? Why would you want that if you're just going to cheat? What're you going to do with it when you're done? There's no reason unlocking stuff when all you're doing is farming XP from base caps, since you're never going to use it to play the game properly. Why not just play for fun and get certs and XP through playing the game? It's a lot more fun and it feels more rewarding than just 4th factioning and farming.
  4. Astriania

    You're talking about multiple instances on a single computer. A computer wide faction lock would cover all of those dodges – it wouldn't be linked to accounts alone, so having two accounts wouldn't get around it.

    It would let you log back in on the same faction as you were playing before a d/c, or on a different server.
  5. Mr_Giggles

    Everyone always brings up PS1 but they always, AAAAAALWAYS, forget one simple thing.

    PS1 = paid subscription
    PS2 = F2P

    Timer only works with one of these models. Feel free to guess which one.

    It's really bad to make this assumption when the answer with a link is right on page 1.
  6. Yuukikun

    The only link on the first page talks about 4th factionning not TK. It's completely irrelevent to my post.
  7. Taemien

    Computer locks are easy to get around too, you can easily spoof it using downloaded utilities from even legitimate sources.

    The point is, anything that can be done to 'prevent' what the OP was having an issue with, can be and will be circumnavigated by the people to do it. It takes a little work to even mine a friendly sundy to advance your faction. Whats to say they won't take the extra minute to download tools, spoof MACs, spoof computer hardware, make a second account, ect. It takes longer to make the second account than any of those measures.

    But guess what? The coding time, downtime, and implementations of such changes take hours. The amount of time to circumvent them.. minutes. /golfclap

    My suggestion would take a little more time to code. But it would ACTUALLY WORK. And honest players who want to play more than one faction wouldn't be punished.

    Why would you all be against that? Unless you did have the agenda to punish honest players. And I still haven't gotten the OP to respond. So he's nothing but a derpy little troll that probably parked his sundy on friendly mines and took an enemy rocket from a lucky player. But now wants to blame his mistake on others.
  8. Mr_Giggles

    Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess. I mean it's not like 4th factioners don't make alt accounts to TK or anything.
  9. natterfr0s

    Amen brother. Also, learning a lot about how to grief other players in this thread. Good job guys, I never thought about the true dirty strategies of this game.
  10. Badname0192

    Report the idiots. I see these idiots on Mattherson at times, I report them, then eventually through others reporting, they become no more.
  11. Degenatron

    I agree with OP's sentiment - but Taemien is absolutely right. You cannot fix this with account restrictions.

    People aren't reading and understanding what is being said:

    1. Know the difference between "Multiple ACCOUNTS" and "Multiple CHARACTERS". It takes little effort to create a 2nd Station Account. Most people who would do something like this ALREADY HAVE IT MADE. And because it's Free-2-play, ther eis nothing stopping them.

    2. You don't need 2 computers. One system - 2 station accounts.

    3. The devs could spend YEARS trying to build in Multi-IP blockers, Multi-client blockers, etc. and it just won't work. Are you really advocating they abandon new content, performance optimizations, and bug fixing to pursue this problem exploited by so few players?

    4. Taemien has already proposed the best possible solution: a "no deploy" zone for friendly explosives around vehicles. However, the next escalation will be 3~4 jumpers attacking with AV rockets.


    The only solution I see for Alert Jumpers is to have a character designated as your "Main for Server X". Any other account on that server could not gain XP from Alerts.

    Or just do away with Alerts all together - they are contrived and they take players away from current fights to go to alert targets - which the devs stated they specifically did NOT want to happen.
  12. skyN3T

    Hey! Dem Space Rangers look like NC to me! Proof: Spreading Liberty and Freedom with SHOTGUNS! Watdidhesay? :D

    On a serious note: Taemien had a good point there, making Mines and C4 undeployable in the vicinity of the Sunderer. Thats a +1 from me. Best idea thus far.
  13. natterfr0s

    I come from a game that literally battled over it's 8 year lifespan with chinese bot farmers... the chinese had tools that allowed them to log in to the game entirely skipping the graphics, that just sent commands directly via packets, thus allowing them to log hundreds and hundreds of accounts on crappy computers.

    They waited 8 years of this crap, and the chinese abandoned the game after most of the farm spots were flat out removed, leaving the game strictly p2p. The only people who would multi-client were regular users, either to receive character buffs or to help, but in no way it would be considered game breaking. Suddenly 1 week after announcing policy change, they finally decided to block multiple IPs coming from similar subnets (IE, two PCs on two routers in the same house will not log).

    The lesson: When it's something that's going to screw the players, dev's are always on time.
  14. Yuukikun

    They don't. It's a completely different matter. There are some people who make TK accounts wether they are 4th factionners or not. It has no correlation. I can even go farther and say 4th factionners probably have a lower rate of TK accounts considering they just switch to win, why would they c4 their sundie if they want to win with the dominant faction?
  15. Kitakami

    I think closet TKing Sunderers is actually the lowest, most pathetic thing you can do in PS2.

    I remember an early experience of this, on Esamir; trying to out-flank a TR Sundy and avoid tangos by skipping over rocks as an LA, taking a ridiculously circuitous route. When I finally got to the Sundy, a TR engineer was dumping AT mines on it, and I watched in disbelief as they naded them and destroyed my goal.

    Being somewhat naïve, at first I thought that the Sundy driver was Joker-like villain and blew the damn thing up to rob me of my glory. Then the true horror sank in. One of my own side had done it!
  16. Mr_Giggles

    All I see is blah blah blah right now. Like I said, you just keep doing whatever you feel is necessary to make your point feel justified. The answer will still be there waiting for you on the front page.
  17. vulcan78

    LOL! But everyone knows they are the TR....

    Yeah mines and C4 being undeployable within the vicinity of a Sundy is another good idea. The problem isnt without a solution, the question is how quickly will SOE implement one.
  18. HannibalBarca

    Yeah, and door locks don't work because sledgehammers exist. And bike locks don't work because boltcutters exist. And most relevant of all, passwords don't work because they can be brute forced.


    Timer only works 100% effectively with the paid model.

    But 100% efficacy is not required.

    If you reject any security measure that is not a 100% solution, then you will have no security, because no single security measure is ever a 100% solution. However, implementation of multiple imperfect solutions can achieve a reasonable outcome.

    If they implement timers, and that eliminates the dumbest 10% of 4th factioners, then the problem is 10% solved. It is as simple as that.
  19. Liquid23

    and pisses off 90% of their paying customers who have multiple characters creating a larger problem than it solves
  20. HannibalBarca

    90% is a large number, did you make it up all by yourself?

    I acknowledge that you have a point: some players don't want timers. I don't think the percentage is as high as you claim.

    Personally, I believe that timers would solve more problems than they create. I wouldn't even notice a timer but I sure do notice TKing. I won't pretend (like you are) to speak for everyone.