Players that switch factions to TK deployed Sunderers

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  1. MFP_TK_01

    Many people did start their characters on different servers which were later merged. Should they be punished for something that they couldn't control?
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  2. vulcan78

    You should only be able to play in one faction per 24 hour time period. That would completely eliminate 4th Faction TK shenanigans yet still allow players who choose to have characters in different factions the ability to use them.

    I am positively disgusted with the 4th Faction Tank-Mine under the Sunderer trick. Its not funny or fun. It needs to be eliminated at all costs.
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  3. Bobaflay

    Deal with it. I dont want a timer because sometimes i get bored of one faction and i want to play another one. I DISAGREE
  4. Taemien

    Did you even read the thread? You know I could login a NC character on my main account. Login at the SAME time as a VS character on a 2nd account. Mine up your Sundy and then throw a rocket from my main character. Not only it isn't a TK (since a NC got the kill), but my main gets 1000-2000 exp for it. Plus an explosive kill for taking out the mines too.

    How would faction locking stop that. In that example, I would have NEVER logged off my main character. Lock factions for one million years and you still wouldn't have stopped my example.

    Again, the only reason you people support faction locks is to prevent outfits from playing with each other during alerts. You're not that stupid to think faction locking would actually prevent TKing.
  5. Astriania

    People like this should be banned, but it's really hard to make a technical enforcement when accounts are free and people can have two computers. A 10 minute faction lock on the computer would work quite well though, I'd think, probably not that many people have two PS2-competent machines.
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  6. CrashB111

    The best example I have seen of this degree of ******ry was on Amerish during an Alert. VS was trying to zerg out the last base TR had to give connectivity to their Tech Plant and we were gearing a massive MAX crash in our spawn to be rid of them. As soon as the order to move was given, all of our 50+ MAX units were immediately TK'd by one BR 2 TR Light Assault with C4 as soon as we stepped out of the door. Still the most disgusting example I have seen of 4th factioneers.
  7. Taemien

    Most do. I doubt people use single core CPUs, and when you alt tab, the minimized instance isn't taxing the GPU much.

    Failing that, and assuming players have less capable machines. Close the main client, open the 2nd account, mine the sundy, shoot it, and then log back over. Unless of course you're advocating LOGIN locks. Meaning you get a 10 min timer when you disconnect. That'd be crappy for those little crashes and D/C's that happen once in a while.

    Sorry, faction locking won't ever help in this situation.
  8. vulcan78

    I have no experience with switching factions so I was unaware that you could be using two different characters at the same time, presumably with different computers. Well what kind of solution do you propose? Because the problem needs to be rectified, it is truly game-breaking and is no fun for anyone other than the perpetrator (and maybe the faction they came from that is contesting some kind of Alert relevant territory).
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  9. Pie Chasm

    I made a good suggestion: experience debt

    if you deal 50%+ health of a sundys health in damage and it dies, then you incur a penalty that is account-wide.
  10. Taemien

    Did you read the thread? That won't work against multiple accounts.

    The solution, whatever is chosen has to solve or at least mitigate the problem. The solution also has to have more of a benefit than a detriment. Faction locking doesn't work with this. Its more of a detriment to those that play multiple characters than the benefit we'd receive from it, we wouldn't even see the problem mitgated. Like I said, I can simply make another PS2 account and spend the certs to get mines, then blow them up with my main.

    One solution would be to require mines/C4 to require a certain Battle Rank to obtain, or cost SC to obtain (like the mana/AV turret). Those that have them already are grandfathered in. The players that already have these unlocked on an alt account will then lose said account when reported, so they will have to put more of an investment to get it unlocked (in either time, or money). Legit established players are unaffected. New players won't have immediate access to C4/Mines, but I think the benefit outweighs the restriction in this case.


    I just thought of an even better solution. Mines and C4 cannot be placed within a certain distance of a friendly deployed sunderer. Codes already in the game as sundies can't be deployed next to one another. This radius would obviously be smaller (the effective explosion radius of C4 and Mines).

    There much more elegant fix than faction locking. And it actually would WORK.
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  11. Cab00se187

    Yes this topic has been beaten to death. Do I wish for SOE to actually man up and do something about it? Yes. Will they? No. People can blame poor optimization but this among long awaited content is what has driven people away from the game.
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  12. MaxDamage

    Well the method in Planetside 1 let you do that, it meant that you had to wait 12 hours since you switched from one to the other. So long as you hadn't played the other faction character for the 12 hour duration (passive timer that continued when you were offline), you could switch immediately one way.
  13. Nocturnal7x

    Of course not. They easily could have been grandfathered in.
  14. Nocturnal7x

    Another problem for another time. Hopefully by then they get their head out of their *** and add a swap timer.

    And passive cert gain shouldn't require a login, so again once they get their head out of their *****...problems solved.
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  15. vulcan78

    Nah, another added benefit of eliminating 4th factioning would be the faction migration issue seen mid-alert, which positively re-enforces the victory by one particular faction when a majority of participants sense this and switch to that faction. 4th factioning has a significant impact on alerts, if players simply remained dedicated to their respective faction and persevered many alert outcomes would be different.

    I don't 4th faction. I bitterly despise the Terran Republicans, mainly because they are OP and knowingly continue to exploit it.

    I don't understand how people can just change factions as though they were simply changing their shirt, its not just about using different weapons, you are actually now confronting, killing, and depriving your friends in another faction of XP and other territory based resources.

    I identify with the VS.

    I empathize with the NC.

    I utterly despise the Terran Republican Space Rangers.

    Removing the ability to switch factions would eliminate the inter-faction population migration issue, solve the ethical/morality question, and 4th faction TK shenanigans. It is not complicated and the majority of players do not have characters in other factions.

    You would still be able to play any one faction per 24 hour time period (as by now you have friends in multiple factions). But no longer would you be able to play multiple characters at the same time.

  16. vulcan78

    Not a bad idea, and it should be significantly more than the XP you would get for say a Sundy kill, like 100% more.

    But people will still sacrifice a measly 500-1k XP, especially if it results in the swift and immediate removal of another factions only wherewithal to spawn in and contest an area.

    I still say that you should be limited to only one faction per 24 hour time period and only be able to play on one computer per account at a time.

    But then there is the issue of having multiple accounts? I guess you could circumvent that by way of IP address.


  17. yllom001

    But then the game becomes, as stated many times, whocanspamthemostexplosivesonthepointside 2
    (With spaces if that bugs you: who can spam the most explosives on the point)

    And if that was a troll suggestion, I apologize for criticizing this beautiful troll post
  18. Bobaflay

    well i dont like the idea because im a youtuber and you can see my channel and im gonna do vids for other factions. havent done one yet but soon
  19. Taemien

    I don't 4th faction either, but I don't believe its a big problem. And even if it were, its only a symptom of a bigger issue. That issue being a faction population balance. 4th faction and that sound the same, but 4th faction is just people jumping on the bandwagon. Find out why people are joining the winningest team and cure that issue, fixes both problems. But that is beyond the scope of the thread.

    Here's what I see during alerts. A couple of peeps running around on alts, see an alert and switch to a main (or switch to an alt to level it up). They do this to play with their outfits. Outfits win alerts, not unorganized masses. Thats why the pops seem 'even' during non-alert hours. People are not logged into mains or at all until alerts.

    I'm not denying that there isn't 4th factioning going on. I just don't see it as a bigger issue then the issue causing people to do it. And I don't think the amount of 4th factioners exceed the amount of people logging over to mains to be with outfits/friends, or people trying to get bonus exp on an alt. Its just people take it personally when they see a population 'leave' them and associate it with 4th factioning.

    Thats why I like my suggestion. Friendly tank mines and C4 wouldn't be placeable near friendly deployed sundies. There wouldn't ever need to be a reason to do that. People use flashes and harrassers for suicide bombing, not (deployed) sundies.
  20. furrywaffle

    I was surprised that I could create characters from different factions, on the same server .