Players that switch factions to TK deployed Sunderers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Halcyon, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Halcyon

    I've had it with this.
    Just happened on Connery at Snowshear Watchtower on Esamir. Deployed my sundy in the garage, kept all the entrances mined.
    Lots of attempts to kill our sundy but the fight was even 50/50 and also very hot...lots of fun.

    Then a TR player intentionally drops mines on my sundy and shoots them, destroying our spawn and totally losing the fight for TR.
    Of course it was an NC player who couldn't play fair and has to cheat to win.


    Why hasn't this been enabled yet? Why should someone get to log off their NC character, and immediately log into their TR character, go to the base they were fighting at, and grief the other team unfairly?

    It's simple things like this that should have been included at launch but amazingly haven't been considered even after SOE celebrates PS2's birthday.
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  2. Tommyp2006

    Agreed, it doesn't need to be long, it could be as short as an hour or two.
  3. R3dBeaver

    Been discussed to death. Basically ends up SOE wants more money and they can't afford to piss off paying customers by locking them out of options that have been there since day 1.

    Just hang with it.
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  4. Yuukikun

    I get people creating BR1 VS chars after calling me an aimbot just to tk me and log off.
  5. MFP_TK_01

    Because it will not work and SOE knows it.

    Subscription based game = working faction transfer timer
    Free to play game = multiple accounts

    MFP, not that many people would be willing to make multiple accounts!

  6. BRU7AL

    I would also like to see a timer implemented (although I am not holding my breath), but my question is; how do you know it was a NC who switched over? Some people just troll like that, doesn't mean it was a faction jumper.
  7. MaxDamage

    Seriously needs timer. It might not be the chief cause of a player quitting but it could certainly be "the last straw", and that is real money lost.

    I saw this happen to my sundy on Miller.
  8. MFP_TK_01

    The man's got a point. Some people just want to see the world burn.

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  9. BloodyPuma

    Like "no cutting out the content" ? For example disabling long range sniping for good? ;) Sorry, couldnt resist.

    Jokes aside. I think its about weights. More paying customers got more then one toons then those that got only one. Less paying people harrassed = more money.
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  10. Awesomedeep

    that explains why sundy's just blow up when there are no enemies are near it...I didn't know people did that
  11. Yuukikun

    I suggested this in another post about TK:

    If a character has 10%+ teamkill / total kill, the character gets instantly deleted and the account recieves a 1 week ban
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  12. MFP_TK_01

    Noble, but it still doesn't take into consideration of throwaway free accounts. When looking at issues such as this you really need to look through a different set of eyes and ask yourself, how could I possibly exploit this. Essentially that's what the other people asked and you now see the answer with friendly sunderers blowing up.

    So far the best solution that I have seen to this ever was to set up the servers like shards in a sense, meaning that each time you log in you may not be on the same shard you were on last time. This means that even if you log in on an alt character on a separate account to cause damage, there is no guarantee that he is even on the same shard.
    I've made a few amendments to the idea to help friends grouping by creating a warp to commander option. That could be exploited to achieve the same goal but that would require you to have a friend playing on the opposite faction on the same shard as yourself.
  13. SpaceKing

    Timer won't work to stop the sundie thing - create new Station account, make a BR 1 char, switch to normal SOE account/char.

    You can do the same thing to get around the timer if you separate all your chars onto different station accs.
  14. Taemien

    OP, you are either ignorant, or have an agenda and are using a false complaint to further that.

    First I'll cover what that agenda appears to be (if this is the reason). A dislike towards organized play. Meaning you wish to punish honest players who simply play alts until their buddies (friends/outfit) get on for an alert. We know that BR100s have little reason to play outside of squad/platoon play against other squads and platoons, so they go to alts during the offtimes.

    Next I'll cover why you might be ignorant. Faction locking, would make no difference. That person that just TK'd your sundy. Probably didn't even log off their main. Oooh... how would have faction locking stopped that? Oh and you can't limit by IP either since many players do play from the same household, dorms, or barracks. And these TK =10% rules, again, how does that stop multiple accounts?

    So.. before this thread continues, I wish for the OP to answer this question:

    Do you have an agenda against competitive play


    Are you simply ignorant to the unintended consequences of your so called ineffective fixes?
  15. Tiedemann

    You really switch that often that if it was a 30 minutes (even 10 minutes would help) lockout on your last used char you have a problem with this?

    I'm just asking out of curiosity.
  16. MFP_TK_01

    Collecting passive certs on 2 other characters at the end of a play session.

    Just sayin.....
  17. Nocturnal7x

    Which should be on different servers. Thats how it was at launch...they later changed it. Penny wise pound foolish decision on SOEs part to allow characters of different factions on the same server on one account.
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  18. IamDH

    Never ever seen this happen
  19. Torqameda

    And then they merged servers, rendering it a moot point.
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  20. Taemien

    I do actually have a problem with it. Say I'm running around on an alt and in TS the guys say, "Hey alerts up on ### place." I'm locked out for 10 minutes of that alert. Meaning I miss initial Gal drops, tank pushes, ect. And if its 30 min, I miss a quarter of the alert.

    And of course there's the passive cert gain we pay to have that would take longer. Thats more of an inconvenience, but why go through with it when people will bypass it anyway with multiple accounts? My point is, you're hurting players more than helping them with a lockout change.

    When you make a change that hurts some players in any form. You have to make sure the benefits outweigh that. I don't believe it does in this case. In fact I'm pretty sure the ones doing this don't even logout of their main character to do this. No one does this sort of behavior on their main account and risk getting suspended or banned. I'm sure there is a couple of derps that might. But they'll switch to using another account if their faction is locked. Let them do it on their main accounts and get banned, rather than chase them off to inconsequential ghost accounts.

    But lets get the OP to explain themselves.