Players of Matterson, I propose an end to Indarside!

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  1. Robes

    I can totally see how base design is at all relevant to what you said, don't bounce around arguments to try to find one that works, just shows you have nothing to stand on for it.
  2. Robes

    You mean the mountains covering the entire map are and the canyons coving 1/4th of the map isn't? Thats called variety one of the reasons its preferred over the other two.
  3. Phyr

    Just be honest, you don't like the other 2 maps because you can't farm infantry as easily on them.

    If you can't find variety on Esamir or Amerish, then it sounds like you've never been there.
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  4. Robes

    Feel free to look at my page, i play infantry the majority of the time i just like the fact that this is a combined arms game and don't like maps that focus on a single aspect of it as it defeats the purpose of the game. But in either case you're down to guessing things about me now, so i think its safe to say youre argument for its done and youre just trying to troll now.

    Where did i say theres no variety on the other two? Theres very little variety on the other two (but there is some, a couple of bases each) and thats an issue that people have with them, if you don't thats great for you, but you are the minority, you need to accept that.
  5. JesusVoxel

    Strange thing is, I have seen the best air vs air battles and tank battles on Amerish or Esamir, not to even mention how much better the combined arms gameplay is on those continents.

    I don't see good tank battles on Indar, because everyone on Indar is so busy farming infantry. When two armies with tanks collide, tanks will just stay back and farm infantry instead of trying to do their ******* part in combined arms game and push trough the infantry and engage tanks.
  6. Littleman

    Indar did something right in having varied terrain and biomes. You can tell when you're marching on empire X's "territory" based on whether or not you're in the grassy plains, the sandy canyons, or the windswept former ocean floor. Amerish is the same gray-green all over. Esamir is the same bleach white all over. Indar is treated like 3 smaller continents combined into one large continent. Amerish and Esamir feel like one big continent... too big. There's a reason why MMO worlds of the same size vary up their chunks of 8-12x8-12km maps with multiple biomes. Variety is the spice of life.

    For general gameplay though, Indar sucks. A lot of the facilities are still pointless roadbumps that a real fight couldn't possibly spawn from because they're so laughably exposed. Half the outposts on Indar really should just get culled, if not entirely then at least from the lattice. However, everyone goes to Indar because everyone goes to Indar. The only time that will change is when people can't access Indar so the lemmings that never go anywhere else can't simply keep this stupid mindset rolling without even trying to.
  7. Luft

    Everyone will fight on Indar until they finally release Cyssor.
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  8. Tuco

    That's what ^^ he said
  9. DQCraze

    Eastern warp gate has the only canyons and we see how much fighting is done there...
  10. Forkyar24

    I like Indar
  11. Phyr

    Tons of fighting, as if they like the impassible, extremely linear layout. Amerish looks like a wide open plain compared to the canyons, and yet you guys cry about it.
  12. Morchai

    I've never been trapped in a spawn room. Of course, I know what that redeploy button is for and how to get rapidly to another nearby location so I can re-approach the battle from the outside, but I guess that sort of advanced strategy requires some experience with the game, or at least the ability to read the names on the games buttons.
  13. Tentakewls

    You are kidding right? Because Amerish is basically a MOBA map now with lanes only air can ignore.
  14. Phyr

    Having to redeploy because you can't walk out the door means you were trapped in the spawn room, derp.
  15. Phyr

    What? How is this an argument against Amerish? Indar is the exact same way, an average of 3 lanes to/from each base. Have you ever been to Amerish?
  16. Morchai

    The fact that you can redeploy means you aren't trapped. And if all the defenders are stuck in the spawn room and can't leave without dying, the battle is already lost. It's time to redeploy to the next line of defense to start laying mines and preparing for the invasion.

    People complain about vehicles camping spawn rooms. I complain about defenders being too stubborn to admit that the gig is up and falling back. But they really do know the gig is up, don't they? They stay not because they think they can win, but because they are doing their own farming by shooting rocket launchers through the spawn room shields at the tanks outside.
  17. Herby20

    Indar has horrible base design, and horribly placed bases. There are a few exceptions, but for the mostly part it is the same copy-pasted layout of bases. Amerish, for comparison, has much more unique base layouts in addition to the much more diverse assets in the bases themselves. Hossin is the same way. Indar also suffers from having far too many bases in far too little of an area.
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  18. Epic High Five

    Good lord anybody who thinks that Amerish is a MOBA-style all-lanes map never played on old amerish

    New Amerish is fantastic. Just because you're too impatient or lazy to look for the dozens of goat paths that even a Vanguard can get up doesn't mean they aren't there.

    And on top of that, Amerish has a stranglehold on the most fun to fight at and unique bases in the game. Who said that it feels unlived in and unnatural? That's a mad argument, look at the SW which is 100% forested - you've got a skywalk because it's a big forest, you've got logistics like shipping docks and storage because it's not terribly useful for military stuff, and to protect it you've got the skylance battery.

    That's just part of it. NC Arsenal went from lame base on worst map to #1 in my heart forever. Who wouldn't fight to the death for a bottomless pit of Gauss SAWs to swim in, Scrooge McDuck-style? NOBODY, THAT'S WHO.

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  19. RaidsRUs

    I usually end up on Indar because I've got this weird emotional attachment to the bases that I've spent many hours trying to defend. The only other base that is similarly memorable on either of the other continents is that underground nanites lab on Amerish (how about that time where TR dropped a metric ****ton of Sunderers on top of the VS through the hatch to the first room in the base?) but it was an impression of novelty, not of attachment.

    Maybe I'd develop the same feelings for the bases on the other continents as well if I played there more, but in the meantime: while TR holds Regent Rock, you'll find me there.
  20. AssaultPig

    I get why this frustrates people, but I don't think it's really any more of a problem than what happens at easimir/amerish bases

    any time attackers outnumbers defenders to a significant degree they're going to push the defenders into their base and 'farm' them until they take it; the only difference really is how that happens. On indar you get vehicles pointed at the spawn room doors; on the other two continents you get a bunch of infantry guns pointed at them. The result is mostly the same.

    On indar if the populations in a battle are relatively even, the defenders pull vehicles and push back; it's only when they're heavily outnumbered that the 'vehiclefarm' thing happens. And I guess it robs defenders of some of their ability to farm a few kills by shooting enemy infantry through the spawn shields, but so what?