Player on ps4 exploded in anger i was yawning?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sade707, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Sade707

    So just a heads up to the devs. I work long hours and so i was a little tired and yawning. This guy gets on his mic and explodes in anger that i am yawning. Proceeds to call me a fagg*t and insult me. Meanwhile i am laughing that this is actually happening. Dude must have serious mental or personal issues going on. Anyway just wanted devs to know incase he tries putting up some ******** ban lie.
  2. Prudentia

  3. JibbaJabba

    I can't even you all of it. Srsly.
  4. StaHoo33

    And what happened ? You got offended? There is button to simply mute person that talks, or you could show you're no fa*got and shot the fu*er right in a face.. In the end you proved his words by being offended with simple words...

  5. Sade707

    No i was laughing the whole time. Just in disbelief he lost his **** over something so small. Then tells me i have no manors after numerous insults. Lmao
  6. Sade707

    I am an emotional guy but am tough and work in a sawmill. So i knew in my head i could put him in a hospital. :p
  7. Sade707

    I mainly posted because he saif he was going to Dox me? Whatever that means. Just wanted the devs to know so i dont get kicked over complete ********.
  8. JibbaJabba

    Depending on circumstances and results of Doxing it would be a matter for the FBI, not daybreak.
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  9. Sade707

    So this guy must just be mental?
  10. JibbaJabba

    I'm hoping you looked up what Doxing is by now.

    Yeah, he's probably mental. Few have the skills or resources to Dox correctly though. It's an idle threat.

    Forums though won't help much. Use the ingame reporting system (assuming that exists in PS4). Devs confirmed like last week that those still get regular follow up.
  11. Sade707

    Nah don't care to do anything. Just couldnt believe he lost his **** over yawning.
  12. JibbaJabba

    Pfft... I would have waited until the rant got some good steam behind it then yawned loudly and said, "..oh sorry, were you still talking?"
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  13. raffa2

    So usual ********tery that happens in every videogame?
  14. Nuggz

    Sounds like you met a autistic crybaby ******.... They're becoming far more common....
  15. Bojangles02

    He probably thought you wasn’t concentrating on the battle, we’re u loosing at the time?
  16. Sazukata

    I dislike players that flip out over a video game as much as the next guy, but I gotta play devil's advocate and point something out.

    If other players were aware you were yawning, that means you specifically pressed the "talk" button just to clog the airwaves with meaningless noise. If this is the case, let's not pretend you weren't being obnoxious for kicks.

    Poking at someone's nerves and then making them look like the bad guy when you finally incite a reaction is some elementary school bully kind of nonsense. This type of toxic behavior is just as much of a "mental or personal issue" as having a temper/short fuse on the internet.
  17. stalkish

    He did say PS4, last time i played a console (admittedly it was years and years ago) there was no push to talk, just voice activation always on, or turn your mic off completely.

    Having said that i couldnt agree more with your last paragraph. Had some1 leave our outfit because one of our members persisted with winding him up then once he finally got annoyed, called him out on being wound up and took the piss out of him for it.....childish behaviour that lost us a good player.
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