[Suggestion] Player bases need Anti-infiltrator options

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Brad seven, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Brad seven

    So it never fails that whenever you build a base that you're going to get infiltrators, Problem being is that a single infiltrator can bring down your base and there is litterally nothing you can do about it except run around with a flashlight checking every corner and crevice for them, meanwhile they're whittling down your defenses, preventing you from building further, or from gathering more cortium.
    There needs to be something available to counteract infiltrators at a base.

    - Spotlights, stationary or moving spotlights that can reveal an infiltrator and open him up for attack.
    - allow AI turrets to continue attacking infiltrators even after they've cloaked, As it stands now infils can decloak, kill you and recloak before the turret even turns around to face them.let the turret track infils for an additional 1-2 seconds to possibly kill them.
    - EMP silos, Allow silos to drain cloak energy from infils within range, this would only really affect stalker cloak, keeping them from hiding indefinitely in a base.
  2. FateJH

    *points back at you*
    Or post guards.
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  3. Twin Suns

    T E A M W O R K


    A W A R E N E S S

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  4. Brad seven

    Running around a base with a flashlight constantly is hardly fun and awareness doesn't help when you don't know where an enemy is. Teamwork is great except that I challenge you to find a squad who want to sit around a base all day on the off chance an infiltrator shows up. Maybe you're new to the game and don't actually know what actually goes on with base building, but the only time you're going to get people to man a base is if something is going on, nobody wants to stand around like an npc waiting for something to happen at a playermade base.
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  5. Brad seven

    yeah I'll just find a player who wants to just sit around a base all day on the off chance that an enemy shows up. How about instead of posting a guard who is going to sit at a dormant base for 2 hours before it gets attacked, how about instead you make it so that a base can't be taken down by a one man army?
  6. Skraggz

    No, you don't need hard counters because you want to be Bob the builder. Pain field already does more then enough.
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  7. Jac70

    I don't think Infs are much of an issue TBH. More of an annoyance, you have to leave your base unattended for quite awhile before they can really do much damage now that Hives are gone. Just install an alarm module and throw a few mines down.
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  8. Armcross

    Infantry Mines, Spitfire, Alarm Module, Instant Action Module, Pain fields, AI modules link with Anti Infanty turret, walls that impossible go true in between the two, keep hidden like don't build OS. There might be more but this are the only things I can remember.

    I like the search light thingy for Immersion. But lights go true wall that is why they have limited range, it's a game engine limitation I guess.
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  9. TR5L4Y3R

    the counter to infiltrators is .. YOU and a couple more dudes ..
    a base that is weakly defended has every right to go down to an infiltrator ... CAUSE THAT`S HIS JOB! IT`S IN THE NAME! ..
    especialy if there is a damn OSbase or flailbase shelling other stuff ..
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  10. TR5L4Y3R

    iirc there are platoons specialising in basebuilding
    also fate has been easily part of the game as long as me and probably since the betadays ..
    i myself like to build stuff .. and i still tell you if you keep your PMB unatendet then it should go down considering the options you already have ...
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  11. Armcross

    Tell me more, I am willing to delate my Briggs character to join that.
  12. iller

    Light Assaults are a WAY BIGGER PROBLEM for any Player made Base.
    Infiltrator who went No-Skill SMG spray & pray will eventually get ****ed by properly distributed Pain Fields.

    Stalker inf's meanwhile can be screwed over pretty hard simply by having the Window-Shielding Modules and then dropping AP Mines in doorways of your most important buildings where the only way they can disable those mines is with EMP nades which hardly any of the pubby INF's you usually run into ever Unlock

    (yes I KNOW Infs who use these forums know better..... so don't come at me over that, a Game's forums are always inhabited by the most knowledgeable 5% of players who actually understand what most of the tools in the game DO)
  13. TR5L4Y3R

  14. PlanetBound

    It's the rare PMB that is capable of effective self defense. It just comes down to having people dedicated to maintaining the base.
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  15. Wolfborne

    Step 1: Learn how to build using the Sunderer Garage as your main piece. Use solid walls and come off that. You can make a base so that they have to come through the garage.

    Step 2: Put a Pain Spire close to the garage so that anyone entering burns and dies. It covers 15m.

    Step 3: Put anti personnel mines in the garage. They can't shoot them from the outside if a structure module is active.

    Step 4: Have an anti infantry turret in place so that if said Infil uncloaks, the turret riddles him full of holes.

    Step 5: Laugh at any cloaker trying to get inside your base.
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  16. Yessme

    if you need for 1 class and 1 player, Teamwork than you know something is wrong in that game....

    if you have 1st. to pay many to get a defence vs. 1 class and 1 player, than you know something is wrong in that game

    and when you get in a base fight, and 70% of the player in this fight a infils. than you know, somthing is wrong in that game XD
  17. Skraggz

    Huh.... kinda like when a good base builder needs a platoon of armor to deal with him? Or when one is dropping O/S on spawn points requiring attention. You mean that 1vsX? Cause if so I concur, there is something wrong.
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  18. Twin Suns

    Well, if you got the charisma of a potato and are anti-social with no rudimentary problem solving skills.

    Then by all means run solo and ignore Teamwork. :)
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  19. GotBuds

    If you need more than your Darklight and the already offered building tools to deal with a solo infil, then the problem really isn't the game, the mechanics of it or the base building tools, the problem is you! Not trying to be mean about it, but come on.

    There are many ways to deal with an infil in your base. If this ruins your ability to build or properly manage your base then be glad you aren't having to deal with all the fun things infils use to be able to do to your base prior to the BS construction nerfs.

    A good player doesn't blame the infil and beg for more options, good players just learn to overcome it.
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  20. DeadlyOmen

    Ask not what the game can do for you. Ask what you can do in the game.

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