Played since beta, just figured out why I always had trouble killing TR

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  1. Codex561

    ******* colorblindness man...
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  2. Iridar51

    Human color perception is actually such a cool subject.

    If you think about it, who knows what colors other people see? We only agree to call a certain color red and blue, but who knows, maybe you see red where I see blue? Or if these names are even applicable...

    There's a thing called display color calibration or something. It's basically a color profile imported into GPU, which regulates how different colors show on the display.

    For example, due to my monitor being discalibrated, I had trouble telling apart different shades of gray on a site I was working on, which was important at the time. So I called a guy with a special Spyder Color Calibration utility:


    It's a combination of software and hardware that's used to bring all the display's colors to one standard, to make sure that the display properly displays all color shades.

    Where I'm going with this - it's possible you can use some sort of color calibration to fine tune your colors in game, so you can compensate for your color blindness.

    Now I'm not sure Spyder's color calibration applies to non-windows-desktop applications, but I think there should be a similar color calibration page in GPU drivers.
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  3. Codex561

    I think you're overcomplicating colorblindness as many people do. As I once did for that matter. Colorblindness is just seeing some colors the same way - no distinction.

    I got a rarer kind of colorblindness in which I don't see darker shades or red. I simply see them as black or dark grey which is what TR looks like when in any sort of shade.
  4. Iridar51

    I'm just saying you can configure your PC to display darker shades of red as lighter shades of red, making them easier to spot for you. No overcomplication :)
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  5. Demigan

    Actually this is true, there's places where different colors are their primary colors. Just as an example because I don't know the exact colors anymore: In many African countriers they say that a shade of orange is the primary red color.

    I think he's just making a remark on how people can view colors even if they don't have color blindness. Color blindness can come in different forms, from simply not being able to see some colors to the brain having trouble defining which colors it sees, causing the colors to look the same (called dychromastopia or something like that).
    Although I think most color blindness is based on bad receptors at birth/later damage and carried on X-chromosomes making men highly susceptible. With about 1 in 10 men having something like this, I'm still surprised games don't have more attention for this problem and allow players more control over the colors.
  6. Savadrin

    Color calibration also helps you see how bad many camo types are.

    I've never bought a spyder/etc. because I'm a horribly lazy photo editor and I'm not really doing it professionally, but it's absolutely possible to change color scheme output on your screen. It's not a bad idea at all.
  7. SW0V

    Just to be clear, the secondary colour for TR is dark gray...
    TR: Red/Dark gray
    VS: Purple/teal
    NC: Blue/Yellow
  8. Iridar51

    Don't have to buy the thing, you only need to use it once a year / 6 months, you can just call a specialist with this thing the same way you would order a pizza :)
  9. Savadrin

    The especially **** folks recommend it monthly, lol.
  10. Pikachu


    I would hate to be color blind. ;_;
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  11. Xigris

    Why are the first 3 in the list the same?
  12. Imperial Sect

    Are you sure about that?
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  13. Savadrin

    web diagnosis confirmed
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  14. TheRunDown

    I just found this post after making a thread moaning about being colour blind..

    I have Protanopia colour blindness, changing my monitor colours and using Colour Blind glasses has no effect, as my Colour Blindness is my brain becoming confused during translation from sight. I was giving a pair of EnChroma glasses which cost $700, had no "WoW Effect" at all..

    I can see Blue and Purple, Green and Yellow and so on, but putting them side by side.. I can't tell the difference.

    It's very hard to explain to someone what it's like being colour blind, I can see all colours, but I can not see some colours in the same shade or hue.. For instance, I can not see ESF Bullet Streams, so I rarely fly my Mossy, I wish I could fly it more often, I consider myself quite a good pilot if I can get the right day light..

    I also can't tell if C4 and Mine icon are friendly or enemy, but this could be a combination of being colour blind and because they are so small to start with..

    I also don't play with my Skyguard, which I paid for, simply because I can not see the bullet stream in the distance.. I used to be able to when PlanetSide 2 was in beta, but they changed Bullets Streams at some point and that has screwed me from playing certain vehicles..

    It genuinely makes me upset I can't play this game to it's fullest, especially when my issues could easily by fixed by giving me more control over colour Hud options, i.e allowing me to change some icons and colours by separate them from Empire Colours in the interface settings.
  15. Codex561

    Ohh.. This is horrible..

    I am sort of the "lucky" kind of color blind. I mostly only miss out of some darker shades. But confusing red and blue must be far worse :/
  16. gunnner10

    Funny, I'm deuteranomaly and can see a difference in the first 2 lines. It seems color perception is like hearing. There can be different levels of lose.
  17. Savadrin

    I will have to recheck - I know you can change empire colors on players and map items, but is it not fully customizeable?

    I never looked to see if there was a color picker.