Played LA For 2 Hours: Already Know Why It's Unpopular

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  1. RogueComet

    How the hell can you know those stats and still say the class isn't unpopular? Are you that deluded? I hope not. Plus you can't really count MAX as a class due to the timer and resource cost to pull, as well as the fact you can't auto-respawn as one either. It is an outlier in the data due to the things that effect how often it is pulled. Sorry, only MEDIC was pulled less than LA and NOT infiltrator like you seem to think. Infiltrators were pulled more than LA by several percent but they get fewer points per hour, that's where they score under LA.

    Your 15-17 for LA is also incorrect. I remember seeing numbers near that range but they were PERCENTS, not thousands of players. Also lumping two groups together and then saying 15-17 is silly when one group was 15 and the other 17.5 (almost 18 from what I remember). You are manipulating the data, don't. Two and a half percent is a lot when we are talking about thousands and thousands of overall players, and not something that should be taken lightly. Suppose there are 200k characters, 2.5% of that comes to one class being pulled 5000 times more than the other class. That's just two and a half percent. Sorry but 5000 is NOT a small number.
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  3. CanadianAttackBeaver

    You do realize that adds up to 140%? Probably not.
  4. SupaFlea

    Its not an unpopular class, just has little squad support. its a jack of all trades master of none, everything LA does apart from being able to get top places out of regular reach IF you cert JJ instead of DJ, is done better by other classes. Anti infantry, HA does better, Anti MAX and Anti Armour, HA and Engi does it better and from safer distances,
    It takes a lot more patience and skill to be more useful than either of those 2 classes doing what they do best and most ppl would rather you be a HA,Eng or even Medic while in a squad than LA.

    These are just my own opinions of the class and this class is my Primary, I would jut like to see a LA get something that really is a benefit to squad, heck even if its as simple as being given the ability to jumpjet another TR over the walls with me at double the cost of fuel.

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  5. S0LAR15

    You read the Op again, and:

    Actually, quite alot of it is that.

    Simply, the HA and engi classes need a tone down, so they aren't anti all, general classes that HARD counter too many things.
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  6. Vortok

    LA has a use because screw walls. Take a look at the updated Xenotech. Long wall along the southern and west border. Other infantry classes have to go around and enter at predictable spots. A LA can just say 'screw that noise' and jump over at any location. Combine it with a scout radar Flash (or an Infiltrator with a high level recon device) and they can pick the optimal spot to jump over the wall. If the preview of the Esamir update is any indication, we'll be getting even more walls (aka, fewer entrances for normal infantry) on bases in the future.

    If you're a platoon leader and have the ability to group some of your LA together instead of them all lone wolfing, even better. As much fun as charging face first into the meat grinder is, there's faster ways to deal with the enemy if you assess what your options really are.
  7. TeknoBug

    I started playing LA more exclusively rather than rarely and the results are dramatic, Last week as a medic 100% of the time I went 35-17 in one session IIRC, but as LA more on and off this week and best I got was 35-4 and all I was doing was breaking LOS from enemies as often as I can and watching enemies and vehicles since the jump jets lets you go wherever you want which you can't do with medic. I certed jump jet 5, adrenaline pump (lol yeah I know), slapped a silence/HVA/NV/laser on a Razor GD-23, C4, flash bang and away I went.

    I myself try to keep an eye on the sky for LA's yet most of my deaths are to LA's (usually with a shotgun), and I was shocked at how many people don't look up.
  8. Curse_Gamerkin

    Have you noticed the large majority of players playing LA, Theyre bunny hopping masters, if anything their the easiest class to use and get the edge over someone, and base defenses are useless if you can fly over. LAs just sit on top of a building and poop C4 and profit, they can use almost every weapon also. The la is annoying and helped ruin the game, Talk about a infiltrator which cant destroy vehicles, has the lowest amount of players using, and now that vehicles are worth a huge amount of xp the only class that cant destroy vehicles its almost pointless to use a infil, 25xp a terminal hack, or 500xp for a c4 on a sundy?
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  10. Curse_Gamerkin

    Oh, the LA use jetpacks right? wait.. so we play the same game right? oh.. your new here?
  11. Spookydodger

    I have found LA to be a force multiplier. They allow other classes to do their job better.

    • Flanking: an entrenched enemy is hard to kill. Killing some of them or forcing them out of their hiding by flanking with jump packs is incredibly useful and can be done more easily than any class save Infiltrator. However an Infiltrator can't really cause the chaos a LA can.
    • Best MAX killer in the game: C4 is the best way to kill a MAX, and jump packs are the easiest way to bypass a MAX's weapon systems. In Towers during big battles, LA are generally the only thing that can get up to the upper levels to disrupt the defenders who have a significant advantage.
    • Alternate grenades: Like most classes, LA has access to alternate grenades. On mine I use flashbangs. Unlike other classes, I can move faster and get to more places to disrupt enemy forces, allowing my teammates the ability to move.
    • Alternate underbarrel attachments: While LA share these weapons with other classes, few can skirmish like the LA to use them as effectively. I've seen my faction mates trapped inside a spawn room a few times and when I popped just a few smoke canisters from my underbarrel smoke grenade launcher, it allowed people to escape to cause chaos. Reload, use the chaos to get up high, and continue to be the agent of Loki. With the adrenal boost, jet packs, and smoke / flash, you enable your teammates to move better than other classes, and don't have to be concerned with reviving people or rearming them.
    • Liberator killer!: Ok, it doesn't happen often. But every once in a while, when I can use my jump jets to jump onto a flying Liberator, plant 2 C4, and then fly off and kill it (or severely damage it, but usually they are a little hurt), is a godlike moment for the class.
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  12. RogueComet

    Over the last week and a half I've been playing a lot more of other classes than Light Assault. I've revisited my initial thoughts that Light Assault is unpopular because it is:
    1) Unfinished. No tool slot item. No concrete team ability. This translates to "having fewer things to do."
    2) Worse at killing than Heavy Assault, Engineer, and Medic (discounting MAX, that's a big "duh")
    3) Has no long range option

    Before GU11 my K/D was running around 1.2 which I'm OK with. I had that K/D while I was running with squads/platoons so I did have support since we moved as a group. Even with a lone-wolf style there were often other LA there to back me up so we were more effective. Lately, I've been running Heavy Assault a lot and my K/D for the week and a half before GU11 was about 1.8, even though for this period of time I have been almost exclusively running solo, no groups involved. There was nobody running to back me up, nobody to support me with extra bullets for my enemies. While I know K/D isn't the end-all-be-all of statistics, this is a huge change in K/D just by playing a different class more.

    What I've found was Heavy Assault is more effective in all areas than Light Assault. They have LMG's which have MANY more bullets. I am easily able to take down 2 or 3 people before I need to reload unlike LA (for VS at least) where you have to reload after every single kill or you'll be guaranteed to run out of bullets on the 2nd. Heavy Assault has Rocket Launchers, which while they don't do as much damage in a single hit as C4 (oh they can get C4 too, so that shouldn't really count as much for LA), they are able to take down vehicles AT RANGE. They also have shields to help lower damage and allow them to survive longer. I find that shield saves my hide a TON when I would'a gotten wasted big-time if I was still playing Light Assault. Oh sure, they can't jump on top of things, which may seem to make flanking more difficult. I know for a fact that you can still flank the enemy as Heavy Assault, perhaps even more effectively (but slower, yes) because you don't have the loud jetpack sound.

    I've also spent more time playing medic. Good lord that class is a cert machine, even without using their weapon at all. The feeling of being with a group of players and being an important part of them, of course that trumps Light Assault (which is odd since Medic is played less, or used to be at least).

    Everyone knows the VS love their engineers. So I too have played them a lot. Lets see, they get to shoot the same guns as LA, plus can throw C4 like LA, but they also get to repair stuff, have personal turrets, throw down AP and AT mines, and drop ammo packs. Hmmm... yeah no surprise that people like Engineers more than Light Assault, they get to do more stuff!

    Guess that leaves Infiltrators. Now I'll be the first to admit I have not played this class as much as the others. People either love or hate the type of game-play that comes from this type of class and unfortunately I'm in the hate category. Still I keep killing LOTS of Infiltrators so obviously some really do enjoy playing it.

    So yeah, I am still not surprised that we don't see many people running Light Assault compared to other classes. Playing the other classes only goes to reinforce the feeling that the class is unfinished and very underwhelming. Seriously, go create a new character and look at each class, what you get for items/tools. Only Light Assault (MAXes are another story) has TWO things that you can switch between as a new character, both of which are totally available on every single other class, a primary weapon and a pistol.

    Light Assault needs to be more finished, pure and simple, or it will continue to be one of the least favorite classes and continue to be underrepresented on the battlefield.
  13. RogueComet

    Just look at this link guys:

    Someone did a demographic survey of what people played in PS2. Interesting to note that LA is STILL one of the least popular classes for primary use. Yet what is even more interesting is the HUGE drop that they take when people were allowed to pick a secondary roll that they played a lot. How sad that only vehicles were chosen LESS for a secondary roll than Light Assault.

    What BS is this? Just goes to show yet again how unpopular the class is compared to the other ones.
  14. gregfox89

    I love light assault because I can go on a shotgun rampage:

    That was a foot zerg from Mao Tech Plant to Mao Southwest Gate. Being light assault allowed me to fly up and down the ridge leading up to the base, and once I got there, I used the battlements for cover. I hid in cover, and then popped out, took out some people, and jumped off the side until my shields regenerated. If you look you can see I got 3 kills in 3 seconds doing that. If you play the class right you can totally catch people off guard. I'm not a high KDR player at all usually, but when I use Light Assault + Shotgun it's instant Rambo... with a jetpack. I think I found my new favorite class.

    You do NOT need to restrict this play style to just pure CQC areas like towers, though it is perfect for that. You can also use it out in the open because usually there's enough cover if you play it smart, know when to hide, and time your rushes effectively. Play more like an SMG Infiltrator. I've gone from securing the rear to leading the attack, and it's made infantry combat so much more rewarding.