Played LA For 2 Hours: Already Know Why It's Unpopular

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Alarox, May 13, 2013.

  1. Manetheren

    2 hours as LA and you come here to whine o_O
    Light Assault is a very popular class, if it would be up to me I would remove 1 c4 from them and all shotguns, they are super powerful as it is, if the person using them has any brains.

    Play some more, then try again.
  2. belthazor3457

    We are the bane of all aircraft. We rule the skies. We are death incarnate. The light assault.

    I have observed, that when I charge forward and leap into the air, others follow me below on the ground.

    We are the commissars of the battlefield. We are there to inspire our fellow soldiers and lead them to glory.
  3. RogueComet

    Saying that LA is very popular only makes you seem ignorant of the actual facts. Light Assault is the second most LEAST PLAYED CLASS. Even infiltrator, which people always whine about being broken, is played more than Light Assault. The only class played less is Medic (sorry can't count Max due to the timer plus resource cost). Even medic isn't played much less than LA, only a percent or two if I remember right. Engineer and HA though are played almost twice as much as Light Assault. Please do not say LA is "very popular" when it obviously isn't.

    I'm glad it isn't up to you to remove C4. Again, you prove your absolute ignorance about what Light Assault really is like. Without one of the bricks of C4, having just a primary and secondary (plus only 1 C4) would make the class almost worthless. That would drop our score per hour even lower, making us the lowest scoring group per hour because we wouldn't be able to kill vehicles. Currently we are only above Infiltrators in score/hour. You and your clueless ways would make us even worse.

    Do every Light Assault a favor and leave this forum, never to return. At the very least, get informed before you make statements that are so obviously wrong (and backed up by hard data).

    Just so you want... here's the spreadsheet with the data too:

    Edit: Link appears to have "issues" right now. But anyone who follows Light Assault at all knows the real stats and will back up what I said 100%.
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  4. Dironox

    I'm a strange case, I spend most of my time as a medic or HA, I'm accually best as a LA. being able to spontaneously flank the enemy while dropping C4 on thier heads like a pigeon with irritable bowel syndrome is just flat out fun.
  5. Dam187

    Just merge the infiltrator class with light assault then you have a class almost as useful as the other classes.
  6. Hoki

    flank thy enemy

    my 2nd favorite class

    I'm good with them now that the loud jetpack noise is gone again. I would use silent footsteps implant when its available.
  7. KaosWarMonk

    Horses for courses. I LA most of the time, think I'm 75%+ on them. Is my favourite and I do ok, think I've got a positive k/d.

    Being able to flank (around or over) and kill supporting tanks or Sundies I think is their primary role and I they do this fine. I'm always breaking out of camped spawns to go recap stuff and then shoot guys in the back. I die a lot but it's surprising how often a bit of crazy rambo-ing gets me lots of kills.

    I think you do have to get into the zone of using the jet pack tho, play style vs a regular ground pounder is quite different. I think I'm at a disadvantage when not playing an LA these days because I am so used to using the jet pack.

    But really, if you don't like the class don't play it. What's the big deal?
  8. SupaFlea

    I agree and disagree as a LA primary and my most played class, it all depends how you look at the class itself. If you solely look at this game and class in the way you would a normal FPS and care only for K/D then this class is as useful as all other classes, you just have to play it differently.
    Now if you look at the class and ask your self what would this class bring to a squad and what way could it benefit a squad if you take away its ability to jetpack, This then become an obsolete class in the fact that your under powered for for usefulness and killing power if you cannot jetpack around the place.
    All other classes have a primary and secondary usefulness where as LA does no ability unique to itself that helps your team mates.

    Even if we had the ability to say lift 1 other ally over the walls etc with us it would be useful trait but would also lead to LA placing snipers in high nooks n crannies.

    Most outfits would preffer you to be a class that can help out in some way rather than just a class that solely kills enemies yet other classes are better at that anyway.
    Its a perfect solo class and its sole purpose in my book is to cause mayhem for the enemy, its great at instilling fear in a group of armour as they panic when a LA lands on top of them but apart from that there is much squad use for a LA. Despite this I do still use it as primary but when the outfit roles a squad they tell anyone who is LA to change to a more squad based useful class HA, Engy or Medic

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable
  9. Lexicon

    This thread should be constantly bumped, to show how worthless forumside can be - someone plays LA for two hours and starts a thread about how worthless the class. Take it from me, someone who has played this class extensively, it's an absolute beast and I'll tell you why.

    - High ground. HIGH GROUND. I can not stress this enough. The times I've outmaneuvered the opposition due to getting to places they can't is ridiculous. I'm killing people before they have a chance to blink, let alone engage me. I'm not just talking cert farming here, I mean getting to truly useful positions whereby you can take out people attacking points and sunderers etc. It's one of the most basic, fundamental elements to winning battles and always has been.

    - C4: Maxes. Nuff said. Aside from the ability to help destroy sunderers, they are still by far and away the best max killers. A skillful LA will be a max nightmare, as most of the time they will be too busy looking forward to even notice you're dropping a C4 on their head.

    - Amp stations/tech plants: They can get to gens and points quicker than any other class when used correctly. Put it this way, when I'm defending somewhere the last thing I want to see is a bunch of LAs pushing forward and making a nuisance of themselves.
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  10. HeadshotVictim

    I played LA for a long time as my only class.
    But I started to play other classes more and more (mostly Engineer and Medic) since these two guys can be used EVERYWHERE and not just in certain areas, which are most of the time too crowded to fly anywhere since getting sniped down by 200 BattleRifles, Semi-Auto snipers and whatnot...

    LA lacks a bit of sense atm. being mobile is only useful if you actually can do something with your mobility.

    C4 on maxes is hard against VS since these basterds run so fast...
    TR Maxes are hard as well. They can't moce, but they shoot faster now...
    NC... dont know... i play NC :D

    Killing vehicles isn't as easy as it was, because there a re ppl everywhere
  11. Jac70

    I just finished my tour as Infiltrator yesterday, getting the Auraxium for my V10.

    So I only have 2 classes left to play through LA and HA. Decided to go LA and get Auraxium for my Eridani. Spent all the 3200c I had banked on my LA class. Nanoweave 5, JJ 6, 2 packs of C4. A few attachments for my Eridani and spent the rest on Nanite Auto Repair for my Scythe.

    Out on the field I felt very exposed. Not being able to cloak was hard to get used to. I was getting absolutely slaughtered. Found it hard to close distance on enemies. Even close in I was losing a lot of fights. Decided to drop the SMG, it's completely useless outside 10m. Was worried I'd just wasted a lot of certs on a class I wasn't going to enjoy.

    Decided to switch to the Solstice as I already have the Auraxium for my Pulsar C. Had a much better time. Loving the freedom the class offers. The ability to come at targets from any angle. Not sure what the Solstice strengths are, looks like an all round middle of the road weapon. I have put a Suppressor and a Laser on it.

    Using the Flash grenade also. Doesn't seem to be a hit marker indicator for it, or any king of way to tell if your target is affected. Threw one at a HA and it landed square at his feet but he just sprayed me down with his LMG. Could really do with an animation where the target puts his hand to his eyes to indicate that he is blinded.
  12. Compass

    Invest in drifter jets up to 3 or 4 and test it out. JJs don't close a distance, they allow you to reach higher areas. Drifter jets are where distance closing is.
  13. Squigzy

    Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't, but I have almost 14 days of play time in Light Assault so about 336 hours. I spend a lot of time Platoon Leading and Squad Leading as a light assault because of the Jetpack alone which gives me a greater vantage point with which to view the battle. So Utility in leadership works, but that is playstyle and not balance related.

    Light Assaults have a non-numerical advantage, in that they use their own personal skill in evasion (not a hard skill like Cloaking to evade or a shield to withstand) via their use of Jetpacks and unusual cover to get into position with a rifle that allows you to line up several consecutive shots on an enemy position. LA's exist to deny cover to enemy infantry (Which can break siege lines and push Platoons forward), and they exploit their own Jetpacks as an added defensive measure in face to face combat (making them harder to track).

    Along with the duty of using the Jetpack, the C4 that every Light Assault should get allows you to deal with groups of MAXs EFFICIENTLY during a Max Crash (As you can drop in the center of a group unexpectedly), and you can jump on top of unsuspecting vehicles and wrangle them into oblivion, this does work some aircraft but the not quite as easily and not worth mentioning in any serious discussion.

    The LA has OFFENSIVE Support benefits. They deny cover to the enemy and force them into the open or to die, they can land on vehicles and blow them up denying the enemy Suppression, and can target MAX clusters, or simply hit the Medics in the group (as most people have very poor Vertical Awareness in combat).

    Could the LA use more SUPPORT benefits? That is, some measure of tracking, or strict anti-vehicle/air, or... something (left vague on purpose) sure. LA could use benefits to more directly support the squad, but you have to understand the purpose of the LA is to Blitz, Disorganize, and generally cause Chaos. the LA is much the shock trooper in that it drops into groups, does as much damage as possible, and then often dies. There is also the flanking option.

    Extra Utility For LA? Sure, that sounds good.
    Is LA useless, or substandard in terms of other classes? No, it just takes a mental affinity for the purpose of the class, which many people who play standard shooters do not understand. It is not your standard knuckle dragging grunt class.
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  14. agrueeatedu

    Since when isn't LA a useful class? Get a smoke grenade underbarrel, a NV scope, and some C4 and tell me it isn't amazing. LA is mainly an anti-infantry/MAX class that excels at causing mass confusion and getting lazy kills. If you run around with a LA in a biolab, you'll get almost as many kills as if you were a hacksaw MAX (I play NC......fear me in a biolab, because they're our niche).
  15. HeadshotVictim

    thank you saying this last sentence...

    What it actually boils down to is:
    LA are only useful in BioLabs, while HA, Medic, Engineer and Max are useful everywhere.

    We are now (finally) at the beginning of the discussion where it was stated that LA doesn't have any utility, team support or ability that makes them valuable in the every-day combat. (Except you stay in BioLabs 24/7)
  16. MrForz

    I play LA and it is a pain in the **** to be any useful out there, yes. I mean, sure, we can kill stuff and flank ennemies but that's pretty much all, many of us would like so much mobility and position mastery being rewarded.

    Everytime I jump in with a LA I imagine how much better I could be if I played HA, Medic, or Engineer, we pretty much share the same weapons anyways. Indoors, the friendly MAX with 5% hps asks for repairs when we're the only two people alive after the mess, walking on a mountain of corpses, if I was an Engineer I could be repairing the MAX, if Medic, I could be reanimating the downed allies, surely there were Engineers amongst them, they could repair the MAX then. The only problem being that without the Jetpack maybe I wouldn't have gotten there in time to fight with the MAX.

    Something worth knowing is... if SOE wanted us to rather master one class and remain reliable all the time, or constantly switch between heavily situationnal classes. For the moment it's not really the case for both ideas.
  17. HeadshotVictim

    If playing LA is a pain in the @$$ don't play it?

    I like playing LA fpr being able to get into the back of people. Disrupting enemy support by being there.
    Fly near a Sunderer and instnatly 5-10 people will follow you and forget about attacking the base, which gives time to your allies to get something done.
    You could do this with every class, but LA are just SO much more mobile... they get faster to parked sundis, can flee over boulders and stuff.
    If you do not like a like, then stay away from it. Easiest thing I guess.

    But yeah, LA needs something unique... and teamplay oriented
  18. TeknoBug

    LA isn't exactly unpopular, it's that engineer and HA are overpopulated. Almost every base fight I'm at are flooded with LA's trying to take you from above or to take out our/their AMS.
  19. RogueComet

    Your post goes to show your ignorance. The ONLY class that is played less than LA is Medic and then it isn't by much/ Sorry but the fact that Engineers and HA are played TWICE AS MUCH as Light Assault DOES point out that the class is unpopular. The fact that you notice Light Assault does not necessarely mean they are pulled equal to the other classes, it only means you notice them. What do you expect when it comes to noticing them? They are a big fat target, often without cover, when they use their jets cause they are going over the cover! Please actually be conversant in actual statistics before saying they aren't popular.
  20. TeknoBug

    There were stats posted and yes I saw them, 23-25K players on average playing HA and engineer, 15-17K for medic and LA while infiltrator and MAX were 12K or less.