Played LA For 2 Hours: Already Know Why It's Unpopular

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Alarox, May 13, 2013.

  1. RobotNinja

    Spot on.

    Personal note: Angle/elevation of approach are important and can make all the difference. If you jump on a hilltop and then think you're going to surprise're not. If you're on top of a cliff looking down at an enemy position from their rear or flank, with C-4 in hand there are all kinds of wicked things you can do.
  2. Posse

    Lol, no, unless at least 1 of every 4 deaths is due to teamkill or suicide, that's impossible.
  3. Hagestol

    Have you seen the magrider? :p

    No but seriously, it was calculated on SA and the math looked sound. One in four deaths are crashed vehicles, suicides, /suicides or teamkill with grenades, launchers etc etc. Not wierd at all imo.
  4. Wolfwood82

    Being a dick is exactly what you are doing.

    I don't think you're qualified to judge someone elses qualifications, especially when you are being a dick...
  5. Posse

    Yes, I know the Magrider is a teamkill machine (I probably TKed more people with it in the short time I've used it than with my HA which I use 80% of the time haha) but 1 in 4 seems a bit too much, what may be possible is that 0.76 is the median K/D, but I'd believe the average to be around 0.9

    What's SA btw?
  6. Hagestol

    Something awful, ancient and huge geeky forum. Ever heard of Goons? And I'm quite sure it was average. Because lets face it, people die to friendly fire all the time, and scrubs/zergs with explosives a lot brings down the average.

    And those with terrible computers die a lot (read: Me :p )
  7. Wolfwood82

    I can understand why you are skeptical but when you think about it, you can be team killed uselessly by 1/3rd of the players on the battlefield. The only reason you aren't is because they are usually actively trying to avoid TKing you. So yeah, 1/4th sounds about right when you include /suicide and accidental suicides. Ironically enough that number might drop if they took out JJs entirely. I know my number one source of suicide is jumping too high with too low a health and not JJing to stop my landing. My second biggest form is grenades bouncing back at me.

    The only way to keep a higher K/D average is to beat the odds, or get stupidly high K/D ratios by farming in ESF and tanks.
  8. simmi1717

    Try blowing up tanks after GU09 patch on Indar and tell me how it goes for you. I think you might have slight difficulties with the 48+ players shooting at you.
  9. simmi1717

    Thanks dude. With this post and your original post you understand exactly why I think LA is only a situational class. It used to be sooo good before GU04. It was perfectly balanced. Even if we didn't have team utilities, it was still fun to play and we could score as well as the other classes, but the patch after that they just slowly and gradually drained all usefulness out of LA. The number of certs required to make this useful are not worth it for the small situations it's good to play in.
  10. simmi1717

    Your post is valid for LA during off hours or after this patch somewhere NOT on Indar. LAs are becoming a useless class outside of bio labs and towers because gaining that positional advantage is impossible with 48+ players shooting at you and air in the sky hailing down pods of death. I was delighted with LA before patch GU07, happy with it after GU07, neutral with it after GU08 and just about enraged with it after GU09

    This is coming from a guy who has played LA 88% of the time. I have 25 days playtime. I am a pretty ***** good with LA and know all the tricks and it's my opinion that they are becoming less and less viable in more and more situations.
  11. simmi1717

    Precisely. The problem I find with this class now though is that it's there are less and less situations where they are now useful after every update. Also the certs required to use this class is very high for the % of time you can find this class useful.
  12. ZoSoGetsu

    It has the most mobility of any class. How is that useless? I love playing LA with adrenaline pump and a pump action shotgun.. Also with MR carbine you can jump up into some pretty nice spots. It's the only class that lets you get up into trees or other perches for some pretty nice shots at the enemy, and you have easy access to any base that has walls.. I think it would have been great if they automatically get at least one c4 and could be the only class that can use it, much like HA and the rocket launcher.. Make the second one cost certs. One wont destroy tanks, but its still great for protecting capture points.. Back to shotguns, I think it is the best class for them as well.. It's a lot easier to get into CQ as LA, and then get out.
  13. Hagestol

    I got a positive KDR playing LA yesterday. You just have to be more aware, but it is possible.
  14. lilleAllan

    It's not only possible, it's pretty easy as well. Towers are basically free kills for LA, depending on the weapon you're using.
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  15. WookLordz

    Because killing things and killing them well is useless?
  16. simmi1717

    I'm not even going to explain to you why your post is idiotic.
  17. WookLordz

    OK. Apparently that's all it took to exhaust your ridiculous argument. Maybe you just need to stand there with someone's tool in your hand to feel useful?
  18. Ruvan

    Several problems with LA:
    • They have a habit of dying somewhere where they can't be revived. Less useful for organized squads than they are for solo play.
    • They have little to no place in vehicle fights when pushing between bases, which is a lot of the game from an organized outfit perspective.
  19. simmi1717

    See your post was so stupid that if I was to explain to you why it's stupid, it would bring me great frustration. So all I can see is read this thread from the very beginning until you arrive at my post.
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  20. WookLordz

    No thanks. You were being a dick, so I out-dicked you.