Played LA For 2 Hours: Already Know Why It's Unpopular

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Alarox, May 13, 2013.

  1. SirIBON

    I like the LA, me has 20days at the Engineer and 2days on the LA. I like also the Idea of main and 2nd. I have to share my points (certs) and i want to be good as that, what i do. At the time in the field i try my best with the one class i chose at the moment. Do something half, will fail i think. So i do not share it in width. This is my point of View, a lot people like the range they can chose from.
    I chose the LA as my 2nd because it can do things that all other classes can not do. I have the ability to fly. I think this is very nice and mighty. I do not miss something on the LA, although i would be very happy to take my Eidolon (Battle Rifle) also with him. My Engy has also nothing on the "F" Key.

    I change to LA if i, or my team has problems to advance in a location. Or sometimes to overview the battlefield. I think that is my job as a LA. In Raids i stay usually as an Engy.
    Because the LAs are small in number, most players do not look to the roofs.
    2nd Point we can easy retire from battle by going some steps back. The enemy now knows, that we are there, but can not engage us. Our shield will regenerate and we will have a look if they wait for us, or go an other way. Some do, but most will enter the action instead of waiting for us.
    I call it Troublemaker sometimes. Distraction and Chaos among the enemies is my loved playstyl. Most fun i have, sorry for that it is a bit evil, if the enemies TK themself by getting me. I not nearly as good as with my Engy, but enjoy it nearly ever.

    Comparing different classes could not be the solution, although i do it self. Every class has and can do a job very well. There are the Supporters (Engy and Medic), the Gunner (HA), the Specialists (LA and CQC Infiltrators).
    All of them can kill someone. The HA will do it the easiest Way and stay. The Others have to find there Way and should use skills that makes there Class Unique.
    Teamwork with different Classes will mostly succeed. There should be a lot of good Gunners, with the appropriate Support.
    Then Specialists will do there Work well. Protect the Roofs and do trouble will be the LA Part. Hacking the Terminals will help your Team. That will help your Team more as an additional Gunner. Troublemaker will distract Enemies and bind them. Enemies will hunt the Troublemaker, because the are annoy them. The Hunters will not advance in Battle, they are bind to the hunt. That is your time.

    The LA is an advanced Class, as the CQC Infiltrator too. They can do things that are very impressive. But it is not enough to play some hours that class and find the only solution for this type of class.
    Meet some very well players and then you will get an archetype, where you want to go.

    Unfortunately mostly you get a look on them if you are a victim, then they are really good. I do not mean the Flying Shootguns, but i think you know allready that.
    If you have some good in your Outfit, then ask them for guidance, that let you advance a lot.
    They can show you impressive things. Use one additional houre, that will be worth it. I am sure, you will a better view for this class.

    Stop please whining. We LAs are very powerful. The only thing that we lose is to solo a Sunderer. But use it as a challenge and work in teams. C4 stays some time after dead. Wait a moment so that your mate can let it explode. Yes, you will not get points, but the Sunderer will blow up. The Question is, do you work only for your own pocket, or for the team?
    You can rotate with your mate to hit the red button, if that will be your big problem.

    Become a long Text, hope it helps
    See you on Battlefied - Hope now on my Side, others please forget my text :)
  2. Wolfwood82

    Really? So a far less versatile and far less effective tool completely negates another tool built specifically for the job in question?

    You heard it here folks! We no longer need HA, we have LA! LA have C4 and can destroy a tank in an instant, and are already dedicated anti-infantry units! HA are officially useless!

    Posse, I suggest you think long and hard on what you say before you say it. A squad beacon does not come close to even comparing to a couple of LA actively assaulting a rooftop location. The entire squad can sit on a rooftop, and be destroyed by two LA who assaulted from their rear and took out the beacon. I've done this dozens of times.

    Besides, you have to get the beacon up there and I doubt you can do that without LA.
  3. Posse

    I was exaggerating, no need to get so mad :p

    I know LAs are better for that role, but my point was that a HA under specific situations can do it anyway, on the other hand, I think dropping from above is a far more effective approach than flying from below, even though it's not something that can be done consistently. At least on towers, where I use that a lot to kill the the heavys with rocketing tanks and the snipers on the outside are of the middle a top floors, while using the "elevators" to quickly move through them, I feel like a LA with shields :D

    Well, not really, since you can move a long distance while dropping, you don't need the beacon on top of a roof, the good point about setting it there is that it's harder to destroy, that's why I said just a few posts above that LA is the best class for a squad leader for sure.
  4. Hagestol

    Using a galaxy or ESF you can get the squad beacon much easier and better than a LA. And everyone can redeploy and fetch one, I don't think its a big point in our favor.
  5. GSZenith

    hu? only reason i'm not LA 24/7 is cos i mainly play AA or noob tubing bio lab, anything else give me easymode LA.
  6. LibertyRevolution

    LA takes time and skill to master, but any nub can be Rambo running as a HA with an overshield, rocket lanucher, and 100 round mag..
    Give LA like 800 or so hours playtime, then get back to us.
    Go practice running through people, jumping, fliping around and JJ backwards while unloading into their head.
    It is like learning to fly, go practice your reverse maneuver.
  7. Farlion

    The reason it's unpopular is because it requires thinking and a brain to be efficient.
    Most players don't like that.

    If you have the right weapons, attachments and abilities, there is no class ingame that is more rewarding than LA.
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  8. Wolfwood82

    My advice was you think about what you are about to say before you say it. You obviously haven't taken that advice thus far, which is typical.

    I'll just keep it simple. There is no point to your statement, you should stop making it.
  9. Hagestol

    Score BR 70-80:

    Default LMG: 9800 - 10200 score/hr
    Best Carb: 7000-7100 score/hr

    Okay, not that. How about kills/hr? Surely we must excel there:
    LMG: 31-32
    Carbs: 14-15

    Okay, not kills or score/hour. What are we best at?

    How about class score/hour?
    HA: 16800-17500
    LA: 15800 - 16700
  10. Posse

    Depends on the situation, there are some places where you can't drop with a ESF and with a Galaxy you would need pinpoint accuracy.
  11. Hagestol

    In said few cases where it would actually matters - sure. But it still makes the LA situational and not required. Thats kind of the point of the thread :)
  12. Posse

    My ideal squad would have the squad leader be LA just to have more posibilities to deploy beacons, and also to destroy the enemy's, it wouldn't have any more LAs though, just one.
  13. Wildclaw

    Carbine = Engineer = Most populated and least gun firing class in the game = massive drag on average.

    Especially when factoring in how popular shotgun is among high BR LA, so you got an even smaller amount of LA keeping up Carbine average.

    The HA score is inflated by lots of points from vehicle kills, far more so than the LA that is limited by resource costs. Not to mention that HAs are generally tied to medics, getting free revives. LA produces their score in a far more self sufficient manner.
  14. Hagestol

    One squad pr outfit outing is the best imo. Three platoons? One squad LA. One platoon - half a squad. Should be far more.

    That raises two issues: People are bickering about C4, should they be bickering about launchers instead considering the numbers?
    And how to we measure LA progress then?

    Shotgun scores aren't great for high BR either, but feel free to look it up :)
  15. Farlion

    What is this supposed to be prove?
    I'm not quite sure what your point is.
  16. Hagestol

    The argument was that higher level and or higher hours played leaves LA with an advantage - as in they they have a higher skill floor but a higher score when you master it to compensate. Your argument was that no class is more effective than LA with the right weapon and attachments. Ingame stats doesn't show any such improvement, in fact the difference in score and kills with weapons is consistent between lvl 10 and lvl 70.

    So no improvement. Still lower regardless of where you measure.
  17. Farlion

    Hold on, I never said that.
    I said rewarding as in fun wise.

    I said it needs a brain to be efficient, unlike HA where you just press shield and charge in.
    I never said it would be the most effective class in the entire game.
  18. RogueComet

    Actually you are WRONG. On average, Engineers score much higher scores than Light Assault, so by including them in the people who can use Carbines, the average goes UP not down like you seem to think. If you didn't include the higher scoring Engineers, the score/hour for carbines would be much lower.
  19. Posse

    Nope, it's the weapon's score, not the class score, a weapon's score is composed of the kills and assists made with that weapon while the bulk of an engineer's score is because of repairs, resupplying ammo and destroying vehicles. Engineers getting more score/hr than Light Assualt is because of that so if you didn't include the engineers, the score/hr for the carbines would probably be higher.
  20. Hagestol

    Fine. "If you have the right weapons, attachments and abilities, there is no class ingame that is more rewarding than LA.does read like it though, but I get where you're coming from now. The problem here is that fun is subjective and can't really be measured outside of hours played based on total hours played and feedback.

    Do you think it would be less fun it it provided as much kills, xp and survivability as the HA currently does?

    Your argument makes sense. The only way to look at these numbers are as a whole, and comparing LA:HA score every interval BR to see if the ratio shifts at higher BRs, when the supposed LA skill/experience kicks in.

    My problem is that the ratio doesn't change. So either the HA has an equal skill ceiling with a lower skill floor or I'm dead wrong. In any case the LA is underperforming, there are no talk points against that. So what to do?

    I like the first post in this thread. It does tell us something about the percieved utility, and considering the previous numbers posted showing how LA doesn't really increase in score percentagewise more than others, something is missing.