Played LA For 2 Hours: Already Know Why It's Unpopular

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Alarox, May 13, 2013.

  1. DeltaGun

    LA unpopular? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  2. RogueComet

    Data taken from:

    Ranked from least to greatest:
    Maxes: about 9.4% (No surprise due to timer. It is an outlier and should be ignored.)
    Medic: about 15.6%
    Light Assault: about 18.21%
    Infiltrator: about 22%
    Heavy Assault: about 35.2%
    Engineer: about 39.6%

    Don't want to use the % playing column? Try the AVERAGE TIME PLAYED. Sorry but LA then would rank dead last if you ignored Maxes, which are an outlier due to their timer and resource cost.

    YES, LA is unpopular. Any time that a class is played less than half of another class (LA vs HA or Engineer) it has to be labeled unpopular. Any class that has an average time played less than any other class has to be labeled unpopular. Heck even Infiltrators, which people always whine about being broken to an extreme amount, are played more than LA. Sorry but YES, LA is UNPOPULAR. Get a freakin clue.
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  3. DeltaGun

    No, that shows that Medic and Maxes are unpopular, HA and Eng are popular, and Infiltrator and LA are a middle ground.

    The engi stats are off because you need to play them to play vehicles, which throws the whole comparison off. For infantry combat, it would show engineer below LA, if I had to guess.

    Logic wins again.
  4. DeltaGun

    By the way, HA is the most popular class for a very good reason. SoE wants it. In response to the large population of HA and Engineers, Tanks were buffed. You will notice that if the large population was unintended, they would have instead nerfed HA.
  5. UberBonisseur

    LA is not popular because it needs 700 certs to be functional.

    That is all
  6. Hagestol

    Uhm, two C4 will not even make a sundy burn anymore. We aren't the premiere sundy class anymore, that would be the AV max or the heavy now. Sundies behind cover and behind enemy lines rarely take damage, and when they do it is quickly repaired - the engi can simply suicide back to it whenever he wants to.

    There are plenty of good suggestions in the LA thread on the roadmoap.

    Mobility doesn't count for much when you have platoons strength and have actual jobs to do. Especially not when other classes can do your jobs for you.

    Uhm no? It shows that MAX is time and cost locked, the difference between medic and LA is 2,61%. Less than 3%.

    The difference between HA and LA, which are comparable for utility (neither has any, just the killing power), is 16,99%. Meaning almost double.

    How can you put LA in the middle ground and Medic in the unpopular category when the difference between LA and ha is SIX POINT FIVE TIMES as large as the one between LA and medic? Seriously? Statistics and math.
  7. Cincara

    It needs 700 certs to be able to hunt vehicles. Its a perfectly capable anti infantry class right out of the box. Only HA can kill a vehicle stock, and in most cases, you wont be able to unless more than one person is shooting because your target will be repaired or leave the area.
  8. Posse

    You can do that with any class really, only thing you need is a squad beacon, in fact, I play exactly that way in tower attacks, the only difference is I drop from the sky as HA.
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  9. Cincara

    Unless you've spent many more than 700 certs upgrading your spawn beacon you'll be waiting a long time between drops.
  10. Hagestol

    Only this game isn't a solo game, at least not at HA launcher range. Not hard to wrangle up another HA and use the ESRL to get a tank down before he says what the chips. Getting that last C4 brick into place however can be quite tricky - both LA has to survive and at least one has to be able to detonate after both have dropped brick(s).

    There is a hard limit to the LA bombing as well. 200 certs per attempt at bombing a vehicle, and assuming a competent opposition you'll fail at least 25% of the times. Assuming a 250 cert cost pr kill, you won't actually be killing much and would earn more certs and kill more vehicles with the ESRL. And you'll die less.
  11. Ronin Oni

    Like I said,... wait for the Sundy to get hit (it WILL get hit) THEN float on over, drop your 2 bricks, and blow it before the dmg gets Repped. I do it all the time. It's how I bust sundies... particularly MINEGUARDED sundies. (as ATM rushing is the status quo sundy bashing method)

    and Mobility is always useful.

    You don't like it. That's fine. Don't play it then.

    Oh, and the roadmap thread is full of
    a) infils whining that LA was placed above them in priority
    b) people rallying against Dual-Wield (and a few newbs saying yes to it)
    c) People saying LA is fine, just add more JJ variety (add Icarus, fix Drifter)

    deployable jump pads/lifts is the only idea I've seen of adding an actual tool to LA that didn't step on another role.... One I myself noted back when roadmap was first posted. It'd need to be quite limited however. I opt personally for a 2 story high lift (just enough to float allies up to a facility wall or on top of a 2 story roof) and destroyable with a 1-2 minute timer on it.

    Oh... and SOE moved LA update to "Unscheduled" do to lack of support and ideas for what to do.... That's how many great ideas there are.
  12. Alarox

    People are really easy to upset I guess. I love the Light Assault from what I've played, and if it was more well rounded I would probably play it exclusively (jet-pack + carbine = amazing).

    All I'm saying is that the Light Assault seems to have little overall utility in comparison to most classes. I can do anti-infantry with every class, and do so just as exceptionally with an Infiltrator or Heavy Assault (depending on the situation, but you get what I mean).

    Yes the jet-pack is awesome and yes it's a completely different playstyle in comparison to the other classes. But that doesn't mean it has a ton of consistent usefulness relative to the other classes.

    In certain situations the Light Assault certainly has a lot of utility, moreso that other classes. But the Heavy Assault and Engineer consistently have utility in all situations.

    Am I wrong in this assessment? I'm not insulting the class, I'm simply saying it needs to be useful in more situations than it already is.
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  13. Hagestol

    Dude, give it up. A class that has to be in close proximity to an enemy vehicle with reinforcements can't wait for a window where said vehicle is potentially damaged and remain undiscovered while remaining the king of destroying said vehicle. We're terrible at sundy killing, if the sundy has a HA/aircraft damaging it, chances are it is going to die without your C4s anyways so you just wasted 200 resources on behalf of your faction.

    I do believe you hit the nail on the head. Between the low utility and the constant pesant wagon walk of shame because nobody can res a LA on the roof without an expensive grenade and time and skill to do so is what I believe makes this class less desirable and as such less played.
  14. Alarox

    I'll laugh with you, since I have the rare ability to look up facts.

    Engineer and heavy Assault are played twice as much. It then goes Infiltrator/LA/Medic in terms of popularity.
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  15. Alarox

    Didn't see this post. Although the % on that page don't add up to 100.
  16. iller

    Well here's the source of your problem...
    Those classes are just the easiest mode of play in this game and have no real downsides compared to us lighter classes...
    Of course your perspective is going to be skewed going into it. Next time have a bit more patience. It takes a while to get the hang of 'em
  17. Alarox

    Did you read my post?

    Honestly, I loved playing it. In fact, I kicked *** with it. All I'm saying is I understand why it's unpopular: because it doesn't have a consistently high level of utility. Too bad you have no reading comprehension and somehow think I'm either:

    1.) Insulting your class.
    2.) Crying because I'm bad at the game.
  18. Alarox

    Read my actual post. Half the people on this thread have no idea what my OP says apparently.

    I did not struggle with the class. I enjoyed it. I kicked *** with a 3:1 K/D in those 2 hours.

    I'm talking about why it's probably not as popular as it should be.
  19. Alarox

    Yeah, during tower assaults it has a ton of utility, no disagreements. I'm just talking about how it doesn't have a consistent level of high utility relative to the Engineer or Heavy Assault which are very useful in literally every situation the game can possibly present, and how I think the LA should be like that.
  20. Posse

    Because you could have played multiple classes for more than 1 hour...