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  1. baka

    Before I try it again, does BattleEye still block it? I ask because MSI Afterburner will crash PS2 for me frequently and I like to monitor my temps and usages in game. And yes, I am running fairly current drivers and my machine got a fresh reinstall on a new SSD a couple months ago.
  2. Erendil

    BE doesn't block Playclaw for me. But then, I'm using an earlier 5.x version (can't recall the exact ver #... 5.1something?) and I only use it for the overlay since BE is currently blocking Recursion on my PC...
  3. customer548

    Strange. Recursion works fine for me (Not a Playclaw use here). Did you try the PS2 Repair tool in order to check game files ? Did you try to make a fresh install of Recursion ? Are all computer drivers updated ? Maybe should you consider to make a fresh OS install if the problem is not solved ?
  4. Erendil

    No, I haven't set aside time to dig into the issue to see if it's something w/ my PC or w/ BE's blacklist. I work in IT and the last thing I want to do when I get home is troubleshoot another application issue... :p IIRC it's blocking rtst_d3doverlay_x64.dll so there could be an issue with the version of that dll on my PC or possibly a file corruption issue.

    It started sometime around the 15-year Planetside anniversary weekend. A couple of threads about the issue popped up on Reddit around 05/21 with other players complaining the BE was blocking it, so I'm not the only one. That leads me to believe it might ultimately be on BE's end.

    Here is one of the more colorful threads: