Play PS2 with a PS3 Controller?

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    Anyone know if this is possible?

  3. Battlebird

    Seriously?? You want to play a competitive shooter on PC with a Gamepad? Can't be serious.
  4. SayVarRee

    It is possible. There are a few ways to do it but the most common/effective way is to use Motionjoy. However there is also another option and most people are surprised when I tell them this.

    I use a PS3 Move Navigation Controller and a Mouse to play FPS games.

    PS2 will see your controller natively once Motionjoy is set up. You can then keybind the buttons to which ever you want. I use the Navi controller because I hate using keyboards and I've never really had a really good keyboard to use anyway. I actually think its more effective than a keyboard with everything closer at hand and without the cumbersome layout a keyboard has but that comes down to personal opinion.

    Download Motionjoy. Install it. Connect your DS3 via USB cable to your PC. You will hear the USB sound and then it will appear in Motionjoy. Select Xbox Controller Emulation and then click enable. PS2 will then see it natively and you can keybind if you want.

    I have already used motionjoy and tested the vibration. it works but it wont work on planetside2. How do I get it to work on ps2?
  6. Madeguy27

    was wondering this as well
  7. SayVarRee

    Inside Motionjoy click on "Game Control Panel". This will bring up the Windows Game Controller window. If it says Motion Joy Controller then you have not clicked Xbox Controller Emulation. If it says "Controller (Xbox360 Controller for Windows)" Then it is plugged in and working. PS2 should then recognize it and you should be able to change keys within the in-game menu.

    To test if it is plugged in and working select and enable different controllers. You should hear the Windows USB sound go off each time. That way you know it is working with windows. If it is not working in-game then it is a PS2 problem not Motionjoy or Windows.

    Enable Xbox Controller Emulation. Test Vibration and check the Game Control Panel. If all work then go into PS2 and test it.

    Good Luck. If it doesn't work in-game but is fine in Motionjoy and Windows then I'm not sure. Also test it in another game to check too see if it is in-fact working.
  8. Vryx

    This is a troll thread right?
    You cant seriously want to play with a console controller...
  9. shadowmantis

    i have a feeling sayvaree is also a member of the "motionjoy" team and trying to "sell" the product here.....

    and agreed... you CANT be wanting to play on a controller? not enough buttons for one... two... well you will suck.. there is no aim assist for controlers like ALL console FPS game....

    however... now that i think about it... go ahead and use your PS3 controller.... dont have to worry about you hitting me easily lol
  10. SayVarRee

    You are stupid.
  11. Starky_the_fox

    The ones that seems to don't understand / are trolling are you.
    Didn't you know it's better using a controller when flying than having to move back and forth your mouse or deal with high sensitive keyboard, right? So you don't want to spend money on a joystick.
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  12. SVGX89

    I plan on giving this a try, i personally prefer fps games with a controller. if it doesn't work then i will go back to the keyboard. as for not being able to do everything with the controller, i will keep some things set to the keyboard. but my main functions will be set to my controller. and if i can't get it to work the way i want i will go back to default. i don't know why so many are upset with the idea of people playing with controllers, why do you care what people do so long as they aren't hacking?
  13. Dragam

    So you prefer lossing?

    You are giving yourself a HUGE disadvantage by not using a mouse.

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