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  1. Ronin Oni

    From reddit:

    Content applies to people here too, so I'm spreading the ♥♥♥♥
    Credit to FuzzBucket: https://np.reddit.com/user/FuzzBuket
  2. IronMouse

    It's like arguments IRL:

    1) even when someone sees that he's wrong, he keeps arguing for the sakes of "winning";

    2) lack of knowledge/insight never stopped anyone from trying to preach on that matter;

    3) people vent their frustrations in all forms, verbal interaction with others included. Don't look for logical reasons here.

    On a side note, you will never achieve bringing people to not being dicks. It's just the way world is.
  3. FateJH

    Even after reading all that, I still have no clue what's going on.
  4. Goretzu

    A "mashup" between "sticks and stones" and "all you need is love". :confused:
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  5. JustBoo

    That post shows in every way; concept to formatting, what a train-wreck reddit is. And yet, it is the preferred method of communication of DBG. Kind of says it all.
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  6. Haquim

    That part kinda cought my attention:
    " especially when you are just trying to do good is utter ******* BS."
    Trying to do good? I don't know about the people who organized this, but I assume when you said "people here" you meant our attitude towards the devs.

    First of all, I know a nice saying, although I suppose it loses a bit in the translation:
    The opposite of "good" is "well-meant".
    Second, if the guys using the PTS tell the devs that they should not deploy something because its broken and they do it anyway - then I kinda find it hard to believe that they mean well. I rather assume they don't give a **** about what their players/customers have to say. And after two years some might get a bit cranky and take offense.